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‘and you thought porn was only about sex!’

Notice I didn’t put a question mark! As Canada is now living under bad governance. And obscene economics, too!

In my opinion, the pandemic was an avenue for the synthesis of capitalism and communism (the worst aspects of both) which is another dialectic (Hegel) framed within a linear worldview that views everything as always getting better and better (progressivism) Yup…you should be choking on laughter! You viewed this programming at the movie theatres when they played an intro of the history of flight. I won’t argue this viewpoint here as it’s not the point of this blog. This Hegelian Dialectic in economics is worldwide in scope, though; as is the pandemic, although different countries have used differing implementations. The point is that the elites implementing these social engineering strategies believe it will be an advancement from a civilizational evolutionary point of view. I couldn’t disagree with this more.

In this blog called The Pandemic As Economic Rape I cover a few of the issues surrounding the economic carnage of the pandemic. In this blog I’d like to focus on other disasters happening in Canada and it appears the pandemic is acting as cover for these economic shenanigans–or what I call SHITE economics. In THIS article they point out the plight of common working people and the unaffordability millions of people are now facing when it comes to the basic human need of shelter. I’ve been living in my van since Sept. 2020 so I’m also a casualty of this crap economic model (the fusion of the worst aspects of capitalism and communism). I’ve had a intuitive sense of the pathological aspect of Canada since I was a young kid but that was tempered by the fact one could always find an inexpensive place to live; that is no longer the case, and millions are being made economic slaves and facing all kinds of ‘homelessness’ conditions because of this shite economic model.

Here is a link on Vancouver’s hyper-inflated real-estate. The governments love this as it gives them huge revenue streams via taxation but the politicians are also using public office to line their own pockets and the HOLDING COMPANY enterprises they own–see The Panama Papers…So they no longer serve the public good or the common people. THEY SERVE THEMSELVES and use politics as a means to that end. You can rightfully view them as the mercantile elite families–those who have benefited most over the past century. Please note this is nothing new and the world has always been like this. They just pulled the wool over your eyes since the end of WW2. Now they are buying up huge sections of land all over the world as they are the only ones who can afford to do so. Check out this documentary called Monopoly that covers this ground: aka BlackRock and Vanguard. These politicians and the central banks whose policies they implement don’t care one iota about the decimation of tradition cultures; nor the corrosive affects upon the very fabric of society: families. Women no longer need men as pathological oligarchs have given them platforms like ONLY FANS. This is decimating thousands of years of social norms. What these predatory families and social engineers care about is making sure everyone pays a cut of the vig to MR. BIG no matter where or from what. This is nothing other than money turned into the worldwide religion of money–the monetization and weaponization of everything. Did I mention that 2-working professionals (like, say lawyers) can barely afford a house in major cities.

Some of you may remember the ’80’s when planned neoliberal policy decimated the manufacturing sector in western economies. The replacement for that by the oligarchs was the ‘service sector’ economy. I spent most of my adult life since the ’90’s sketching out a living in that sector. Guess who took an atomic bomb to that sector? The pandemic oligarchs! The service sector economy is more or less gone now (my small business with it) and is being replaced by the ‘digital grift economy’…And yes, in true dialectic frenzy the oligarchs view this as an improvement. I’ll touch on another aspect of this briefly. These families have convinced you that materialism and logic and reason is how they operate; nothing could be further from the truth, IMO. They operate via dark occultism and they view this particular move as an improvement as the fiction they operate from (The Torah) says work was a curse; so these grifts are undoing the curse and freeing humans from ‘real work’. There have been many types of occult antinomianism over the centuries but this is likely a new and specific one related to the idea of Tikkun (saving the world).

And as for the most obscene porn? Currency and its manipulation. Nothing new at all as the governors were always messing with the amount of silver and gold in coins– usually creating boom and bust cycles of hyper-inflation and busted economies (usually fixed by war). So we saw something different with the pandemic! Tax amnesties for those put out of business! Debt Jubilees for those who went into debt even more to the moneylending cartels! WAIT…wait a minute! What the hell are you talking about, Andrew? Those policies would only happen with sane economic actors in control. So no such luck in this shit show! What did we get from those who only have one tool in their box? More usurious economics via unprecedented money printing! So a continuation of the ‘Quantitative Easing’ policies enacted by the bankers in 2008 as a solution to economic crime–reward the perpetrators who ‘invested’ that money into real-estate (see above). Now ne4xt to no one can afford to buy or rent (at least under sane metrics).

Juxtaposed to the usury of currency creation is the creation of consumer credit (again, money from nothing) which is now the replacement for real work with real wages. As hyper-printing currency takes us on the inflation airplane; concomitant with the decimation of real work with real wages, the banksters coughed up their timely solution: credit-cards as a replacement for real wages and real work defined here as creating something meaningful and something with positive social value. Sorry ONLY FANS…You do neither! Nor do most social media platforms whose primary achievement is gaming the algorithms so only the governors sick view of the world gets heard. And yes, their minions on these platforms are just as sickening as their paymasters. Again, just makin’ sure, folks, that this global mafia gets a cut of the vig in every way– via every situation. I’ll give them that they are relentless in their obsession with money. Ruining everything else is of no importance to them.

Violence isn’t the solution to this mess. Insisting on boundaries is… which means four areas HAVE to be put off limits to these financial predators: Food, Homes, Education, and Health Care have to be taken back from these predators. In a world where the God/s don’t intervene it’s our best hope for any kind of sanity. Let them have their casino everywhere else but not on humanities four most basic needs. Maybe two economies : cities where they can have their casino economy and ‘spiritual economies’ in the country.

A good video along these lines:

A few comments from the comment section:

Aaron Walderslade

Aaron Walderslade

1 day agoThe great depression recovered because of quantitative easing in the form of war. Any kind of work done for the government is in effect money printing or quantitative easing. But it will ultimately lead to devaluing of the currency – but that’s all fine as long as in that war, every other economy is destroyed better than yours. Have a look at the film “All wars are bankers wars”Show less3REPLY

Aaron Walderslade

Aaron Walderslade

1 day ago (edited)What all economists, and even you lot, fail to see is that “growth” means nothing if everything grows. Most economic booms have relied on exploitation of a weaker economy or country. This has gradually changed into a global exploitation of a weaker class. As long as the numbers of people at the bottom of the pyramid grow, you have growth (exploitation). This was achieved as I said by importing the products and labor of other countries into the bottom of the pyramid. As that begins to change, the workers are now being physically imported. This is economic immigration. When that amount reaches a non growing rate of influx, growth will stagnate.

Another good video along these lines:

Paul needs to understand that Judaism is not a conspiracy and that it has many many branches all with one aim.

A note on Trudeau: it won’t do to have your media cronies cancel everyone who have been wiped out economically from your Marxist policies. If you want to shut it down then you must compensate everyone for their losses and equitably so. And this goes to the likes of Pfizer, too, who must compensate victims of their products! These governments and corporations cannot declare themselves immune from their terrible policies and products (when they do harm). To allow this type of free pass on this scale is civilizational suicide!

The lawyers HAVE to awaken from their NAPPY-TIME!

Read THIS paper by Miles Mathis which argues correctly that Trudeau was used to implode the idea of liberal (freedom). All these machinations are an attempt to move civilization to the extreme right and Trump will once again be there to fill that role–civilizational trolling by a certain group of elites who care nothing for the common person. If they can’t get their International Socialism they’ll get their National Socialism.

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