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HERE is a link that explores the very important differences between these schools of spiritual thought.

Below is video where I address some of the more important distinctions.

A few things that I didn’t get to address: I don’t categorize Christian Gnosticism as mysticism which I define as a type of spiritual narrative that asserts enlightenment is becoming god. I have many blogs on this point especially in regard to the non-dual schools. But in brief, I find it kind of useless as a philosophy when it comes to any pragmatic utility. I pointed this out in my Sam Harris/Rupert Spira blog wherein I suggested that there is no practical difference between Spira, who believes he is God, and the atheist Sam Harris. Christian Gnostics, in general, believe they will be saved by Christ and removed from this ‘demiurgic construct’ and taken to the Pleroma–we don’t become God but we get to go where the true God has dominion (the true god is withdrawn from this construct) although it is the domain of the demiurge and the archons.

Christian Gnostics don’t practice magic and magic is one of the foundational building blocks of Kabbalah. Now, having been raised in a secular culture, I admit that this isn’t a big issue to me, but it’s worth mentioning, I think. It is the least problematic difference in my view, as I don’t, in general, have a problem with magic, or folks like the Wiccans who have their specific magic rituals. It’s just not something I practice for the most part.

HERE is a video by Adam Green @ Know More News. Relevant to my point at about 2:22 of the video above. I’m linking this as he is documenting what Kabbalist’s are doing. It’s worth noting that his presumption about Gnosticism is premised on Kabbalist interpretation. You see this clearly when he talks about the demiurge being Samael and Christ simultaneously. This is WRONG from the perspective of the Christian Gnostics. What I’d concede is that the Demiurge is a replicant of Christ and Sophia BUT NOT Christ and Sophia per se. This point is huge and is probably the most important distinction.

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