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Quantitative Easing was introduced as a reactionary measure to the 2008 financial crisis largely brought on by sub-prime lending on mortgages (which was introduced later to the auto-sales sector) but that’s another blog.

HERE is a good video going into the details and below is my comment on it.

I call this type of financialization ‘economic fascism’ distinct from mid-century fascism which had its roots in labour syndicates–especially in Italy. This type of abstraction is creating schisms and divorce: schisms within traditional economies premised on labor and production value (Wall St./ Main St. schism), and divorce creates culture wars brought on by economic inequality and unaffordability for the lower pyramid. I’d say it’s fracturing the *third-tier political institutions, too, in that what was once republicanism (gov. for the people) is now plutocracy with the primary metric the concerns and confabulations of the financialization sector. Okay, I’m off to see the wizard! Well, maybe not.

If National Socialism was concerned with the nation then this type of socialism is truly international in scope. There are major differences, of course, where N.S. did make a pretense of creating a society that was good for the workers, this evolved type of socialism has no such pretense–it’s elitist through and through.

*If we use Jordon Hall’s map of four layers of civilization: financialization; economy; politics; and culture, we see that the merging of the corporate state under this type of fascism is colonizing the other tiers. You need not wonder where all the current chaos is coming from–at least on the mundane level.

It should be noted that this type of fascism arose out of neoliberalism’s privatization ethos so it wasn’t collectivist in the same sense as previous iterations mid-century. What neoliberalism did was strip capitalism of what it always should have been: commerce among small players and actors. It’s not a coinky-dinky that virus economics (what I call DIVOC-91) has wiped out what remained of small business concomitant with speculative economics in real-estate making life unaffordable for the masses. True though, Q.E has driven the real-estate asset bubble which is again: economics by the elites for the elites.

BTW: there is this controversial antagonism as to whether N.S. was socialist. It had elements of socialism in the state/corporate partnership but it certainly wasn’t left in any traditional sense. The left historically was for freedom from elite tyranny! Please read that over and over until it becomes a part of you. In that sense, it’s a joke to call N.S. leftist. They were robber barons of the highest order and they are still at it today! The only thing I’d add is that the Marxists hijacked the term left and they are still at it today, too. False dichotomies and controlled opposition everywhere with the aim of leaving you entirely confused and confounded.

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