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Well, not in totality, as the Hebrews made lots of additions and molded it to their proclivities. But what I’m saying here is inarguable, in my opinion. I’ve covered many times the name IS RA El itself. Egyptian goddess and god (as well as Canaanite EL). So we have the fusion of Egyptian and Phoenician through the marriage of royal houses. …RA bbi is clearly a reference to (Amen) Ra/RE–SOLAR cultism. KA is Egyptian for life force or spirit; Ba is Egyptian for soul–so the root of Kabala. AL means Lord (ALLA) so Kabbalah can be said to mean Lord of SOUL and SPIRIT–ALL is ATUM! DECODE YOUR REALITY covers this ground on the meaning of KA and Ba (Egyptian in origin).

Moses means ‘son of’ in Egyptian; it is not meant to be the personal noun of a person per se. So we know Moses the person is a myth based in Egyptian spirituality along with other syncretisms like Sargon Of Akkad, or Akhenaten–who many, including Freud, said was Moses. My belief is it was Akhenaten’s cult which eventually morphed into what is now Judaism. This is one of the reasons the number 18 is so important to them as it was the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago…So the Freemasons ran with this but Freemasonry is Kabala for the Gentiles–but as you see it’s all Egyptian at its roots. Whether this links to Atlantis is not a part of this blog. We see Moses’ 10 commandments are directly taken from Egyptian moral codes. On that link: I don’t get caught up in skin color in these investigations. Add Hammurabi (rabbi) the lawgiver to the syncretism involved in the Moses myth.

#Yah (IAO) was one of the moon gods in Egypt and is likely one of the roots of the Judaic lunar time system (calendar) as well as the first known use of YAH. This is why 30 is important (30 pieces of silver, etc.) 30 is also Saturn’s (sabbath) transit. Egyptian spirituality asserts a positive god with no evil adversary–a god who is the origin of both good and evil. This is precisely the foundation of Judaism. In Judaism, the absolute name (YHWH) is not to be spoken and that is the same in Kemetism. Set/h is the adversary entity in Egyptian religion and performs a counter-balancing act within creation. This is not dissimilar to how Judaism views Satan although there are subtle differences here. In both religions, evil is ‘god’s will’. Yahweh is said to be totally transcendent as was the Egyptian idea of Neter. So both religions have a supreme transcendent deity at the pinnacle of their systems. Egyptian cosmology starts with the VOID which they called NUN’and a void was on the face of the deep’. The 7-days have their root in the idea of MAAT–which is basically the idea of universal truth and justice.

Above From Moustafa Gadalla

The functions and attributes are used in the same way in Judaism. El Shaddai, etc., etc., etc. These are attributes of god.

One of the names for Egypt was Ta MERI. Meri means beloved. Again, Ka means spirit. So (T) A MERI KA means Egypt’s spirit or beloved land of Egypt’s spirit. The country beside Egypt in antiquity was Canaan; today we have Canaan (ada). Miss ISIS is the Mississippi which is also the Nile. Both had wars between the North and the South. It’s clear who is responsible for colonizing the Americas and naming them. All the power brokers in this colonization were Freemasons. This is why the pyramid and the Eye of Re (Rebbe) are on the dollar bill and why Egyptian iconography litters the West’s architecture. The idea of Messiah is taken from the Pharaoh who was the only direct link to the gods. I suspect we shall see a New Pharaoh soon in A MERI Ka and will be the 47th president. Look at who was born in 47 B.C. for the concatenation of that bloodline. So Judaism’s political Messiah idea is directly taken from the god-king Pharaoh. The word Messiah is likely taken from the crocodile oil used in the ritual anointing of kings called Messeh. It’s also the Egyptian Mesheh–to anoint a king.

A primary difference between Judaism and Kemetism is the idea of Tikkun. Saving the world. This is strictly Judaic as Kemetism held no such notion. The cosmology of Egypt predicted eternal recurrences of creation and destruction. Many of you know that I’m not fond of the idea of Tikkun at all. I think it’s a grievous spiritual error and the consequences will not be good for anyone. Mind your own business and practice the Golden Rule in economics would achieve far better ends, in my opinion.

It seems Judaism did resist what Christianity did not: the Monad-Dyad-Triad hierarchy of Egyptian theogony. But this reluctance is within orthodoxy as Kabala does have its version of this original triad template. Having said that, SHE kinah is equivalent to Barbelo, and all the names of god–EL shaddai, etc, etc…could very well be the archons–at least from the C.G. view.

Egypt had exoteric and esoteric compartments within their religion and we see this in Orthodox Judaism aligned with esoteric Kabbalah.

