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‘not everyone wants to rule the world, but in reality, only one group has that ambition’

Surely this will be the Messiah? Is this not where all the trajectories are pointing to? One Corp. to rule them all?

Wouldn’t this chief CEO want direct access to your thoughts and wouldn’t it want your basic survival needs to be thoroughly dependent on its ‘charity’? The latter being instantiated via a Bitcoin-like interface with your mind? I’ve said in the past that Minority Report had some of the best guesses about the future and we are seeing that assessment turn out to be true–to some degree anyway.

My sense is that the archaic interpretation of a Messiah and associated practices from antiquity will not be at all appealing to the evolved Messiah CEO. Perhaps he (She?) will tolerate it within a Walt Disney-like theme show somewhere in the Middle East where digitized humans can pay to see reenacted archaic *sexual blood rituals performed. But, again…it would only be tolerated as a historic amusement by the chief CEO whose primary mode of operation is finance–and big big finance at that!

I’ve continually suggested in my blogging on axial age religions that these religions, in most of their forms, were nothing but a cover and shelter for the ‘money masters’. If this is true, and I argue it is, then it would explain why the chief CEO will see religion as a secondary amusement while the primary focus will be on BIG finance and trade. It’s worth repeating some coincidences from my previous blogs: the first major money operatives in antiquity used public ledgers and metal mining as a means (think Bitcoin) and in the 14th century the first modern gun technology arose with the first development of a central bank–the rise of central banking (institutionalized usury) went hand in fist with what is now called the military-industrial complex. In today’s world, the sports and entertainment complex is a significant branch of the MIC (renewed Bread and Circuses).

Okay…so here we go. Most people who blog on this subject presuppose via faith (most always irrational presuppositions) that their particular religious views are the entirely correct ones. On this site, I’ve argued beyond all reasonable doubt (sufficient reason) that Judaism is both false historically and cosmologically–that it is the religion of a corrupted demiurge–therefore Christianity and Islam fail, too, in their hermeneutics. See HERE and HERE for arguments along these lines. I have argued, though, that certain bloodlines are real and, that it’s these **‘nephilim archon spook’ bloodlines who control the flow of civilization upon the earth. One of the major cards in the bloodline deck today is Don Drumpf (666) and HERE…

The rape of Eve by Yaldabaoth and the archons went through these lines: Cain>Kenite>Canaanite>Edomites>Idmeans>Pharisees>Rabbis>Jews…

I’ve suggested that the Donald is from the Scottish line that were the remnants of the Knights Templar who ended up in Scotland after their alleged persecution and that these bloodlines were descended from the Roman Elites who were interbred with Egyptian/Phoenician Elites. This goes back to the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago and this is one of the reasons those two numbers are so important to these ELItes today. But very few understand that Judaism as we know it was invented/created shortly after the 18th dynasty and was the ‘borrowing’ of Egyptian spirituality to suit the agendas of the Semitic branch of those bloodlines. In my view and research the stories from Abraham to Moses occurred in FOUR generations during the 18th dynasty. See Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality.

As a Christian Gnostic, I’m not buying the religious fervor surrounding Trump by Zionists and Christian Zionists (and Islamicists) that is very akin to the fervor surrounding the supposed Messiah Sabbatai Zevi in 1666–what I’ve come to call the ‘carnival barker religious grift show’. This is more manipulation and neuroticism embedded within civilizational dialectics and endless false dichotomies. My sense is that it will be well to the end of this century before Mr. O(M)NECORP makes his appearance on the world stage. I say this because the Bible and Koran are false and are creations of the money-master cartels which are the property of what Christian Gnostics call the ARCHONS. The chief archon was known as Yaldabaoth the demiurge and it was a liar from its Genesis therefore its religions are lies also. But these books are used to engineer civilization over time. So although the books are false they can be used by the archons to ‘come true’ but not in any of the ways associated with the three primary cults they created–we’ve seen century after century how these 3-cults have manipulated humanity via false prophecy–a manipulation rife with bloodshed and murder.

NOTE*: see THIS video where Tsarion talks about Solomon’s temple with its concomitant sexual symbolism.

The Egyptian Temple:

From Astle’s, The Babylonian Woe:

It had come to be the silver injected into circulation by private persons, who by then, in reality, if not so far as went general appearances, through manipulation of that inverted pyramid of ledger credit page entry money erected on the silver they claimed to hold in reserve, as apex, had now completely usurped the essential power of the temple: the creation and allocation of the unit of exchange. 

Thus the total design of the city which derived from the power of rejection or preferment formerly exercised through the money creative powers of the god through king and priesthood fell into their hands, whereas in earlier days a devoted priesthood exercised its prerogative of preferment through money creation, towards the people living a god-ordered and pious life, each man in harmony with his neighbours, (57) those new international forces that now exercised the reality of such rule from the counting houses, contemptuous of all kingly and godly power as undoubtedly they were, but still needing such power as front behind which they might shelter in order to better pursue their nefarious purposes, spread hate and suspicion, each man of his brother.

Secretly promoting the concept of “Permanent Revolution” as being most suited towards the maintenance of their control, no sooner did stable and natural god-ordered government come again, then, feverishly digging at its roots, they tore it down. Out of break-up of family and home, out of lust and drunkenness, out of the people living in disorder, and love giving way to hate, they throve. 

Where they saw signs of nobility and natural aristocracy in living and thought, returning, financial preferment was automatically withdrawn… He who was consumed with animal desires and ignobility of purpose was their man and eagerly their slave, and willing betrayer of his brethren into what was planned for them by his master.

Even though certain priesthood continued to maintain vigorous temple organizations long after the international control came about such as was exercised by the great Babylonian financial houses, it may safely be assumed that such temple organizations continued to exist only on account of their deference to these new controllers of international exchanges… 

In a similar manner did the Egyptian priesthood defer to the power of Joseph as Vizier to the Pharaoh; as a result of which, while all other lands in Egypt were expropriated and returned to State ownership and administration, its lands, such as appertained to the temples, were not touched in any way. (58)

Thus was a corrupted and short-sighted priesthood brought to acquiesce in the enthronement of its enemies, and the enemies of the god it represented. 

For Joseph clearly was agent of an external Money Power, and while the Pharaoh leaned on him, he and that force behind him were clearly the rulers… de facto if not de jure, they were in the place of the Pharaoh…


NOTE**: I mean ‘fallen ruling (spook) agents of chaos’. SPOOK: political, economic, and religious agents who usually gain their income from the many alphabet agencies the world over. These agencies are branches of the usurious banking cartels that rule the earth.

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