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“In the beginning was the word; and the word was KA$H”

Blogged on easter weekend 2022. I’ll keep adding to this one as time goes by as it’s not yet completed.

Every conclusion arrived at as a result of study of the fragments of information available in respect to money and its creators in the world of the Ancient Civilizations, indicates the existence of a far reaching conspiracy in respect to monetary issuance influencing the progression of man’s history in the earliest times of which written record exists. It is also outstandingly clear that it was parent to that acknowledged and most obvious conspiracy such as exists today. 

Money Power was as busy arming the enemies of the people amongst whom it sojourned, as that people themselves.The Babylonian Woe…

This one should get me deleted! Mr. Reed was one of the most celebrated journalists of his time. His postmortem, The Controversy of Zion is as relevant today as it was mid-century and in it he goes into the depths of the HOW? Although shows like HBO’s Boardwalk Empire are also educational entrances in that regard. From his book:

World War III, if it comes, will be coldly calculated and planned rather than accidental”.

But first I think it fitting to link Miles Mathis’ paper on The Kenosha Fake. At this point all I’ll say is Miles made an error in this one; although I concede he has the brains, but I’ve got the heart and this one was about my blog–see Why The Kenosha Fake? It’s worth noting that Ken translates to Cain so this name is exceedingly problematic specifically within the context of spirituality. It was the Cainite/Kenite gnostics that practiced antinomianism and were responsible for the blackwashing of the gnostic schools in antiquity. And make no mistake about how this Cain lineage is interpreted by the Kabbalist’s and the consequences of a terrible hermeneutic for non-jewish people–see below. It’s the usual flip in that these kainite lines are what I call the ‘nephilim archon spooks’ (forget the giant bs) and they became the semitic-line pharaohs in the 18th dynasty. It’s these folks who ‘own everything’. See THIS link that goes in some detail although I’ll do a separate blog on the book From Cain/KENite To Khazaria. I’m posting the link so anyone can explore the ideas associated with these assertions: Cain/Ken. But, in my view, they all have one thing in common: claims to racial specialness via Yahweh. That should be a huge red flag.

The first thing I’ll say about Reed is that I find it hard to believe he didn’t have access to the information about the 18th dynasty which was the root of Judaism as we know it. He does say, in the book, that he knew there was no evidence for the Exodus as written. But he stops there and doesn’t connect that to the fallacies of Christianity–if the *Torah is wrong (it is) then Christianity (and Islam) are wrong also. My sense, and I could be wrong, is that he was arguing from the perspective of what we would call the culture wars today. I won’t comment on his faith. His concern was always framed as concern for the WEST…So his critiques are incredibly relevant and the tribe has replaced him today with their puppet Jordan Peterson–no one shills more for the west than Peterson, but in the ubiquitous flip tactic of the Phoeni CIA n’s–Peterson has partnered up with the tribe–surprise, surprise.

It’s very much worth noting that both Christianity and Islam have two very important things in common: they both teach submission to a political theocratic authority and they both forbid usury–the former laying the foundation for the coming **Noahide Laws. Coincidence? Wrong answer and the latter wiped out any competition that the Babylonian Woe (international banking cartels) might have had. It’s worth noting that the Armana letters in Egypt during the 18th dynasty suggest that it was the emerging bankers that disrupted thousands of years of stability in Egypt. From Astle’s book:

This serious error brought about finally, not only the collapse of that power through whose medium the god kings were best able to serve their peoples, but also as a further consequence, the collapse and fading of the meaning and benevolent purpose of the god kings themselves.

It seems Akhenaten (likely Moses) and Joseph (likely Yuya) were intimately involved in these shenanigans. It’s this hybrid Semitic/Egyptian bloodline descendants that created Israel and the Torah as we know it. It’s no coincidence that the first mention of anything known as Judaism today happened shortly after the 18th dynasty. It’s also important to mention that the Egyptian side of these pharaohs ended up hating the semitic branches and did everything possible to delete them from the records. The Semitic lines responded by ‘borrowing’ the spirituality of Egypt and making the primary tenets of Kemetism the root of their new religion. And, BTW., by the time this bloodline intersected with Plato’s academy it got the idea to ‘create their own reality and history’ and that appears to be exactly what they did–extending their history far beyond its primary roots in the 18th dynasty. And their Solomon who didn’t exist had 700-wives and concubines! Plato’s academy taught them to bullshit quite well…