I should note that the religion of Kemet did not view the demiurge *(PTAH) as malevolent. Nor did they view the body and its pleasures as evil. Again, this is more or less consistent with Judaism.

If Christianity was the invention of Jewish and Roman elites (see America today and the video linked below), and this is my view, and they’re bloodline descendants of the pharaohs, then this blog elucidates why Constantine’s church ended up looking so much like Egyptian religion with Osiris/Isis/Horus. See my take on THOTH HERE…It’s why the obelisk sits in St. Peters (Ptah) square. And London, and Washington. On the bloodlines: if the Phoenicians mixed with the Pharaohs then one of their lines eventually merged with the Greeks and eventually Cleopatra. One of the lines was also the light-skinned and red-haired and eventually became known as the Ashkenazi. It’s interesting to note that one meaning for ISRAEL is ‘God Rules’ which is one of the names of pharaoh. And that the name ISRAEL–the blending of Egyptian and Canaanite gods first came to be via the unholy marriage between Sarai and the pharaoh *Twthomosis 111…

A note on Kemetism. Suppose I Steel Man these spiritual codes and accept that for some reason the common person could become a ‘god-king’ on earth. My question then is where are these god-kings who teach MAAT (truth and justice)? In light of the fact that FIAT CURRENCY is a worldwide criminal ponzi scheme I would think there is a glaring SILENCE from the god-kings. Here is a list of the consequences of this currency:

-it has robbed the common people who end up paying the taxes on the bonds and the only way to pay the taxes on the bonds is to keep printing more funny money. ‘

-it has made the people who created this crime rich on an unimaginable scale and with the richness came enormous cultural power.

-it has caused massive inflation since 1913 which is another form of theft on the commons.

-the creation of the Federal Reserve was directly linked to the Taxation of Income. A banality under capitalism. But at this point the quibble is meaningless.

-it has created an economy of infinite growth on an earth with finite resources. So it’s directly responsible for many of civilization’s pollution problems.

-it is unmerited wealth via a criminal act. In my opinion, it is also a ‘spiritual crime’.

-this scheme is also the foundation of Marxism. Central banks are fundamental to Marxist ideology.

-by the nature of how this currency is distributed it has given the commercial banks privileged access to assets first. This allows them to buy assets like real estate first and before they become inflated.

-through imperialism, it disrupted every culture on earth and colonized long-standing and environmentally sane societies. The central banks and their partners also captured every nation on earth and have made a mockery of representative government.

-in my opinion, the agents involved in this scam were also the promoters of material ideology (HYLICS) which is a disaster for the earth and is creating what Paul Kingsnorth calls the machine.

-the solution today, via a flu virus, is to correct the woes of usurious economics by implementing digital fascism with digital funny money. Always doubling down on bad hands!

That aside, Kemetism also closely resembles the religion of the Brahmins and it may as well be classified as the same religion. Brahma is the craftsman of the material world but not the source of spirit. Fasting, meditation, invoking rituals, initiates in caves, etc., etc., etc. It’s interesting that Egypt, where the Nile pours into the Mediterranean, looks like a LOTUS. See my Abraham is Brahma post HERE…Neither tradition is able to cough up a demonstration of any supernatural ability today in controlled settings. So I’ll stick with Christian Gnosticism and say these religions of the ruling archons (Pharaoh Kings ) are bullshit!

A bit more on Freemasonry: Hiram Abiff and the narratives around Solomon (Sun and Moon) seem to me to be later iterations of Thoth— known as Hermes Trismegistus by the Greeks. Ralph Ellis elucidates the lack of any historical evidence for a Judean Solomon (or his grand empire) but rather finds correlates within the lineages of the Pharaohs.

And this: the Egyptian word ‘NU’ was used as NOUS as in to perceive. The Shabaka Stone and the Egyptian ideas contained in its writings were the foundation for Greek philosophy (Logos) as well as the foundation of Christian theology–or, at minimum, contained the roots of Christian theology.

This VIDEO covers the ground of everything I’m saying here. That America and Canada were founded on Egyptian (and Phoenician) ideology. They were designed to fail so the ‘order’ could implement the ultimate agenda: total control of the WHOLE world. Try and ignore the presentation and focus on what is being said.

This VIDEO suggests that Egypt was multicultural–that’s my take, too. Sound familiar? And their implementation of MAAT (law) ended up being exceedingly bureaucratic! Sound familiar?

