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A video very much worth watching. I’ll cough up my thoughts one bullet point at a time!

The primary point of argument is whether Christianity was a strictly Roman invention or whether it was a civilization psy-op of Judaism–see 43:00 for the best points that it twas the latter… I side with Green on this point although I totally understand the argument from Atwill.

Atwill’s framing is very specific and covers a period between Titus through the medieval period. I suspect his analysis is also framed within a materialist worldview and heavily influenced by the confines of the academies.

My view is that the Judaic elites were much more enmeshed with Roman elites than Atwill will concede. I suggest looking at America today and to view Rome similarly. The senate today is thoroughly elitist just like the patrician class in Rome. In America today Israeli interests come first and I suspect the same was true with the Flavians.

As for the scriptures? All the major events in the Torah are next to non-existent which also explains why the historical events in the N.T. are next to non-existent: they are created psy-op fictions of the ruling elites who imparted different elements of whatever cult they were immersed in whether Solar, Lunar, Saturnian, or Stellar. I think Atwill is correct in suggesting that these writings were created via committees in more or less the same way that is happening today–see the cultural writings of Miles Mathis who clearly dissects these agencies.

Like everything with this global mafia the goal was entrapment and enslavement and I think Atwill is correct here when he says that Constantine’s new state religion turned the ‘common people’ into feudal serfs and that this would last for at least 1000-years. But this in no way makes Green’s assertion wrong when he suggests that this new religion was simply a Trojan horse for Judaism. That many people at the bottom of the social pyramid suffered doesn’t mean that that isn’t what happened–it’s called collateral damage alongside unintended consequences.

On the Freemasons: Ralph Ellis suggests that Jesus and James were Freemasons and thinks they were responsible for what he wrongly describes as Communism–a materialist political theory in the 19th century–when in fact they were living like most of the tribes throughout the earth (this community is described in the Book Of Acts). This begs the question of why the Freemasons, when creating New Egypt (*America), created an economic model directly opposed to this ‘communal’ way of life. They should have also befriended the N.A. tribes (first nations) and treated them like brothers (in economics) rather than implementing one of the more gruesome genocides in history.

But this Tekton (architect) of the Freemasons has more problems than fickleness and flip-flopping in the field of economics. Whomever this Archon is ‘he’s’ also not able to make clear what the shape of the earth is; whether there is an aether (and whether the atomist’s/materialists are lying); is unable to clearly elucidate prehistory and make plain and clear what the genesis of humans is, etc…In other words, this demiurgic architect is as flawed as Yahweh is in the Bible.

A note on Gnostic origins. It clearly predates Christianity and has roots in Egypt (Ptah); India (Brahma) which is likely the origin of the Tree Of Life motif in Kabbalah; and Sumeria, which links us to the Anu/Enki and Enlil E.T./alien theory.

NOTE*: it’s a fact that the Freemasons were heavily involved in the creation of America which has the Egyptian goddess Meri in the name meaning beloved; whenever one sees the Ca/KA take it as a marker for the Cabalists (non-jewish Kabbalist’s); also, (T) A MERI mean Egypt and Ka means spirit so A MERI KA means the beloved land of Egypt’s spirit. And what country existed beside Egypt? Canaan (ADA)…Get it? We see the Mississippi as synonymous with the Nile; we see a war between the north and the south; we see Egyptian monuments pretty well everywhere in the good ole USA…Jer USA lem…

In an upcoming blog, I’m going to dissect Hermeticism, which clearly has its roots in Egypt (and beyond), and Christian Gnosticism. The primary quarrel here is the nature of this Tekton/Architect.

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