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Je RUS USA lem…

Well, it’s all the same archon team; just different fronts. When the archons split the Christian church around 1100 C.E. with more speculative metaphysical b.s. they created the beginning of the ‘WEST’ along with what is now labelled the Eurasian block–see, A. Dugin. A primary beginning there in modernity was St. PTAH sburg (think steinburg). And this was another move of the Bishop on the archon controlled chessboard of what I call the fake religion of Egypt (Judaism) that was instantiated at St. PTAH’s (burg) Sq. in Rome. Are you beginning to see who created these sects and why? An interesting note is how many common serfs died building this city when Caesar Peter (Ptah) decided he needed the port city for his imperial ambitions–nothing new there.

So Eastern Orthodoxy is just the fake religion of Egypt (Judaism) dressed in the drag of the Osiris cult that they created at the time of Constantine. One branch controlled the east and another controlled the west (and north). Although CHI ( Greek X Christ) said NA (adverb NO) to the Living Aeon Christ–get it? I’ve suggested in other blogs that *China (no christ) was one of the primary residences of the archons throughout the millennia–so, a primary home of the minions of the demiurge–the land of NOD? But that’s another blog. Think about the Mongol invasion of Russia through that lens and use the same lens to view China/Russian relations today–see this article on the bloody murderous reign of the Mongols on Russian Christians. This doesn’t mean Christianity is true but rather Yaldabaoth hates the Living Aeon Christ–the spirit of TRUTH. If China and Russia cooperate it’s likely because of shared metaphysics. Nothing is a given here but the No Christ aspect of Chinese HIStory (demiurge) might explain, at least in part, the success of materialist ideology of Maoism in that country–and the CCCP. Of course, you can look to E.Michael Jones’ book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit where he gets things pretty much right except for the WHY of the issue–it’s because Yahweh IS NOT the father of Christ–and Judaism is the spirituality of the land of Egypt (Kemetism). This fake Egyptian religion and the fusion of Egypt and Canaan likely started with Abraham and his wife Sarai whose child was from her pharaonic husband. This story is documented in Genesis but took place in the 18th dynasty.

The earliest attestation of Jerusalem is RUSSLM. We know J is a recent addition. So we see what could be the beginnings of the Russian people. This bloodline migrated to the north and were the Vikings. It’s obvious hackedemia won’t touch the Phoenician migrations out of the Middle East during multiple upheavals in those lands. HERE is a link that shows Germanic languages were closely linked with Hebrew and its sister language Phoenician. We also have the Ashkenazi line that settled in places like Ukraine. Again, Russlm existed in Canaan– known as KENan–from the line of Cain/Ken. We’ve talked about this in Why The Kenosha Fake? The story of David and his warrior kingdom cannot be found in the historical record nor can the Grand Solomon Kingdom be found. It should be noted that Kenan, at the time, was an Egyptian province or territory. The warrior King David and his activities have been found in the 18th dynasty via Tuthomosis 111, and Solomon via Amenhotep 111. See HERE and HERE.

The fall of Egypt is being mirrored today by the fall of New Egypt (T)A MERI KA. Ta Meri means beloved land of Egypt and KA means spirit. But before we get to the demise of New Egypt today let’s consider the demise 3000-years prior. No civilization can last as *long as Egypt did (its golden age) if there is internal corruption and chaos. So there must have been a high dose of truth and justice (MAAT) during those earlier millennia. Were the pharaonic lines corrupted? I would argue yes! And that corruption started with Sarai but I won’t argue the point here. Although the major schism was with Moses (Akhenaten) who pissed off just about everyone. But, yes…he did leave Egypt and took residence in Sinai. I will note the demise of Egypt started with mass homelessness and unbounded immigration (see A MERI KA today). Wealth inequality became extreme during Egypt’s decline and we see that in A MERI KA today. Civil wars cost Egypt dearly and we see the same divisions in A MERI KA today. Climate change played a pivotal role during the decline and led to mass starvation (weather manipulation tech. today). But, in my opinion, political corruption was the core issue as it is in A MERI KA and Russia today–the top of the pyramid in both countries are Semitic. Nothing to see here according to the academies as everything is a coinky-dinky! To be Jewish and anti-christ is perfectly acceptable today; but to be Christian and anti-jewish is the crime of all crimes. Even though the bodycount in the 20th century has a least 100-million dead christians fighting each other as a pretext and avenue (and proxy) for Israeli power and politics; while the 6-million is the never-ending cry of victimhood, and has immunized them from criticism.

As you can see (haha) it’s almost impossible to talk about Russia without talking about its civilizational controlled opposition–USA…I’ll give the Rabbis that they are more fun than a barrel full of talking monkeys! They can cough up commentary on the Torah for a billion years and it won’t change the fact that the initial books are societal manipulation–so nothing truly GOOD can come from this–as time will eventually tell.