As a christian gnostic, I obviously hold alternate views to Mr. Reed. Nonetheless, he details a distinction between certain interpretations in the Torah that could be read as universalist but in contradistinction to the racist supremacy of the Levites who had their roots as priests of Kemetism in the Egyptian city of MalLEVI. It’s this priesthood who left Egypt with Akhenaten and created this toxic iteration that he so correctly describes. He’s the only author I’ve come across that pointed out the ‘high-strangeness’ of Germany’s politics that instantiated core aspects of the religion of the Levites. When I first perceived that many years ago it sent a shock through my whole system but at least now I KNOW I’m not alone in my perception. Read, Palestine: The Reality, by J.M.N. Jeffries linked HERE and ask yourself about the coincidence of the timing of Hitler’s policies which mirror the Levite’s view of supremacy tied to land. What Hitler was doing in Gemarny the Zionists were doing in Palestine. No chance that is a random coincidence. He’s also one of the few that perceived the third reich as working with the zionists in a dialectical gambit with communism to achieve the political and economic goals of the Rabbis (Levites)–partly fulfilled in 1948. I’ve just suggested the same thing in my James Lindsay blog. So it appears the same thing is ongoing today. I guess I differ, though, because I suggest there is absolutely nothing redeeming about Judaism from the perspective of Christian Gnostics–Yahweh is the devil and Jesus was not Jewish. So a certain people are caught is a nasty metaphysical Catch-22. I sympathize with Reform Judaism the most but not because of modernity’s atheism.

Their reaction to that Catch-22, it seems, is documented in the book and describes projects of social engineering wherein the gentiles would be taught atheism framed within reason (the epitome and only appropriate avenue of gentile metaphysics)-the best of the gentiles will submit to the Seven Laws of Noah in the end while the chosenite’s will rule over them with an iron rod–apparently the gentiles will rejoice in this delusion–they will own nothing and be happy. So, basically, suggesting that modern materialist philosophies were not random and were used as tools of societal manipulation. It’s interesting to note, as a point of fact, that most all of the evolutionary theorists were members of the cult of the hidden hand–Freemasonry. Certainly, today, Youtube is ubiquitous with this ongoing project. If this is true the moneylending cartels control both christianity (and islam) and all atheist schools in modernity–hence, the pointless and endless Youtube debates ongoing on their social media owned platforms. A big yawn for us Christian Gnostics. And I’ll cough up that I haven’t come across one of these Youtube atheist channels that has even one iota of skepticism about the virus or pandemic while, of course, all embrace the irrational and non-scientific official stories of 911. Which, by the way, is the first day of the year of the ***Egyptian calendar with the first month called Thoth. Again, see my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog as to why this matters. But the point he makes is that both communism and zionism were materialist/atheist projects directed at the gentiles. This had nothing whatsoever to do with investigating the nature of reality in an open and honest way.

Reed is the first person I’ve come across that suggests the oligarchs only politic and need control the top 20% of the social pyramid. I suggested this in my blogs on neoliberalism (the marketplace as god) and the Pareto distribution. He suggests that they know the lower 80% will consistently split the vote so they only need to focus on manipulating the top 20%. I’ve suggested they manufacture consent there by varying programs of ‘free stuff’ known today as avenues of passive income; and yes, this includes the hyper-speculation on homes–please note this is mostly all unmerited wealth and implemented extensively through the pandemic. It’s also grifters teaching grifting and normalizing this bad economic manipulation. To some degree, and it’s hard to gauge, there is an esoteric aspect to this, which has to do with the story of Adam and Eve and correcting the curse of work. In some sense I could get on board with that if the correction wasn’t premised on grift.

From Reed’s book:

Dr. Weizmann adds that this was “an anticipation of the mandate system”, so that today’s student also learns where the notion of “mandates” was born. The idea of ruling conquered territories under a “mandate” bestowed by a self-proclaimed “league of nations” was devised solely with an eye to Palestine.

If that quote holds today then the pandemic shows they now ‘mandated’ the whole earth.

I don’t share his normative notion on America which I can show means ‘beloved land of Egypt’s spirit’…He suggests that America and, especially Texas, was anti anything to do with Europe. I guess, and I get the argument, but the fact is America was created by these same money-lending cartels. But the narratives must have plausible deniability I guess. A distinction I’d make is that there were, of course, some people in the lower pyramid who felt that way but not so much at the apex of american society.

The simultaneous triumphs of Bolshevism in Moscow and Zionism in London in the same week of 1917 were only in appearance distinct events, the identity of their original source has been shown in an earlier chapter, and the hidden men who promoted Zionism through the Western governments also supported the world-revolution. The two forces fulfilled correlative tenets of the ancient Law: “Pull down and destroy . . . rule over all nations”; the one destroyed in the East and the other secretly ruled in the West.

