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“The goal of gaslighting is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in their own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from delusion, thereby rendering the individual or group pathologically dependent on the gaslighter for their thinking and feelings.” -wikipedia

ABBOTT! We have a problem, right Houston?

Here is the way Yahweh loves us:

-in the same way a father picks one child as his favourite over another which causes the family to hate each other over time.

-in the same way a husband loves the wife he beats. This causes Stockholm Syndrome.

-in the same way a mafia don loves his business and protects his territory with violence.

-in the same way a mafia don privileges his own family while viewing everyone else as a means of ‘business income’.

Please link any verse from the Torah that specially says: I, Yahweh, love humans.

I can’t find any. And the New Testament doesn’t count as the Aeon Christ was not the son of Yahweh. Plus Judaism overwhelmingly rejects the god of the N.T. anyway. No where does the Torah say that Yahweh has a son. No where does the Torah say that 1/3 of its being/person is the Holy Spirit.

But it’s not only the Torah that is problematic; Christianity’s theological assertions are, too. The fake Christ presented in the N.T. is going to brutally punish the finite crimes of most of humanity with infinite damnation. This is sick and is evidence the RCC version of Christ is a false one. Moreover, the RCC version of Christianity says god is Wholly Good! The problem with this is that it confuses the God of the Pleroma with the Archon War God Of Israel. There is also the philosophical problem with this view covered HERE by Underlings. The closest rebuttal to what’s said in the video is Leibniz’s ‘best of all possible worlds argument’ which Voltaire correctly found incredibly wanting–as do I. Some say the Gnostic view of creation is simply a regression pushing back the argument but they don’t understand the qualities associated with Sophia–long story.

In the Christian Gnostic view the Jesus presented in the N.T. was likely describing Yaldabaoth’s mimicked version of the Aeon Christ. This PhoeniCIAn Jesus was an archon from the Nephilim Archon Spook bloodlines. The most dismissed, ridiculed, omitted, backwashed, misdirected away from view about who this Jesus was is the Cleopatra (Isis) Caesarian (Horus) Caesar (Osiris) assertion. My guess is that Caesarian was the reincarnation of *Thoth. So no one knew Kemeticism (Judaism) more than this guy. Obviously schooled in Alexandria as a child into the Egyptian mysteries (once again) which would explain how he KNEW so much as a child. Everything possible has been done by his bloodline to hide who he was and where his lineage went. Yes, if you search videos on this particular theory on Youtube you’ll come across the most pathetic presentations of videos ever done–no accident! This secret has been hidden until now by these families for reasons only they know. The Freemasons know who the bloodline is, though, and my guess is that he resides in (T) A MERI Ca (Egypts spirit) today and will be the 47th prez…There was a reason these bloodlines put the pyramid and all seeing eye of RA on their funny money. So yes, as always…the pharaohs were Phoenician, or at least since Akhenaten.

BTW: the Torah does say that the demiurge saw his works as good. From the Stellar Man, by John Baines: This is entirely consistent with how a lesser god would view its workings. The object of life, the reason for which sapiens was created, is not for him to enjoy life in the garden of the Lord, but rather to be a pawn in his vineyards, a worker so perfect he can act as cultivator and food at the same time. Welcome to the loosh machine!

And just for fun: the PhoeniCIAn Jesus and the Living Aeon Christ look like twins!

This is because this world is a mirror world of the Pleroma. The Living Aeon Christ was perceived by Yaldabaoth in the waters that acted as some type of chasm between there and ‘here’–this was long before the existence of this material universe that we as humans live in. So all Yaldabaoth saw was a reflection but it saw enough to mimic Christ in the most extraordinary way. This was described in The Lost Books Of Adam And Eve wherein it covers the 1000-years that Adam and Eve couldn’t tell the difference between God and Satan–Aeon Christ and Yaldabaoth.

NOTE*: The above mentioned John Baines explores an alternative view of Thoth linked HERE. As with my views on the non dual schools I also have reservations about Baines’ hermetical view of Thoth. Nonetheless we see a link between his thinking about stage evolution in his last chapter which aligns identically with Ken Wilber’s, Religion of Tomorrow. So top-tired adepts running civilization. I confess I do like his framing of the idea but I’m skeptical that it could be implemented. There is also the problem of calling Hermeticism science when no hermeticist will cough up public displays of EXTRA-ordinary ability. It’s worth noting that Judaism is now expressing the view that their Messiah will also not show any sign of EXTRA-ordinary ability–so, totally naturalistic power and politics in both instances. Although Here is a direct link to his negative view of Yahweh. I should think that the original Kemet pharaohs would be rightfully horrified by what Judaism did to their religion. So, contradictions and confusion all around. I solve this, in my Christian Gnostics view, by delineating gnostic spirituality from earthly power and politics–Christian Gnostics simply don’t seek earthly power and politics. Baines, also, in his book, states explicitly the paranormal abilities associated his with school, but once again it’s an ideology without public demonstration–extraordinary claims without backing them up publicly. All talk and no action. An ideology that is a flip of Marx and just as dangerous; especially factoring in the extraordinarily negative view he presents of humans.

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