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The recent fake Wokeism of the left is in response to the resurgence and real WOKE of the Gnostic view of Christ which holds, as it’s primary tenet, that the Old Testament God of the Torah is not the Father that Christ spoke of. In any era, the Demiurge counters the claims of the Gnostics with whatever means are available–right now it’s Neo-Marxism. The Gnostics, wherever they show-up, get cancelled; they do not do the cancelling, so once again we see the minions of the demiurge implementing their societal flip or inversion. Gnostics call this place the ‘upsidedown’ for very good reason. Moreover, Gnostics do not have a mob mentality, whereas the woke left do, which is consistent with the nature of the archons. Another aspect of the fake woke is that it’s likely an invention of Intelligence Inc. and one would have to do a deep dive into the writings of Miles Mathis to get a sense of why that is likely.

There are those who suggest that Marxism, had, as one element within its oveure, the idea that the proletariat would eventually come to live within a type of utopia and there are those who say, within this specific context, that Marx couldn’t help himself from injecting a small slice of Judaism’s millennial reign of peace. I agree with that assessment. Further, that the retooling of Marxist ideas within the academies has led to identity politics and what is now the woke ideology of the materialist left–think of it as the materialist version of Tikkun (saving or repairing the world). And, yes, there is a one-two punch happening here as the Kabbalist’s (Trump Inc.) are the flip side of the Marxist project, so not much (but not all) of the media antagonism is real, but rather manufactured–it’s cultural theatre–or, what could be called cultural trolling.

At any rate, the Magnus Opus of materialist left Wokeism will be an attempt to instantiate a worldwide fusion of human consciousness with artificial intelligence, or what is known as Transhumanism. My sense of it is that it’s an attempt at ‘demiurgic mind-control’; that is to say an avenue for the demiurge to manipulate the minds of humans by tapping directly into their consciousness; which is an extension, or, upping the ante, of the current media-driven propaganda of the archons. So humans will be plugged directly into the ‘demiurgic mind-field’ bypassing the need for media propaganda.

The primary archon today is Yahweh who is the political war god of the nation-state of Israel and not the father of Christ. Eventually, Yahweh will more or less personify itself as the global Messiah when the third temple is build. The first commandment will be inculcated within the first Noahide Law which will make it illegal to speak against Yahweh.

The God of this age will set up a temple in Jerusalem and the Israeli Messiah will represent him (or claim to be Yahweh)…It’s Yahweh who blinds the masses via his servant Satan just as the Torah describes. And if anyone thinks for one minute that it will be okay to declare “Jesus is God” when this happens then you are doubly blind. The Sanhedrin Council will not allow the first commandment or the first Noahide Law to be broken by the ‘pagan idolatry’ of Christians. What can you reasonably and logically deduce from this? That Yahweh is not the Father of Christ as he would never dispose of Christians if he were. To be fair, it is possible that this Messiah will be able to navigate the Christian issue, but although possible, I really can’t see how it can be done. It would infuriate the Rabbi’s if he allows Christians to declare that Jesus is God.

What Christians, especially, should ask themselves, is why their ‘anti-christ’ (Satan) will make it his priority to get everyone to bow to his arch-enemy Yahweh? Of course, this makes no sense, so we can deduce from this that not only is Judaism wrong, but Christianity is, too…And yes, Islam, by proxy, is wrong also. Within this context the devil has fooled the whole world as next to no one understands that Yahweh is the Christian devil and not the father Christ spoke of.

If Christ was the son of Yahweh he would have clearly stated so in the Torah. Yet there is not one clear and obvious reference to the Trinity in the Old Testament. Neither in the N.T., also, wherein he never once addresses Yahweh as his father. And there is very good reason for this! Yaldabaoth was aware of the triune nature of Godhead long before the material world brought forth humanity and, in his book, he purposely kept the Trinity out of it. Of course, when the Archons created the Roman Church, they created a false version of the Trinity, which is incoherent and non-sensical: the real trinity is Father/Mother/Son. I’ve pointed out many times that the primary objective of the RCC was to protect the character of Yahweh so we can deduce from this the motivation and personhood behind the Roman Church: hi-level societal Jewish people within the Roman elite. So all Richard Carrier’s endless blathering on this issue is simply pissing in the wind. He protests people like Ralph Ellis and Joseph Atwill too much and his over-reaction to their work is another example of misdirecting away (for the wrong reasons) of researchers who are on to something; not that Ellis or Atwill get it right either. Whether they know it or not what Ellis and Atwill are documenting is the archon machinations within the ruling archon bloodlines that have controlled the earth for a very long time.

Why does Judaism insist that Satan is an Archon of Yahweh (just as gnostics declare) who was created to be the adversary of man or what some call the left hand of Yahweh? Why would Judaism insist on this if it wasn’t plainly described this way in their texts?

Why does Christ never say explicitly that Yahweh was/is his father in the N.T.? In fact, many times he alludes to just the opposite. In one verse he declares that no human has EVER seen the father which, if true, means the interpretation of Moses meeting the Father in Exodus is false–Moses met the Archon Yahweh.

Why is there not one first hand account of this ‘Jewish Jesus’ within the historical record? I think the first canon has its reference to around 40-A.D. WHY? If Superman showed up in NYC today and performed all kinds of apparent supernatural deeds would it then be coherent to think that NO ONE would write about it–until 40-years later? I don’t think so yet this is what academia asks us to believe. NO! The simpler reason that there are no first hand accounts is because these narratives are fictions created by the archon ruled RCC and they had as their primary motivation the character protection of the war God Yahweh–so they created narratives that would achieve those ends–think of the RCC as one of the first major controlled opposition projects of the Babylionian Brotherhood. . The context here is that there were many sects of Christianity in those days that asserted the idea of Docetism and that the Christ was not a human Jew but an Aeon of the Pleroma. The Marcionite’s were one of the largest sects and they rejected the O.T. for some of the same reasons listed above.

You can think of the purging of the Marcionites’ and Gnostics’ leading up to the first church councils as the wokeism of that particular era. So there is nothing new under the demiurgic sun when it comes to these issues.

Here is another line of misdirection although not directly related to left-wokeness; hey, sometimes streams meander! Think of this as an aspect of the idea of parsimony: there is one very obvious character 2000 years ago that fits the project of a fake Christ. Although I suspect the Aeon Christ made appearances at that time, too, so one thing Richard Carrier is right bout is that Christ is a ‘space-cowboy’…My comment on the video:

All the Freemasonic (Kabbalist numerology) is here: 33…18-years…12/18…Look to Cleopatra’s son as the simplest explanation for this. Ptah is the Demiurge in Egyptian mythology known as Yaldabaoth to Christian Gnostics. The human bloodline rulers are likely the offspring of the archons. So, Caesarian was the son of God/Caesar. He was sent to the east as a child to protect him from Octavian (notice the 8). That 8 likely points to the death of Caesarian by Octavian as FAKE. So, it’s likely Caesarian did go back to the east after establishing the archon PTAH/Peter Roman church which protected the character of the archon Yahweh– who is the ruler of political Israel and not the Father Of the Living Aeon Christ. The Freemasons today still expect this bloodline Messiah from Cleopatra and Caesar to rule the earth again. This is all Demiurgic manipulation and none of these beings were the Living Aeon Christ.  Thomas and Magdalene were likely his step-children from Mark Antony. The Templars were the first primary instigators and descendants of the archon bloodline of Mary Magdalene (the fake Sophia). They were directly responsible for our modern predatory and usurious money system. And, yes…Caesarian was born in 47BC…Who will be the 47th President?

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