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DEC. 20, 2021. I just watched this and my earlier criticisms stand. Mark thinks there is inherent justice within the demiurgic construct. There is not! The justice he speaks of is from a higher order known as the Pleroma.

On the widest scale though I am more aligned with what he’s saying than not. Our disagreements are on the metaphysical level. Societally he’s spot-on with what the archons are doing and how they operate.

Agreed: definition of anarchy.

Agreed: morality is objective.

But here is where there is diversion. It’s not that Darwinism and Survival of the Fittest are incorrect within their specific contexts. I agree that these biological mechanisms are not Natural Law per se. But these processes are driven via mechanisms dependent and brought about by what I call the Demiurgic Construct. This is blind chaos and has no moral character. A cat will eat a mouse driven by non-rational instincts of survival. When Mark talks about Natural Law he would be better to frame it as Spiritual Conscience driven by Logos. This comes from a higher-order existence known as the Pleroma within Christian Gnostic teaching; although other traditions understood shared ethics such as Ahimsa of the Jains. I do understand, though, that the dimensional and metaphysical idea of the Pleroma is speculative from the vantage point of modernism and the scientific worldview.

It’s important to understand that the ‘knowing’ he talks about is inherent within Christian Gnosticism which entirely understands the non-aggression principle and the Golden Rule if understood via a correct spiritual lens.

When he says that the moral law is immutable I tend to think that he’s making a cosmic category error. Christ taught to Turn The Other Cheek and not enact an Eye for an Eye. He made a clear distinction over and over about the nature of the demiurgic construct and the nature of the Pleroma. They are not and never have been the same thing. A decent Reddit post HERE.

Knowing the difference between what is right and wrong gets into exceedingly thorny territory. The moneylenders have enacted a worldwide system of usurious economics and their ratiocinations led them to believe it’s a good thing! They are also caught up in confirmation bias via spiritual metaphysics such as Tikkun wherein they think usury is making things better. But it should be obvious that if someone doesn’t want something, and you force it upon them anyway, it just makes one an asshole! This is the current dilemma between Judaism and Christianity–Christianity, in general, doesn’t want to live under usurious economics, but it’s been forced on them via stealth and coercion: see The Creature From Jekyll Island. It should be noted when I say this that I also believe it was morally wrong to ‘blame the Jews’ and the RCC was in error in that regard.

True Freedom? IMO., the reason it doesn’t and cannot exist here is because of the inherent nature of the demiurgic construct; because of the nature of the archons (both natural and metaphysical), and because the earth is under a universal quarantine. Now who is correct about the truth of metaphysics is also thorny business. Everyone has a whole host of presuppositions regarding any possible metaphysics espoused. Maybe Aristotle and his view of natural law is correct, but it isn’t obvious unless one presupposes a strictly material cosmology, or a reductionist spirituality via psychologism.

His assessment of Anarchist clans is spot-on. I’ll link the true political spectrum HERE. But all these ideologies fail because of the inherent nature of the demiurgic construct. It’s only within small groupings of authentic spiritualists that true anarchy can work. Small communities like the Cather’s would be genuine spiritual anarchists. And BTW., the reason he’s correct about Christendom, on aggregate, is because, especially in America, it was throughly Judaized and funded by the money-lenders. They’ve fetishized Israel and flipped, in the economic sense, what it means to be Christian. They did this via the teachings of Deuteronomy and via a Neo-Kabbalistic caste system. And, yes, Trump is a Kabbalist and all these mega-church pastors had direct lines to the White-House. It’s totally disingenuous to deny that these connections exist.

In the end, all Passio would have to do to get along with folks like me is call his natural law the ‘supernatural ethos of the pleroma’!LoL At that point there is no quarrel:) Although I suspect we subscribe to irreconcilable gnostic schools. I’m hesitant to say this but I think it necessary. A spirituality that gaslights humanity because they are stupid and ignorant is nothing I want to take part in. If there are a bunch of dimwits within a bank during a robbery it doesn’t mean that the thieves have an obligation to shoot them. The robbers should look to their own misdeeds first and foremost.

His best point was about the highest echelon occultists that run the world (the money masters) in relation to the anarcho-nihilists who delusionally think they are in the same league.

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