Putin and Dugin may end up serving the issue of climate change which the globalists ignore and we can tell they ignore it as their solutions are insane and criminal, so any rational assessment on this issue on their camp points to duplicity and treachery. We know the climate showed a brief recovery during the original lockdown so ending global trade to a large degree would help. So back to nations taking care of their own and providing for their people, as best as possible, through the talents and resources of the nation. Personally I would give up bananas and oranges if it lessoned atmospheric pollution and pollution of all types. Of course, the problem along this line is the Hunger Games scenario wherein the elite of each nation get the cream and everyone else eats dust–obviously not acceptable–new-feudalism, that is.

Oh, I have to mention the timing again of the new ‘surge’ in China timed right when the west is starting to open up. We saw the same manipulation in Alberta in the heat of summer during the election in Canada–the timing of that outbreak was simply too conspicuous–this is a virus with incredible political smarts. As a musician it’s always about timing. And you normies think WW1 and the timing of the Spanish Flu was just coinky-dinky…Ya, right. I said in March 2020 that they will never let this go. No way they should be relaxing international travel if this surge was true. Open up the nations internally but keep a tight lid on international travel for the moment.

Ukraine HERE.

NOTE*: yes, Christianity did make some headway in China but for the most part did not.

You could find this video of Dostoyevsky’s take on the J.Q. interesting.

And these quotes from The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed:

It is chiefly of academic interest to the rest of mankind (though it has to be recorded) because history shows that whenever the dispute for and against “seeking the peace of the city” has reached a climax, the party of segregation and destruction has always prevailed, and the Judaist ranks have closed behind it. The present century has given the latest example to this. At its start the established Jewish communities of Germany, England and America (who may be compared with the Sadducees) were implacably hostile to the Zionists from Russia (the Pharisees), but within fifty years the extreme party had made itself the exclusive spokesman of “the Jews” with the Western governments, and had succeeded in beating down nearly all opposition among the Jewish communities of the

In the event this only became clear when the revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia; and by that time power over governments in the West was so great that the nature of this new regime was little discussed, a virtual law of heresy having come into force there. Had the visible institution continued, the masses of the West would in time have become aware that the Talmudic government of Jewry, though it led the clamour for “emancipation”, was also organizing a revolution to destroy all that the peoples might gain from this

it has existed from the time that Judaism came into contact with other peoples in something more than neighbourly hostility”. (By this definition resistance in war is “antisemitism”, and the “neighbours” in the tribal warfare of antique times, to which he refers, were themselves Semites. However, the words “contact exceeding neighbourly hostility” offer a good example of Zionist pilpulism.

I’d suggest that the split of the ‘Egyptian’(Christianity) church in 1100 was recreated in modernity via communism and zionism. So the same civilizational tactics used over and over again by the Egyptian Levite Rabbis. Zionism controls the West (RCC in 1100) and communism controls the east (Orthodoxy in 1100). I’ll be doing a separate blog on Reed’s book soon and I’ll link it HERE when it’s done.

More from Reed: It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others”.

This is the last candid statement (discoverable by me) from a leading public man on this question. After it the ban on public discussion came down and the great silence ensued, which continues to this day. In 1953 Mr. Churchill refused permission (requisite under English law) for a photostat to be made of this article (Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920), without saying why.

Why stop now?

These records show that the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party, which wielded the supreme power, contained 3 Russians(including Lenin) and 9 Jews. The next body in importance, the Central Committee of the Executive Commission (or secret police) comprized 42 Jews and 19 Russians, Letts, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and five others. The Moscow Che-ka (secret police) was formed of 23 Jews and 13 others. Among the names of 556 high officials of the Bolshevik state officially published in 1918-1919, were 458 Jews and 108 others. Among the central committees of small, supposedly “Socialist” or other non-Communist parties (during that early period the semblance of “opposition” was permitted, to beguile the masses, accustomed under the Czar to opposition parties) were 55 Jews and 6 others. All the names are given in the original documents reproduced by Mr. Wilton. (In parentheses, the composition of the two short-lived Bolshevik governments outside Russia in 1918-1919, namely those of Hungary and Bavaria, was similar).

Apparently all these facts were silenced in the western press at the time and the facts labelled ‘anti-semitic’…

I do wonder what Reed would make of Miles Mathis’s paper on the Tzar that shows it as a hoax. And for that matter this blog of mine that suggests Russia itself was a creation of the tribe controlled for a long time by their Orthodox branch. So Reed’s idea that it was hijacked by the commies doesn’t add up other than as another step in the project that started 33 centuries ago.

My ongoing blog on Reed HERE

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