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Please understand that we are living an inversion or the upside-down. It’s fairly easy to get once you understand this. In this post there will be two Wicks: the one presented in the film (exoteric) and the one I’m addressing (esoteric)…

So, Wick represents the lone metaphysical researcher who is relentless in their quest and search into the nature of reality.

Here is the rub, though: all genuine seekers eventually find out the truth about existence: that the Inuit control everything and always have (at least from the first city-states); he/she then finds themselves endlessly surrounded and confronted by agents of the Inuit! Yes, they are everywhere! The person laying in the gutter who runs out in front of your vehicle (not by accident); your landlord; your old best friend who was sent as an agent to handle you; your girlfriend/boyfriend; yes, pretty well everyone and no more so than in what they call the ‘professions’–your work life is entirely controlled by the parameters and algorithms set up by the Inuit. Yup, all of them agent/actors of the Inuit! And to get to the mythological 1000-year reich of their Messiah they are waging war on everyone: waging war to get to peace. Isn’t Wick’s portrayal, then, the perfect symbol for this Messiah? It’s been estimated that the demiurge has a personal kill count of around 25-million (and counting) according to the Bible. At least Adam Green over at Know More News understands this and correctly argues that Christianity and Islam were controlled opposition–something I’ve suggested many times. The primary objective was to keep the Tribal God Yahweh at the top of the metaphysical pyramid and squash the views of the Gnostics who viewed Yahweh as a Demiurge. These religions made a ton of dough for the High Council’s mercenaries through the millennia!

Within the social sphere the High Council is the media, academies , and religious fronts who are there to dismiss and cancel anything the lone researcher says about the Inuit. These are their finest assassins but of course they are no match for the truth of Wick as their narratives fade into the mists of the abyss after all the sounds and fury of their obfuscations, black-washing, and dismissals–which will, in the end, signify nothing. Like, Mr. Wick, you will be targeted, cancelled, and likely put to death by those claiming spiritual privileged access. Through manipulation, coercion, and force, you will be alienated in such a way as to make it near impossible to live any kind of half-way decent life within the demiurgic mind-matrix. Of course, they’ll say they would never put you in concentration camps/dungeons but they always do when you don’t submit to their tyranny. And that is how Wick 3 ends–in dismal betrayal.

They obviously used Sophia to point John in the direction of the one above the mafia high council: the Demiurge, or an Enki type entity. But just like the movie The Matrix, they invert the relationship and make Sophia out to be below this demiurgic figure–and they make her violent to boot. All the Gnostic texts say that Sophia came first and was the mother of the material demiurge. To find this character Wick must follow the Canis star which points to Sirius and the lore of the Anu and Enki and Enlil. But I tend to think Wick is this Enki entity as his licence plate begins with XAB…X has long been the marker for the Christ figure (the fake one) and AB has its referent in Abraham whom I’ve suggested was Brahma (Enki) in human form. I’m going to use Enki here for this Tekton/Architect figure, but it just as easily could be called Yahweh, which has its roots in IAO (eventually Yaldabaoth) and was associated with the moon by the Egyptians. This is one of the reasons I suggest that these Archons control the reincarnation grid which has deep connections to the moon (and Saturn). I’m probably also referencing the website of Wes Penre whom I’ve been reading and will do an upcoming blog on. He thinks the Demiurge is the alien Enki…But it’s not my view; although it could be.

A few more random thoughts on the Wick films. I’ve said in my writings that the 911 emergency infrastructure serves the Kabal (High Council) and they allude to this in the scenes where the police officers interact with him–he always gets a pass. Think of the police, fire, and medics, as an extended branch of the Military Industrial Complex. Think about the Pandemic within this context.

The weaponization of everything: yup, it’s one of the ultimate outcomes of the religion of money. Ultimately, the J.W.(Jah’s Witness) films are about money which buys power and control of populations. Any development or evolution towards a culture premised on The Golden Rule (or, what some call ‘natural law’) will have to find an alternative to the current money system–there can be no anarchist society (no government rule) without addressing a replacement for what money means and what it has become on this earth. Interesting that the initial goddess of money, Juno, was known as a goddess of war, too. This, of course, has links to the Kali Yuga of the Vedas. Patanjali addressed this in one of his Sutras:

The Vishnu Purana states, “When society reaches a stage, where property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion, the sole bond between husband and wife, falsehood, the source of success in life, sex the only means of enjoyment, and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion…” Then we are in the age of Kali Yuga. We live in Kali Yuga and will for 432,000 yrs. When Kali Yuga ends, the yuga cycle begins again with Krita Yuga(Satya Yuga).

What this sutra is suggesting is that Buddha would not charge Christ rent; nor would Krishna extract the surplus value of labor from his brothers or sisters. No, this is not an endorsement of Marxism and its material ontology. In other posts, I’ve suggested that civilization went from rule by Emperors; to rule by Clergy; to rule by Mercantile Elites (modernity); to a hopefully rule by the common person (anarchy)…See my Lords Of Karma post. But any true anarchist has the oncoming wall of Judaism’s 3500-year old ambition of worldwide political Totalitarian theocracy to deal with. Game on!

An end note here. This is my interpretation of these films and I’m in no way saying that these ideas are what the writers had in mind. I think they made Wick out to symbolize their juvenile understanding of an Israeli political Messiah. Easy to understand when you read the Torah– as Yahweh is a God of war– who destroys Israel’s enemies via endless violence while placing his chosen people at the top of the earth’s food chain. It’s worth noting as always that Christian Gnostics are the anti-thesis of Yahweh when it coms to Praxis as we embrace Ahimsa (non-violence) as an avenue of achieving the Golden Rule within economics. It’s why we are anarchists in relation to today’s political class who use force and coercion to achieve all their goals. It’s my view though that this place can’t be anything other than what it is so I hold little hope of any worldwide Golden Rule society or Anarchist society as posited by those like Mark Passio. The Golden Rule is a higher order WAY or existence within the Pleroma and not possible on masse here–the best we’ll get is ‘charismatic totalitarianism’ via some type of Messiah figure ushering in Noahide Laws by force and coercion. Of course, I could be wrong and would love to see ‘rule by the common people’…I just wouldn’t hold my breath. In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons I argue for a compromise with our ruling elite. This is in part because of my secular upbringing and fondness of pragmatism compared to raw ideology. Keith Woods recently talked about appealing to the Mercantile Elites also. But, of course, this will all be met with silent contempt.

BTW: I try not to use the letter J anymore as I don’t want to be cancelled more than I already have. 1890 Outhouse’s are about my limit and I’d like to shower at least once every 6-months but that might be asking too much with the letter J around…

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