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I guess this was inevitable. I have mentioned him before in part 1 of my Conservative Critique of Capitalism series linked HERE..

I’m addressing his talk in this video. Wiki says he was part of the new atheist movement so this is a rather odd setting. Likely the enemy of my enemy is my friend situation although it’s true some people have honest worldview changes throughout their life. I shall not comment on his inner motivations.

The first thing I want to draw your attention to in the video is the symbolism. The Lion couldn’t be more obvious but much more subtle is the shield which always represents the Serpents Tongue within spirituality; we also have the crown. So this is as perfect a depiction one will find of Yaldabaoth who was always depicted as part serpent and part lion. Of course, Yaldabaoth IS the King Of This Earth. Yaldabaoth IS the false Christ who creates every manner of distortion and mimicry of the Living Aeon Christ. It is Yaldabaoth who will eventually personify as Israel’s Messiah.

The distortion, in this case, is a renewal of events in Germany in the 20’s and 30’s happening today in (T)A MERI KA– which, as I’ve pointed out many times now, means– Egypt’s spirit. It’s why the Egyptian obelisk sits in D.C. and why the all seeing eye of Re is on the American dollar. See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog. In America today the Jews hold extraordinary levers of power in every place that matters– whether politics, finance, courts, big pharma, media, sports, entertainment, etc., and I say this as a reference to matter of FACTS. I’m not saying anything in this regard that isn’t 100% true and provable. More controversial is the demographic in Germany mid-century which I would argue was the same– as far as who held most of the levers of power. Upping the ante on the controversy is the idea that some semitic people have been rulers throughout history–the descendants of the semitic branches of the 18th dynasty. You can check out the writings of Miles Mathis in this regard as no one has documented this better. And no, I’m not sure where the fakery ends but there’s enough of it happening to be of genuine concern.

The same dynamics that were within Germany between different socialist schools of political theory are front and centre in America today. Lindsay’s diatribe in the video against Marx is no different than the arguments that happened in Germany during the 20th century. In this video the critique is from a platform that can only correctly be described as Christian Fascist. So it’s a replay of *fascist and socialist ideological antipathies that happened in Germany. People should muse on what I’m suggesting here rather than dismiss in total what I’m saying. If it’s true this century is now on repeat mode ( it is) then we should be able to gauge what worked and what didn’t when it comes to countering the oligarchs. Did labour succeed in the 20th century? Hardly. They were infiltrated on every level and by late-capitalism’s neoliberalism everyone was atomized into self-employed islands with a population of one–this group couldn’t organize a tea party of two for a resistance! Did National Socialism succeed? Hardly, it looks like a dismal failure unless viewed from the ethno-nationalist state of Israel in 1948–a strange victorious inheritance indeed! I concede I’m pessimistic as those were the days where we had a chance but we were outmanoeuvred and outplayed on the civilizational chessboard in that century–dismally so. I’d also argue that the pen is no longer mightier than the sword with the oligarchs now having complete control of the algorithms. Combined that with anti-christ being wholly acceptable by the tribe juxtaposed to the ultimate crime of critiquing jewish power and politics. In my view, the creation of the Nazi’s was a pre-emptive strike against the universal truth of Christian Gnosticism that is now once again arisen upon the earth in voices like mine and the tribe KNOWS we are peaceful loving people and it’s not possible for them to refute the truth of christian gnosticism so they have backwashed and made us guilty by wrongful association –the all critique of Judaism is Nazi trope.

As a Christian Gnostic, I’ve done many blogs critiquing materialism and Marx’s economic and political ideology. The difference between myself and Lindsay is twofold in that I’m not a materialist or atheist (is he?) and I in no way support fascist ideologies. It was the Roman Church that turned a Republic into a crumbling fascist empire and made surfs out of Christian’s while blocking them from direct access to scripture so they wouldn’t and couldn’t get direct access to the corrupt nature of Yahweh and Judaism. The only difference between that initial roman church and the American church is that the American one is in outright denial about the nature of Yahweh; although, as the video shows, it’s every bit as fascist. It’s true, though, that the RCC protected the character of Yahweh and they did that, in part, by murdering the Gnostics and the Marcionite’s–this is evidence, in my view, that semites involved in the creation of the RCC KNEW what they were doing and WHY! They also acted as proxies looting Egypt and decimating knowledge held in Alexandria; although Caesar, in my opinion, might have had reason to destroy the knowledge held in Alexandria if he was inkahoots with Cleopatra about hiding the truth about the 18th dynasty and the roots of Judaism–Abraham to Moses being 4-generations within the 18th dynasty.

Okay, tangents aside, the primary point I’d like to make surrounds the question of How Shall We Live? And in this context the question is aimed at Christendom. But first, I have always understood the futility of my arguments towards Christendom as they will dismiss everything I say and would prefer to murder me for calling Yahweh the devil (while embracing predatorial usurious economics). But Truth, writ large, is buried within Christianity so that’s why I bother. Lindsay, and American Christians in general, believe fascism and usury is the proper answer to the question of how christians should live! They rant endlessly about Marx while embracing fascist ideology in economics! Let me assure you, the money-lending cartels LOVE this type of critique as it’s embedded within a false dichotomy (civilizational dialectics) and dismisses or never critiques predatory and usurious economics! In my opinion, it’s an intentional ‘missing of the mark’.

The truth is that Christians, no matter where and when they have lived, should not have moved beyond a simple agrarian lifestyle within small agora type communities. So small C conservatism and capitalism is as far as Christendom should have gone. Certainly, american usurious capitalism is the antithesis of any sane christian economics, so it’s no surprise it’s once again morphing into christian fascism–rotten roots produce rotten fruit. I would agree that there are still tiny islands of sane christian economics like The Amish. There are even the odd few like Anthony Migchels who understand that cap/com is a dialectic of the tribe. Oh, yes, Canaan (ADA) now has another Pierre extolling the efficacy of Bitcoin as the solution to the New Agora for the right. More dismal ponzi scheme shilling, I think, and another replicating of the small C resistance 100-years ago covered in this series that failed dismally. Predatory usurious economics 99… decent loving christian alternatives to the tribes economic mind in the last 100-years 1…Outscored and outplayed in every way imaginable. See a video linked HERE called A Libertarian Distopia where the female video maker correctly documents the insanity of crypto. And yes, she can be correct about that and totally wrong in her metaphysical beliefs and, of course, as a christian gnostic she IS wrong about what she believes about metaphysics, in my opinion. My vlog on crypto called Re-Imagining The Penny.

NOTE*: This blog is not a treatise on the meanings of communism, fascism, and neoliberalism. A bit more detail there and I cough up some solutions for Christendom in that blog so I won’t repeat them here.

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