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Ya, know…I didn’t waste a minute of my time on it as I KNEW (Gnostic) it was *fake the moment I heard about it which was through the cultural critique writings of Miles Mathis. Now fake in this context means another distraction project by the (UN) intelligence agencies or what I call civilizational trolling.

But the question is WHY? Why this fake? And it’s here that andrewmarkmusic has to take a very deep humble bow! Why thank-you! Thank-you very much!

Through 2018 and 2019 it was this blogger who questioned all of whom I call the Kenite’s Cainites). Or, what I call the 13th tribe. These are guys named Ken who have bald hair (usually) and who never criticize the Inuit, and in fact; they defend them vehemently against even the most warranted and fair criticism. I won’t call them out again here but anyone is welcome to do a Ken search on my site. In my blogs, I pointed out the mythology of the Kenoma which is one metaphysical idea associated with the Gnostic schools of spirituality–it’s said to be some type of in-between existence and a divide between our physical earth and the Pleroma. Some might suggest it has an equivalent in the Bardo’s of eastern philosophy. Could this also happen to be connected to A KEN aten? Anyone familiar with the weirdness surrounding ole Akhenaten might get what I’m suggesting here. We Also see the KA reversed in the name AK…I’ve touched on this reversal many times in my blogging. Ka means spirit in Egyptian and (T) A Meri means Egypt. So, A Meri Ka means Egypt’s spirit. And what country existed next to Egypt? Canaan or today Ca naan (ada)…

At any rate, I’ve suggested that there are more than the David’s and the Benjamin’s at work here on earth and that the Kenite’s are very busy here, too. Maybe the 13th tribe? On one of the Integral Inc. podcasts Jeff Saltzman made the remark that the Inuit have all the bases covered now and that there was nothing they couldn’t control; at about the same time, Bari Weiss went on Maher and said anti-Inuitism is a virus and, at that moment I got the 911 twitch, and I wasn’t surprised at all in Jan./Feb. of 2020 that half of the East Indian population in Vancouver knew what was coming and they told me in that indirect way that only people with eyes to see can see! In one school of Indian philosophy it’s said that the **Inuit have their roots in India! And we now know that Naomi Klein’s book Disaster Capitalism was as much a warning about virus economics as anything else. I’ve even suggested that Jordan Peterson’s constant admonitions are equally likely to be threats–as least as far as I can tell.

I was the one blogging at the time about how Yahweh loved naming things after its arch-enemies as Is Ra El is the gods of Egypt and Canaan and I quipped at the time it might have been better to choose a name like Wisconsin as surely that is a name that couldn’t be confused with other gods! So go figure and please note Wisconsin was the location for this faked event. But my site, in my opinion, was mined by the makers of City of Angels which posited female angels taking human form (a main thesis in my writings); and the show used a back-drop of jazz music which is clearly a large part of my site. I even did a blog on my intuitive and immediate understanding of The Day Of The Dead. I was in Mexico during the festival many years ago and, had never heard of it before, but I decoded it in real time to my girlfriend at the time and even she was kind of blown away by what I said. Of course, this is a major theme of the show. Please note all my blogging on these issues predate these ’shows’ by at least a year…In my blogging in those years I was calling Christianity (especially in America) a ‘carnival barker grift show’ and this show captured the idea to near perfection with the Christian cult they portrayed. Oh, yes, one more thing on my blog DoppELgängers. I suggested, based on my intuitive experiences with the archons, that the males can show up in one more male body and a female can show up in your life in another female body. You get that ‘twitch’ and you just know it’s them–that these two people are the same being. To my knowledge they can’t both be in two different bodies at the same time and a female only shows up as another female and a male as another male. And, yes…this idea was in the show. I’ve suggested that this has something to do with the EL LE or RA AR of the archons. I should also mention that Youtube had ‘Parallels’ trolling me. Google Miles’ papers on what a parallel is. And lastly…they couldn’t help get in their numerology as I was saying that the paid actors:Trump and Trudeau, have the marker 2020 with the two T’s. So, they used the name RiTTEnhouse. They also used August (8) and I blogged about what a curse August’s have been for me throughout the years.

I haven’t mentioned that this trolling of my digital life has been mirrored in my flesh and blood life and that this is much more disturbing as the Inuit are able to act against anyone anywhere without any kind of repercussion. In politics this is commonly referred to as ZOG…Look it up.

A brief end-note here on another issue. To be played by deceit and con is to insinuate that someone was ignorant and didn’t know. But I’m a Gnostic so by December 2017 I kind of got it, ya know? I don’t blog on the topic (sexual preference) as I think its the wrong focus when one is in a maximum security prison, but it’s interesting to note that homosexuality and Inuit mafia were themes in City Of Angels, but certainly Miles doesn’t hesitate to cover this ground. So it’s not like I’m ignorant of it. I do blog about the casino mentality of the archons, though, and just like Yahweh, these folks are always up for a wager on a bet…

NOTE*: I urge everyone to actually study/investigate for a least a week Miles’ papers on Charles Manson and the Las Vegas shooting. Now, I knew the Vegas shooting was staged and on the same night the Freemasons were having their gala at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Freemasonry is esoteric Judaism for non-Jews who are aligned with the Jesuits who control the RCC (Judaism controls the church), and the Kabbalist’s who now control big finance. I was a kid when the Manson fake went live but I remember it well and it did to society exactly what Miles says in his paper.

NOTE**: THIS link explores this issue.

Update: This video called Monopoly explains the why and the who. AshKENazi (GET IT)…Or, as I say, as documented by this video, ‘ask a nazi’…

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