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“what evil is this that lurks in the heart of men?”

If humanity cannot figure out truth via the processes of logic and reason then we are forever doomed. Anything could be true but we would have no way to know if something were true. Here are three basic principles that have helped me in discerning metaphysical truth when it comes to theism: 

1) spiritual punishment, if there were such a thing, would always have to be just based on human standards of reason and logic. Reincarnation is less irrational than one strike and your out doctrines. Out of the two reincarnation would be more likely to be true. I am not saying reincarnation is true; but rather making a point. 

2) universal truth would never be premised on world geography. Claims that God would use such methods fail reasonable and logical analysis. We can reject narratives like The Promised Land of Israel and call it what it is: geographic hubris. Hinduism and a few other religions are also susceptible to this fallacy.

3) we can reject ethnocentricity as a guide for universal truth. No good human parent would divide their offspring and scapegoat one sibling against another. This is ethnocentric inflation which is the number one cause of the problem of evil when it comes to religiosity.

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