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The economics of what I call DIVOC-91 (pronounced DYBBUK/you might want to look that up) gave the oligarch archons who run this earths shit-show everything they needed and this made their project in Afghanistan redundant. E. Michael Jones was correct when he stated the only reason the anglo-zio empire was there was to control the opium trade. But big Pharma hit the jackpot with the jab so who needs the chump change of Afghanistans poppy fields? What will continue as Afghanistan sets-up their version of ethno-nationalism– with its closed border policies–is a new wave of mass-emigration into the western cuckosphere. Once again, the little brother of Judaism copies Israels template on how to implement a nation-state. Point? If White Christians want the same thing it’s a demonic horror! Yes, I’m a tad cranky today. But Trudeau will guarantee this influx as he follows the science of decimating small Kanadian business; follows the science of mass-bankruptcies of the most vulnerable classes affected by his DIVOC-91 policies; follows the science of mass-depression, suicide, alcohol and drug addiction brought on by the alienation of his virus policies; follows the science of making sure the corporatocracy continues to get an unending flow of cheap part-time labor; follows the science in making sure that western countries are so divided and atomized that no one can congeal into an effective resistance against the usurious economics of the internationalist banking cartels.

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Anyone with even an ounce of investigative ability knows the Taliban was created and funded by the anglo-zio network so leaving them all that weaponry and war paraphernalia was simply their bonus for services rendered. And as for the inanity that they taught the Afghans how to fight as an army against their own people…well, the stupidity of that idea is beyond any reasonable comprehension. If the Hells Angels rolled into your small town and took it over and hired some of the towns minors to keep watch while they partied do you think these hired minions would turn on their fellow townsfolk once the biker-gang got bored and rode on? The fact of the matter is that Islam will have to work out the question of How Should They Live over many more centuries–if not millennia. That is their struggle and how they live should be none of our business. If I were them I wouldn’t listen to anything western leaders (the alliance of greed and amorality) have to say, either– as it’s clear by now that they are their own unique brand of duplicitous sociopaths. What everyone forgets, or doesn’t know, is that in mid-century many of these Arab countries were flowering into healthy secular nation-states until the neoliberal/neocon global corporatists had their way with them. Afghanistan, like Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and many others were prime tourist destinations and had adapted into modernity quite well–or, as best that could be expected after the last empire (Britain) did their slicing and dicing of the Mid-East. At that point, Islam itself, in that era, looks like a hired project–on Conspiracy Lane there are those who suggest that that is indeed, what it always was.

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