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‘the spirit of the living aeon christ can be found in the golden rule; the spirit of the dead god of Israel hung on a tree by its own followers can be found on wall st.’

I’ll attempt to unpack how a Christian Gnostic can be agnostic when it comes to metaphysics. I’m a theist most closely aligned with the idea of panentheism with the additional twist that the transcendent aspect of that equation is unknowable to the human mind, but not necessarily not intuited by the human spirit. And although I can accept a type of metaphysical monism I’m still an ‘emanationist’ and don’t think that the transcendent spirit itself created this particular universal construct–that was done by a lower emanation known as an aeon (or in my view an archon) in the gnostic tradition. So there is a chasm within this/my cosmology that doesn’t exist in a similar view as espoused in non-Christian Vedic writings.

I was also raised in a once half-decent secular culture (now turned to shite via corrupt economics and bad governance) and that influenced my views on metaphysics. In short, I’m not interested at all in man made theocracy implemented by men who can’t demonstrate one iota of supernatural ability (or integrity). I guess I’d be okay with a theocracy that was implemented by true Gods who can perform true godly acts of supernaturalism, but even then I’d have to be convinced by them that their societal plan was a good one. If they were good gods performing good supernatural acts I’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to persuade me. The point? A delineation between metaphysics and societal structure is a necessity to any thinking truth seeker.

I’m also a Christian Gnostic who isn’t a Luciferian claiming that I am God like so many sects do whether western hermeticism or followers of the Vedas (Advaita Vedanta). I don’t believe much that comes out of various hermeneutics applied to the Bible. I view that book as a book written by malevolent archons who control all religion. So why would I buy into esoteric interpretations of bullshit? So no, I don’t think there was a Garden Of Eden (BS); I don’t think the *devil was telling the truth to two people who never existed while the good god lied to two people who never existed; I don’t believe any of the major stories in that book happened whether in the Torah or N.T. (BS). I don’t think the Aeon Christ was a Jewish carpenter: a fiction created by elite Hebrew and Roman families inkahoots for the sole purpose of societal control. I think Adam Green (burg) is correct on that particular point. Christianity was created to control the gentile world and I’ve always conceded the messiness of that business.

I think the Aeon Christ did make appearances during those times but was not a **human Hebrew. He might have appeared to look that way but he was here to challenge the authoritative BS of the Torah with it’s foundational irrationalisms and false history. I do think that someone like Mark Cordoba is correct, though, in the sense that there was a cosmic drama played out in that era between the Demiurge (Yaldabaoth) and the Aeon Christ. But the N.T. does not describe what happened accurately as it is the disinformation campaign of the archons who by then controlled most of the known world via their mob family structures. No chance, IMO., that the Aeon Christ was here to validate the Demiurges false religion controlled at the time by the war god of Israel: Yahweh. I do agree with Mark that humanity is dealing with the bloodline descendants today (for the most part) as it appears all outward manifestations of the gods are on hold–so the gods are not showing themselves.

I’m also fond of the western philosophical tradition (to a point) and I agree with the Kantian’s that humans don’t have access to the ‘thing in itself’, or the noumena–we only have access to mediated experiences with the Aeons (and archons).The best we can do is described above: an intuitional sense of the transcendent, but we don’t have direct access to it, as that is impossible and all our forays surrounding the source are mediated via many differing filters–so we see through a glass darkly although that isn’t a referral for Pauline Christianity. And I don’t buy the perrenialist notion that all the religions –in their blatant contradictions– are all pointing to the same source; unless you mean they were pointing to the demiurge and at that point I might agree. So when a Muslim has a vision of Allah; and a Jew a vision of Yahweh; and a Christian a vision of a Jewish Christ I think they are all being manipulated by the archons who control this template. It’s also not rational to think that these contradictions are the best that the gods could do when it comes to revealing universal truth. The simpler explanation for the contradictions is that they are intentional and meant to cause chaos and confusion–not to mention the personal murder count of Yahweh stands at about 25-million and counting. So I think good ole grumpy Schopenhauer was wrong when he suggested that WILL was the thing in itself. He had little access to the Gnostic worldview but was understandably influenced by the Upanishads which should also be read critically from a Christian Gnostic point of view. IN brief they say exactly what the demiurge has always said about itself: ‘I Am the only god’. Nietzsche, IMO., doubled down on Schopie’s error and created an egotistical nightmare for the 20th century and we are not done with that Luciferian insanity yet…

Science can only cough up opinions on metaphysics because it’s not qualified to deal with the issues involved with spiritual things. Materialism and Atomism is silliness as something can’t come from nothing and asserting materialism with immaterialism (consciousness) is a performative contradiction. Strong Emergentism is no better than magic; and although I’d consider weak emergentism more plausible out of the two I’m still not convinced. I think how we got here is being intentionally kept from us. So I remain an emanationist although I can’t prove the Aeons exist. Nor the archons. But it’s my opinion that that is what humanity is dealing with. This is not an endorsement of Theosophy and its bastard child the New Age Movement (a Wall St, creation).

NOTE*: one gnostic school teaches that the serpent was Sophia telling the truth while the god of creation lied. I reject this view.

NOTE**: see the spiritual notion called Docetism.

A note here to the trucker convoys: KEEP MOVING! Do what you do best and what comes naturally and don’t stay at one place too long. Corrupt governance thrives off of coercion and violence and there is nothing these corrupt governments want more than to up the ante of a pathetic response to a cold and flu virus by manipulating populations into war and violence. This FEEDS them. I say starve them and rip a page from the Jains non-violent approach: AHIMSA…Move on to Wall St. and Bay St: go to the heart of the poison!

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