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Part 3 in a long drawn out series. Part 1 HERE. Part 2 HERE…

Linked HERE an article by Ralph Nadar.

I’m not sure why I’m bothering with this as the ideas in this series have suffered an irreparable blow especially under the Pandemic As Economic Rape.

What Paul Kingsnorth calls ‘the machine’– a nexus of international finance, governance, corporations and big-tech have won and will soon imprison most if not all of humanity. Blind materialists see this as some great victory for humanity but my view is its the most egregious tragedy in the known universe.

Before I get into it I’d like to cough up my definition of Marxism: tenured professors endlessly talking about the working class. What they’ve never understood is the universal difference between earning a living via your physical labor and earning a living via mental abstraction. I can 100% guarantee you that they are not the same thing!

That aside, I’d like to address the notion of decentalization that he covers in the article. This is exactly what I’ve said in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons and my What Does A Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? The problem is, though, is that you can’t implement only one aspect (even if we could) of needed solutions. I’ve consistently said that *Private Property Rights for all is only one part of sane economics.A not-for-profit public bank should distribute the loans with the lowest interest rates possible (enough to cover admin. costs) –this bank for homes and food production. A new education system is needed which focuses on learning real life skilled self-sufficiency through grades 1-12…People need to learn how to grow their own food again within small localized ecologically minded communities. How to build their own small homes. Each community could have differing beliefs and values which would offer up choice and options for the diverse amount of personalities that exist. A decentralized non-debt currency would have to be the foundation for these communities.

I’m happy to see that someone else understands what economic fascism is as I’m the only person I’ve come across that uses this wording and I think it’s appropriate–especially with what we’ve seen with pandemic economics. These huge international entities like Osiris’s Dick (Amazon) have used the pandemic to line their pockets. And I’ll add that this was planned and orchestrated. My little proprietorship? GONE! As are millions of others. With the most sickening aspect of this being the governments complicity in the destruction of the bottom of the social pyramid. Again, all planned. That governments have declared themselves immune from legal redress is disgusting as it is with corporations who have made billions on vaccines–they should both be suable for damages where and when it can be proved that damages occurred. To not allow it is the worst type of economic tyranny–and make no mistake about it– WW3 is an economic war of governments against their citizens as well as an info war. At this point the government of Canada insists that they’ve caused no financial damage to anyone at the bottom of the pyramid–the typical I DINDU NUFFIN…

At any rate, to the extant that the Trucker Convoy isn’t theatre between the Marxists and the Kabbalist’s (prolly is, IMO.) we do see the hostile antagonisms between Trudeau’s big state control of the economy and the more decentralized mores of many within the convoy movement. It’s certainly a viable assessment of Trudeau’s over-reaction as his backers see the threat that decentralization of currency and the economy represents–to the extent that it’s real and not theatre. What makes me think it’s theatre is that both Trudeau and Trump (T20T20 the fake representative of the working class/laughable) are actors and it looks to me that they are reading from scripts.

NOTE:* I get the complexities involved in divvying up available land. There is only so much of it that is suitable for what humans need to create societies. But the solution the technocrats are coughing up? Sickening unless it can be backed by supernatural public displays. If God wants to own everything and make it so I’ll be happy owning nothing then he has to do that via open and honest demonstration, in my opinion. Certainly not via occultism fused with technology. I reject any other version of this narrative which is obviously based on a very specific and obscure interpretation of the economics presented in The Book Of Acts…Yes, this is what Klaus Schwab believes! See my what should a healthy spiritual economy look like for a Christian view of economics–linked above.BTW.: Klaus has its root etymology in EDOM…

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