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Spirit Science is a Youtube channel that explores spirituality.

Martymer81 is another YouTuber who debunks SS views on spirituality with relentless cynicism and humour.

When it comes right down to it I’m more of a ‘spiritual investigator or journalist’ albeit one with no ties to hackedemia (thank the gods!). This isn’t to say that I don’t have convictions when it comes to spirituality. I DO!

In many other blogs I’ve suggested that neoliberal capitalism cares absolutely nothing about spiritual truth or spiritual metaphysics. I’ve suggested they created a department within the alphabet agencies called The Department Of Spiritual Propaganda! In short, they promote everything and anything to do with spirituality no matter how stupid or ‘wooified’…The only metrics are can it make money and can it cause chaos and confusion? They are remarkable successful! Just scroll through any cities Spiritual Meet-Up section and you’ll be offered up a smorgasbord of endless ridiculousness to choose from.

Okay, that preamble aside. Run when you hear two words used together within the context of spirituality: Spirit Science! Run! Consciousness and Evolution! Run! Simulation and The Nag Hammadi! Run! Haha…I might add, in general, Youtube, and honest spirituality!

And then there are catch phrases like the gaslighting, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. The archons know that it’s impossible to make any kind of positive change in a world run by the religion of money (read my description on my Youtube homepage) wherein money is power. And they control the money supply which has given them an unlimited power of abuse here. They fund the narratives they want and cancel the narratives they don’t.

Spirit Science recently did a 4-hour documentary called The Conspiracy Theory Of Everything. And that is what I’m addressing here. He opens with some musing about the demiurge and then tears into most of the mainstream conspiracies on the net in recent history. The problem here is that very few of these conspiracies have anything to do with the idea of the demiurge; at least not in any direct way, or in the way he’s suggesting. The motherlode connection he addresses first is Simulation Theory. I get the attraction to the idea– especially with the advent of computers– and I’ve even written an E.P on the theme called 4-Songs About God In E-Flat Minor. The problem, though, within this specific context, is that Gnosticism doesn’t teach Simulation! How could it? It’s a spiritual teaching from antiquity. The closest we get to ideas about simulation is in the Vedas and only obliquely (Akashic) and the Vedas have next to nothing to say about the idea of the demiurge; although the idea is buried within the tradition, but in no way is focused upon. Do the math here: demiurge , simulation, Vedas=ambiguous connection at best.

The Demiurge was known to the Egyptians and named Ptah (it’s why EgyPT is spelled the way it is). Christian Gnostics in Alexandria likely ran with the idea and called it Yaldabaoth or IAO…Platonic schools often referenced it and they generally had a positive view on the demiurge or craftsman or architect. The Platonic Schools were always in dispute with their Christian Gnostics peers about the nature of the demiurge who believed the demiurge was inherently malevolent.

It’s worth looking at some of the core tenets of the Christian Gnostics:

-it’s inherently dualistic.

-the universe in which we reside exists via cosmic error.

-the material universe is corrupt.

-the God of Israel was an archon of the demiurge.

– we have sparks of the original pleroma buried within us and we are to seek our way back to the pleroma and free ourselves from the machinations of the demiurge and the archons that control this existence and the reincarnation loop.

If I were to guess at the motivation for this documentary I’d say it’s to muddy the waters of Christian Gnosticism: black-washing with a ton of misdirection. And that is a fingerprint of the covert agencies. Its telling what he omits: Israel, Judaism, usurious economics/predatory economics, implying that these have nothing to do with archon control and that random conspiracies do!

I’m linking Morton Tolboll’s work here as he asserts correctly that the alphabet agencies have created a conspiracy within a conspiracy about a conspiracy! He calls it the Matrix Conspiracy. His ideas on ‘female fascism’ are interesting and I’ve intuited the same thing and called it lipstick fascism and it likely has its roots in what Tsarion calls the Female Illuminati. Miles Mathis is another who is documenting the backwashing of men. The idea has its roots in the Sophia lore but I’ve suggested that this toxic version of it is really a personification of Yaldabaoth as it was depicted as part serpent and with a head of a lion. So, these folks say that it was Sophia, as a serpent, in the Garden of Eden, bringing gnosis to Adam and Eve. I say it was another manipulation of Yaldabaoth. I’ve argued, besides the point that the story makes no sense, that both figures lied: that they didn’t die and they didn’t become like gods but rather became less godlike than they were before they ate. Read the Lost Books Of Adam And Eve and see if they were godlike after the fall…NO! Anything but. But there is the added problem of this story being anything other than archaic folklore. What I’ve said in that regard, and about religion in general, is that it becomes real in the civilizational arena when people believe it’s real, and act societally on their beliefs. Of course, any belief can be used as a tool of societal manipulation and this is what is happening here. And no more-so in the myth of the Israeli Messiah who many now declare will arrive without one ounce of supernatural manifestation. I really can’t think of anything more manipulative, as the Bible, at minimum, is a treatise on supernaturalism–but that’s another blog.

Just a note that my linking other authors work here isn’t necessarily an endorsement of all or anything they assert or believe. 

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