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Don’t shoot the messenger.

Anyone strongly identifying with either side of the political duopoly, whether left like, Mexie, or, right, like Keith Woods, is part of the civilizational psy-op of the archons whether they are driven consciously and willfully or driven by blind intuitions.

They will play their roles in what Ken Wilber calls, The Religion Of Tomorrow. And what is that religion? The fulfillment of those who control time within the demiurgic template which will soon usher in what is known as the Millennial Kingdom. This will be the one world religion where the Messiah will rule out of Jerusalem for 1000-years.

But who is this Messiah? Well, Lucifer, the Light-bringer, of course. But who is Lucifer? Well, the replicant of the Aeon Sophia who is really an iteration of Yaldabaoth. But Yaldabaoth was also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah so the replicant Christ is fused within this Messiah who is androgynous.

This is simply the fulfillment of one of the major moves on the chessboard of the archons who are the landlords of this existence. Have you ever wondered why the Queen is the most powerful piece in chess? Well, now you know. The Queen Of Heaven was known via different names in different traditions but none more well known than Lilith with her consort, the Lord of Death: Samael. Linked HERE.

One of the things I find fascinating within these cosmologies is what happened after the Fall Of Man. It is said that Adan and Eve could not distinguish between their adversary and the true Aeon Christ for 1000-years or right at the end of their millennial trials. Now think about that! If they couldn’t differentiate between a replicant and the real thing then what makes you think that YOU CAN? You can’t and you won’t.

It’s a tad strange seeing the left embrace spirituality but not surprising at all as they are catching up to the lIkes of Keith Woods and the National Socialists who were and are entirely driven by esoteric spirituality. It’s an inevitable merging as Marx’s material utopianism was really a reductionist take on Judaism. So all the pieces fit.

As for me? Although I was born into this world I am not from this world. All this place ever did to me was take my gentle spirit that wished not to exploit or coerce anyone for profit or personal gain and proceeded to beat the living crap out of me. So I’ve become stained, battered and bruised. I won’t be sad to leave this place.

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