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Feudalism> Mercantilism> Classical Liberalism> Industrial Capitalism> Stockholder Capitalism> Corporate/State Fusion Capitalism> Fascism/Socialism> Military Industrial Complex Capitalism> Neoliberalism> Covert Agency/Media Capitalism>Technological/information Capitalism> Stakeholder Capitalism≥ Corporate/Private Oligarchy Capitalism> Neo-Feudalism merged with Medical Fascism.

The last phase is premised on the idea that capitalism in the last 30-years has morphed into what I cal ‘soft-fascism’ in the west which is now fused with a ‘show me your papers’ vaccine pass. This is not mere coincidence.

Note: I didn’t use Communism because it’s never been achieved so I listed it under Socialism…

There are different types of Anarchist (both left and right) ideas and theories that arose along the continuum but they’ve had little impact on the general flow of Capitalism.

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