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In an earlier blog on Negative Liberty I explored the idea that global capitalism, or what I call ‘economic fascism’, weaponized the idea of freedom. That is to say that this economic model promoted endlessly the idea that about 7-billion people could do whatever they want whenever they want with no regard for consequences. There was only one metric: is it profitable for global capital? Please note that this ethos works directly against The Golden Rule, or what some call the ‘moral law’, or what folks like Mark Passio call Natural Law, or what Kant called the Categorical Imperative. Notice that these materialist’s took an atom bomb to all these injunctions in modernity and swapped them out for moral relativism and called it progress! I’d suggest that this also happened via the economic weaponization of the theory of evolution…Or, what I call predatory economics: economics by the elites for the elites.

I’m taking a circuitous route here but I think the same idea has happened within the arena of spiritual gnosis. Perhaps even within epistemology in general. I’d suggest that the philosophy of materialism and the atheists who promote it have done a similar thing and use knowledge as a weapon rather than for the common good of all. I’m not the only blogger suggesting this so I’ll direct anyone interested to a blog on atheism, by Miles Mathis…They’ve used different methods of implementation but two that come foremost to mind are: the ‘academies are the only avenue of genuine knowledge’, and, via tightly associated ‘media cabals’–who’ve obviously partnered up in an attempt at what might be coined ‘hoarding the media narrative’; something I also call ‘civilizational trolling’. It would be easy to list all the names of these folks but that is for the spiritually woke (not to be confused with the fake materialist left woke) to know, but if one has an eye to spiritual discernment it isn’t all that hard to spot these agents (spooks from the Departments Of Spiritual Propaganda) on each others media platforms: they endlessly interview each other and frame this narrative coercion as rational and logical when it’s clearly propaganda and sophistry.

Within the inquiry of spiritual gnosticism, specifically, I find it almost laughable that those controlling the narrative are atheists and materialists usually from a certain tribe in the Middle East! You have to be kidding me but this is really so! I guess it isn’t all that surprising when one understands that the demiurge or architect of this universe is a material entity of some kind. Ask yourself why Jewish atheists get to be the arbiters of what is true and not true when it comes to metaphysics. Sorry, Sam…this is a very bad idea and no more so within the inquiry of spiritual gnosis. Two things to mention here: Christian Gnostics practice non-violence but we also think that all people have the right to genuine self-defence and this applies to psychology, also, especially when there are those who are gaslighting you on a civilizational scale. Secondly, Gnostics list three categories of humans and one of them is termed Hylic which means those who are materially minded and espouse materialist metaphysics. Please note that the outcome of this materialist ontology is a vacuous, vain, and *unethical economic system premised on unlimited growth and consumption whose foundation is the Ponzi scheme of debt fiat currency. As spiritual gnostics it’s our duty to challenge this worldview. I’ve always attempted to **play fair in my critiques but I certainly don’t feel that that has been reciprocated; in fact, quite the opposite, as I’ve been trolled on every level by the tribe. See my blog on Why The Kenosha Fake

A side note here on reason and logic. In the case of Judaism, it isn’t possible to declare that we should reason together with Yahweh, and then have Yahweh commit to every manner of illogic and irrationality! The same goes for Christianity, which under Greek influence, named Yeshua the Logos, referencing the order of reason and logic within existence, but then go on to declare as fact; the unreasonableness of a virgin giving birth, and calling eternal damnation for the masses of ignorant humanity a victory! Only an inept and malevolent God would declare this a victory! From the perspective of the Christian Gnostics, both Judaism and Christianity (as well as Islam), are irrational and illogical and the product of our toxic overlords. And, yes…it’s irrational and illogical to declare in any definitive sense that god/s do not exist. Denying immateriality with immateriality (consciousness) is stupidity. E. Michael Jones also points this out frequently in his dissection of Daniel Dennett.

NOTE*: linked HERE is a video of Steven Pinker addressing, among other ironies, compound interest. It simply never dawns on him that this type of interest is immoral by spiritual standards! It wound’t be immoral , IMO., if everyone was taught to buy in at a young age thereby solving the pension crisis today. Or, the government could purchase for all its citizens a base amount when people turn 19 as a human right. Either way it would invert the immoral aspect of this kind of interest.

NOTE:**: the first few instalments of my yearly Winter Solstice Golden Rule series delves into the philosophy of materialism and atheism–I’ve shown the courtesy of assessing them fairly. This has not been reciprocated–not when it comes to the claims of the Christian Gnostics as atheists skirt around (the worldview of Christian Gnostics) this issue in a pathetic attempt not to address The Jewish Question. Yes, some of us have read Marx on that issue…

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