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HERE is a link to a blog I did yesterday exploring why traditional religious communities failed and fell to globalist economic fascism. The series is called, A Conservative Critique Of Capitalism. It should be noted that materialist ideologies have their mirrored version of these systems with the most common one being the left-wing authoritarian communism of Marx and Engels. I’ve suggested in that blog that the more the academies talk about Marx the worse life gets for the common working man! I implore them to STFU! Quit while you’re behind! Many have suggested that this was Marx flipping Judaism’s idea of a 1000-year period of Messianic power and politics and I tend to agree. There are no coincidences.

I think one of the primary distortions of spiritual fascism is taken from the description of the church as described in The Book Of Acts. I’ll parse out why this WAS NOT spiritual fascism and how the ideas presented get distorted by cult leaders. Today that would be people like Klaus Schwab and even the cultish Integral religion/vision of Ken Wilber. What people need to understand is the church, as far as the story goes, acted out of open displays of supernatural ability. The stories say that Christ and the Apostles openly demonstrated spiritual power and that this caused inner conversion of people with the concomitant commitment to living under a shared economic ethos. This is in contradistinction to ideas of the God of the philosophers as described in the works of Plato. The Republic run by Philosopher Kings is sheer ideology premised on rhetorical idealism within the sphere of politics.

We see the fusion of economic and spiritual fascism in many of the cults that have come down through history. Jim Jones, the Jehovah’s Witness’s, Rajneesh in Oregon, Adi Da and his Advaita cult. I’d classify the Freemasons as a cult by today’s standards and they are one of the ones that matter most today as they have the widest reach. As I described in my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog, the religion of the Pharaoh Kings is another cult that had full control of power and politics. In my opinion, this is the primary reason that power and politics is foundational to Judaism–because it is Egyptian king ideology–with the Messiah acting as the Pharaoh King. The Freemasons continue this tradition today although it has now been fused with Canaanite bloodlines. This is why America means Egypt’s spirit. (T) A MERI means Egypt and KA is Egyptian for spirit but the Freemasons were often Christian Kabbalist’s and they used the CA marker for spirit: A MERI CA. Of course, the land of Canaan existed beside Egypt and that is why Canada was named the way it is. Winnipeg being the centre of North America much like the pyramids are located at the geographic centre of the earth. The Freemasonic architecture is unmistakable in the power centres of Winnipeg. A city I was born in this time around.

I call the Canaanite aspect of these lineages Nephilim Archon Spooks. They are descendants of Cain who in the Christian Gnostic tradition were the off-spring of the demiurge Yaldabaoth and a raped Eve. It’s interesting that Ken has its roots in Cain as in the Kenite’s described in the Bible–a book written by the archon spooks of the demiurge. This construct is known as the Kenoma–mused on HERE...That is why the Bible can be both true and false and why things written in it will come to pass as the demiurge and the archons control the flow of civilization on this earth. What you should note is the difference between the church of Christ and this New World Order: Christ’s church was founded on open displays of supernaturalism while the archon spook society of the NWO is founded on occultism fused with technology. This is where technology has always come from: these archons and especially within their hybrid bloodlines. What gets added as a special bonus is violence and every manner of economic corruption. L O O K A T T H E W O R L D T O D A Y and tell me if this is what you see? See my Money And Guns blog where I cough up the coiniky-dinky of the first central banks arising with the first creation of guns. Maybe you see why the central bank controlled A MERI CA is so fond of guns!

Of course, Christians today will reject the gnostic view of Christ and continue to worship the demiurge who is not the father of Christ. I cough up the problems with this view in my blog, The Devil’s Most Heinous Plan. This is no more prevalent than in the ‘carinal barker grift show’ that is American Christian Zionism–you know who funded this church. This is the primary reason their churches have failed and are now practitioners of economic fascism. Yes, the Amish are still remnants of the original idea–as are a few other Christian sects, but for the most part the church was deceived by the time of Constantine and that deception has fractured into about 33, 000 schisms thanks to the Freemason’s manipulation of the church in modernity. The only churches who would have escaped this net or trap are those that stayed true to a simple agrarian life style and whose leaders did not seek power and politics per se. They are few and far between. In modern lingo these are churches and communities that stayed small–so *SMALL C CAPITALISM. Capitalism described here as the exchange of goods and services on a simple agrarian scale. Crony capitalism, corporate capitalism, the con of Wall St. capitalism, conscious capitalism, stake-holder capitalism, state run capitalism of Marx and Engels: none of these are consistent with a Christ centred living within this demiurgic construct. I’d even suggest that the lone wolf capitalism of Youtube channels is another branch of predatory capitalism created by the archons because it works in their favour. With no community there is no church and scaled alternative to the power and politics of money-lending capitalism that rules the world today. So, you can see Youtube channels along that line are manipulation–and an incredibly easy way to fund via control of the algorithms–a double edged sword as they also use the tech manipulation to cancel voices like mine. So the truth gets buried yet again.

What we are seeing right now is a distorted and obscure interpretation of the Book Of Acts church via the World Economic Forum. They see Christ as a financial power broker who controlled the money in his church. So the Apostles owned everything and everyone else was happy, hence, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. Needless to say, this is no church any true Christian would want to be a part of, especially when factoring in that the system is the technological beast described by the archons of the demiurge in their book. See my blog on Paul Kingsnorth for a delineation of the five types of Christians today. Only mature Christians who understand the pathologies of a political Israel have a clue, people like E Michael Jones, and ‘enlightened’ Christian Gnostics like myself, the other members of the church are all in various degrees of being compromised and imprisoned to the beast system and this includes the cultural christianity of Jordan Peterson. I classify Paul Kingsworth as a baby Christian as he is shy to denounce political Israel and all their manipulations and machinations–but Paul intuitively understands the necessity of small c capitalism for Christians. He simply doesn’t see WHY IT FAILED–at least not yet.

NOTE:* in my view Private Property Rights are the only way to go in todays world. See Distributist ideas about property.

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