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This is as fine a synopsis one will find on Russia today. At some point I’ll blog on Keith Woods but not now.

*But first I’ll link THIS book by Douglas Reed, called The Controversy Of Zion My blog on Reed HERE ). It’s critical to understanding what is happening on earth today. Dugin’s philosophy can’t be understood correctly unless this book is understood. This knowledge was becoming commonplace about 100-years ago but wars and a pandemic buried these understandings in the 20th century which was a production of FOX…Maybe you can see the utility of wars and pandemic for the religious oligarchs after reading it. I’ll do a separate blog on it shortly. But this quote from the book for now:

Where does responsibility lie between those who incite to a deed and those who commit it? If the answer is that the greater and final responsibility lies with the perpetrator, then the verdict of history is incontestably, though strangely, that responsibility for the heresy of Judaism lies with the Gentiles, who from the time of the Persian kings to this century have done the bidding of the sect that devised it.


Dugin, in brief, is critiquing liberalism and capitalism and its controlled opposition Marxism. I’ve been doing the same thing for much of my adult life. See the INTRO write-up on my youtube homepage in that regard. Okay, feel free to ignore my poor video making skills and focus on the points in my writing. See THIS blog on James Lindsay that has all the links to this series.

The ‘secular christianity’ of the west, with it’s predatory usurious social darwinism within economics, is one of his primary targets (and one of mine). Again, read the book above for who flipped Christianity and brought this dismal suicidal condition to civilization. So I agree with Dugin that international capitalism in its present structure has to be stopped–it’s simply a matter of who stops it–do you really want the WEF and Klaus Schwab to be the ones to end it? And this isn’t me saying Dugin’s view is the way forward.

One of the primary performative contradictions in economic liberalism is the forced and coercive illiberalism that it must use to function. It’s disrupted every civilization on earth via violence and bloodshed as an avenue of exploiting labor and controlling resources–it sees this bloodshed and violence as progress! And no Keith…the USA is not the core of this poison per se: Jerusalem was when the Levite priesthood created a racist and supremacist creed–read the book above. Moreover, Jerusalem became famous because of Akhenaten (Moses) and Yuya (Joseph) who helped create the Levitical priesthood which had its roots in the city of Egypt called Mallevi. Digression aside, we saw this contradiction blatantly displayed via pandemic economics which wiped out the bottom of the social pyramid on an unprecedented scale while transferring the wealth of the commons and the nations treasuries into the pockets of the oligarchs. In a sickening display of state propaganda the whores in the MSM are now telling us that everything is just fine and that the economy is back to normal! See the documentary HyperNormisation for a schooling on cognitive dissonance! Of course, any sane person who has had their life wiped out and freedom taken away sees this for exactly what it is: manipulative lies of the banking cartels using their state-run media.

International communism and materialist neoliberal economics(zionism) are two sides of the same toxic coin. They both share a progressive view of time; modernity, atheism, they both usurp or pervert spirituality and traditionalism, they are both antagonistic to nationalism and conservative ethics. I’d mention at this point the Orwellian doublespeak of neoliberalism when its politicians say they are defending democracy: what they are defending is their totalizing control over civilization and if one is critical of this plutocracy then one is ‘anti-democratic’ (and anti-semitic). …Again, a sickening abuse of reality within word games. BTW: Keith touches on the Kali-Yuga. Someone, at some point in the those writings, changed the timeframe from millennia to ridiculous notions of extended timelines. In my research, and understanding, the Kali-Yuga is likely based on the ‘cycle-of the precession of the equinox/zodiac’. So, about 25/26,000 years. I suspect the myths of the fall of Atlantis and what is now known as the Younger-Dryas cataclysm was a halfway point in that cycle. But it’s controversial and speculative so I’ll leave it at that. Do your own research. As a christian gnostic, I hold a cyclic view of time and, much like the Egyptians, I hold that we go through endless cycles of creation and destruction here–which has led humanity, in general, to suffer from mass-collective subconscious trauma. My own sense is that the amnesia associated with the reincarnation template is not necessarily associated with this trauma but rather manipulation involved within the moon-matrix reincarnation grid itself–speculative, of course.

I agree that we need a post-secular order but not theocracy. For the most part I share his view about a return to simpler sane ecological living. Will we get any of this? Of course not! Why not? Read the book linked above by Douglas Reed. I do think it’s a mis-naming when the lame-stream-media frames Dugin as far-right. Pretty well everyone is a NAZI according to those on the upper-left-authoritarian-political compass. Of course, those fake leftists up in the green corner are the real Nazi’s…But to be fair they likely interpret from a critique of Heidegger who was associated with the national-socialists in Germany. But he was an existential phenomenologist who rejected Husserl’s idealist views on subjectivity–the essences of the thing in itself (Platos forms). So, in that specific sense, Heidegger was more of a modernist.

Whether we get a compromised return to his meridian zones (multi-polar-politics) will be an interesting thing to watch for but I doubt that it would end up being healthy-a definite maybe. Likely not at all possible within a ‘demiurgic construct’…It will be interesting to see who wins: his view of a culturally instantiated Dasein or whether we get the disembodied trans-world-person interfaced with the A.I. machine. There is also that pesky Messianic view of time. At any rate, I’ve never been fond at all of anything associated with the Phoenix symbolism. In that aspect alone I would reject Dugin.

NOTE*: I have no idea how Reed could fail to see that the Torah is historical fiction and therefore makes Christianity false (in its normative iterations). I’m not sure if he had access to the history of the 18th dynasty which was the root of Judaism as we know it today. So the semitic branches of that dynasty created Judaism based on the spirituality of Egypt. Below is one evidence for this. Pictures of the Egyptian and Jewish temples.

from Mustafa Gadalla’s book.

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