The Sefirot in Kabbalah’s Tree Of Life is taken from the long pre-existing metaphysics of Egypt: 10-spheres of existence: the Decad, Ennead, Ogdoad, followed by the other seven. I have many blogs that go into delineations of why Kabala’s YHWH is not the father of the Aeon Christ but the demiurge. That YESH (as distinct from Ayin) is the demiurge personified (this universe), but this is the replicant Christ created by Yaldabaoth–known as THOTH in this essay. There are a few Jewish Kabbalists who are Christian (Cabala) as they associate YESH with their Yeshua (Jewish Jesus). But Yaldabaoth has blinded them to the truth of who the real Christ is…

ZI ON comes from the Egyptian city of On…Heliopolis. Zi means desert city and is Egyptian etymology.

Women were equals in Kemet with the eldest daughter’s marriage creating the new god-king (pharaoh). We see in A MERI Ka two women of Phoenician persuasion standing behind the president when he gives speeches. How Egyptian is that!

THIS Yahweh Loves YOU? blog goes well with this as does A Jewish Jesus? blog…HERE and HERE

NOTE*: The Egyptians to some degree didn’t view Ptah (demiurge) as the origin of the divine spark–that came from the source and this is the ROOT of all further iterations of gnostic thought. See the 2nd chapter HERE. As mentioned above: the same can be argued for Brahma who is not the source of spirit but an architect.

NOTE*: there are different theories about who David and Solomon were. Some say Hyksos and others like Mustafa Gadalla say otherwise. But what is certain, is just like 911, the academies, controlled by the tribe, run interference and obfuscation to keep the official narratives intact. What else is hackedemia lying about? Certainly the age of the Sphinx and the pyramids. Certainly, no one runs interference for economic usury (The FED) more than the academies. My view is that the Hyksos is misdirection–shepherds are not warrior kings. I don’t think much of the Khazarian theory either–more misdirection.

four generations

NOTE#: it’s likely Yah got its moon associations from Osiris. We see a fusion in Judaism between their version of Yahweh and the Messiah. This is Osiris/Thoth who ‘control’ the moon matrix reincarnation template. Osiris was known as the Good Shepard…Sound familiar?

Some more musing: this idea that the religion of Judaism is monotheism while the religion of Egypt is polytheism is a blatant distortion. Judaism started out polytheistic and eventually morphed into strict monotheism. But both, in fact, are monotheist, with many aspects, functions, and attributes of one ineffable god. But if they are the same religion then that shouldn’t surprise us.

The temple of Egypt beside Solomon’s temple. Do they look the same? There is only one correct answer to that.

November 2022: the video below called Ring Of Power gets to the meat of almost everything I’m saying here. It’s poorly done and the narrator is at times annoying but the content is pretty well everything that this website and author have concluded during about 50 years of research.

It’s my view that this Egyptian Jesus is not a friend of humanity but a royal archon and offspring of Yaldabaoth’s archons. I’ve suggested elsewhere that The Living Aeon Christ also made an appearance in that time and that some kind of cosmic drama was played out in that era.

And last but not least:

This is a note (ah) from chapter 8 of the Domain of Man site: 

 In Ancient Egypt, commoners were variously called the “cattle of Re,” “noble herd” or “flock of the god.” See “Tales of the Magicians” in Joseph Kaster, The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, p 264.  As in the Tale of Etana, a loophole in the law of Thoth was found by declaring men to be animals!

Another example of why Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality (borrowed from the Egyptians). It’s no accident that Judaism views the Gentiles (commoners) in the exact same way. 

2023 Update:

The idea of the matrilineal line when it comes to royals found in Judaism was also taken from the Egyptians.

A correction on a point above. From my research, Judaism started out as polytheism, then morphed into henotheism where YHWH was the supreme god among many. The first commandment testifies to this fact as they were to have no other gods other than YHWH. And then by the C.E., it morphed into monotheism.

A point on Gadalla. If it’s true that Judaism black-washed Egypt then it’s also true that Gadalla white-washes Egypt. I’ll still give him up to the 18th dynasty on that point but after that, it was all about stealth Hebrew lines who wanted what we would call today a fusion of multicultural elite corporatism otherwise known as Hebrew Fascism. America today represents that achieved goal. But I don’t think it ends there. The demographics of money combined with the false implementation of Edom, Rome, and America within Judiac ideology (delusion) means the Hebrews will pretty well abandon the West and set up shop fully within the Russian, Chinese, and Indian, axis. That is where the money will be this century and America has served its purpose and is in the process of being destroyed (as is the West) on all levels and no one seems able to stop it.

Oh, BTW, it’s on the reincarnation loop that I part ways with Gadalla’s pantheism. If reincarnation is true, I believe it is, then there must be something judging the process, no?

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