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‘No, Neo and Trinity, it’s not the Matrix that is weaponizing everything; it’s the money-lending cartels and their monetization of everything’…

Okay, I watched it. It isn’t as bad as the reactions although I get the criticism. The Red Pill was hijacked by the political right and they will hate the leftist material woke politics of the film. No need to mention the irony here. The first film was all about the white male and the white female who knew her place in the universe. This film starts with a female of Asian descent and a black Morpheus who’s hyper-stylized– consistent with the ‘bling-culture’ of neoliberal coloured culture.

Not to mention the problems with calling this a Christian allegory. No one is going to convince Christianity that a CIA writing team of trans-people is getting Christian hermeneutics correct. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ll take a moment to go a bit further here: 20th century American Christianity is a project of the intelligent agencies of the money-lending cartels; it was a continuation of the schisms created by the ‘cult of 33’ at the time of Luther and they would eventually splinter Christianity into about 33,000 schisms. But in America, Christianity got flipped and became one of the primary vehicles for the money-lending creation of capitalism. So the Trans movements infiltration of the church under post-modernism is simply one of the latest projects and this movie is a part of that agenda. Please note that this assessment isn’t based on what is true or not about metaphysics but is rather about the culture wars.

The storyline is fairly consistent and logical as we find Anderson at the top of the gaming pyramid as the creator of the Matrix game. He’s partnered with what Jung called his shadow (agent Smith as his business partner). I’ve suggested, based on various gnostic cosmologies, that the demiurge is the shadow of the Aeon Christ–so this portrayal is an allusion to that idea.

Of course, Anderson is on the blue pills of big Pharma, which is an allusion to a doped up civilization who’ve been coerced into drinking the Soma of the archons (just to cope with their operation chaos agendas)…Not to mention the JAB…All that money pouring into Israeli pharmaceuticals–nothing to see here folks.

Is the Red Pill a creation of the archons, too? Of course, you find out that, indeed, you’re memory has been wiped and you’re an energy source– Loosh— for parasitic and predatory entities. And the story goes that on this earth you’re being recycled by manipulative entities who now control the reincarnation template. But is that true? See my GOLDEN RULE post for my take on it. So, from a spiritual perspective, economics today is basically ‘spiritual crime’.

Written about here:

I felt for the Merovingian as I’m old and liked the analog world better than this computer controlled world. So I feel his pain. I instinctually hated texting and see it as de-evolution when it comes to communication. Not to mention the endless fakery of materialist woke, woke, woke…Take a warning from 6 ‘the Queen Of Heaven Cyborg and DE-network the worlds computer systems before it’s too late. Technology-wisdom=death.

It’s difficult to miss the Thoth character portrayed as a symbiant machine…So Hermes Trismegistus helping to perform the chemical wedding. If A MERI KA is Egypt (the past Atlantis?) then it’s consistent that the occultists who run it would promote Egyptian spirituality, or at least their version of it. But I can’t bite on much that comes out of Hollywood when it comes to metaphysics and the nature of reality. Although, yes…entertaining. But truth with a capital T? Hardly…more propaganda than anything else.

The Analyst was a great addition and really worked but I’d only add that it’s difficult not to see this as a type of spiritual reductionism. Morten Tolboll explores this trajectory on his Matrix Conspiracy site. Jordan Peterson has traditionally walked this interpretative path, too…The idea is that there’s only an Atman type awareness (archetypes) and no Brahman–so reductionism. I’m being kind to Peterson in this one as his public role mirrors who in this film? At any rate, what makes these films Oriental allusions is the idea that ALL IS MIND…The Trinity/Neo connection has more to do with Shiva and Shakti and Kundalini rather than anything to do with Christianity, and I say that as a Christian Gnostic. What these films do is misdirect away from the real problem on earth today: the complete co-opting of civilization by corrupt money-lending cartels who embrace the delusional Kabbalist idea of Tikkun: this makes them incredibly delusional and dangerous.  An added thought here: no sane person can think economics today, from a spiritual perspective, is anything other than dismal. I’d suggest, then, that what we are seeing is purposeful antinomianism….

Oh, BTW.: one of the aspects of these films that doesn’t get mentioned much is the modern techno nature of the Matrix. There is no way anyone can be a slave when there is this much technology and science around , right?

An earlier video on the Matrix HERE…

It goes over the usual flips of reality and one can also read the review in WIRED magazine on-line which is the biggest flip of reality I’ve come across within assessments of the Matrix…It must be another CIA front!

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