Got that? You bet…and again, the timing of the Spanish Flu in 1918 (CHAI) is unmistakable. I’ve never heard these conversations/discussions/heated arguments so much in my life as I did in the years leading up to the 2020 pandemic. And Ukraine is being used again in the same way Reed documents in his book. Of course this is still all dismissed as conspiracy theory. My retort is that Judaism isn’t conspiracy theory. And that the **bodycount of antichrist far exceeds that of anti-semitism** in the last 100-years–I mean it isn’t even close so we also have the worst reporting/journalism in history. It appears Orwell was a critic, but Orwell was obviously an insider. I’ve blogged on Orwell HERE…

Reed’s work took him to Germany in the 30’s and he was a personal witness to the Reichstag fire in ’33 (note the #). He eventually quit as it became clear to him that his superiors would not publish his view on German society. Important to note that the zionist agenda was failing in those years as more jews were leaving Palestine than arriving. I suspect, also, like me, he looked around at the top brass in Germany and saw it was populated by the tribe (just like my country today)–and he was too savvy to suffer cognitive dissonance over it. He doesn’t say this per se, however, he does document that Russia was packed with jewish elites. He basically said what I’m seeing today: that the fascist right is a manufactured dialectic. In his own words:

When I resigned in 1938 I had a second reason, not present in 1933, for perplexity about the way the press is conducted. In that matter, too, I could only assume that some infatuation worked to distort the truthful picture of events. The outcome of the ensuing war, however, showed that a powerful motive had lain behind this particular misrepresentation. 

In the case of “the Jewish persecution” in Germany I found that impartial presentation of the facts gradually gave way to so partisan a depictment that the truth was lost. This transformation was effected in three subtle stages. First the persecution of “political opponents and Jews” was reported; then this was imperceptibly amended to “Jews and political opponents”; and at the end the press in general spoke only of “the persecution of Jews”. By this means a false image was projected on to the public mind and the plight of the overwhelming majority of the victims, by this fixing of the spotlight on one group, was lost to sight. The result showed in 1945, when, on the one hand, the persecution of Jews was made the subject of a formal indictment at Nuremberg, and on the other hand half of Europe and all the people in it were abandoned to the selfsame persecution, in which the Jews had shared in **their small proportion to populations everywhere**. 

Reed was only off by a year:

From this moment neither the top-line politicians, if they rebelled, nor the hard-pressed responsible officials had the power to prevent Zionism from planting in Palestine a time-bomb which may yet blow up the second half of the 20th Century. ME: Sept. 11, 2001 was the beginning of the next phase. There was a Ka-Boom that day.

He documents the tactics used in America in the 20th century. Jewish think-tanks took over government policy; mass immigration as a means to destroy cohesiveness ; and total control of all media wherein any critique of what they were up to was met with all kinds of miserable fates.

The point? These ruling elites didn’t rule via supernaturalism; they’ve ruled via control of currency creation. Read Reed’s book and show me where there was any supernaturalism responsible for everything he documents. There wasn’t; they got to rule via the money-power.

I just have to post this from Jeffries book linked above:

The situation of Palestine, in fact, became that of a man whom a benefactor knocks down with a motor-car, so that he may not be able “to stand by himself.” Whereon the benefactor, leaving the car, rushes to uphold the victim and to guide his faltering steps with devotion. This is uncanny as I’ve been saying for nearly 30-years that the oligarchs want Nobel Prizes for calling an ambulance after they break your legs!

And more:

The crux arrives with “civil rights.” What are “civil rights”? All turns on this point. If civil rights remain undefined it is only a mockery to guarantee them. To guarantee anything, and at the same time not to let anyone know what it is, that is Alice in Wonderland legislation. “I guarantee your civil rights,” said the White Queen to Alice in Palestine-land. “Oh, thank you!” said Alice, “what are they, please?” “I’m sure I can’t tell you, my dear,” said the White Queen, “but I’ll guarantee very hard.”

THE QUESTION SHOULD BE ASKED ABOUT CANADA TODAY…The new Palestine for anyone critical of economic crime committed by our governments.

Reed was documenting OUR political clown world theatre today in the 50’s. The last true Republican Nationalist was TAFT. Zion occultism now chooses every candidate .

The prospect which then opened was that if Mr. Eisenhower, instead of Senator Taft, could obtain the party’s nomination, the Republican Party would through him be committed to pursue the Democratic policy of “internationalism” begun by Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman. That, in turn, meant that if the party-leader could be ousted the American elector would be deprived of any genuine choice, for the only man who offered him an alternative, different policy was Senator Taft.

This had been made plain, to the initiated, more than a year before the election by the Republican leader next in importance to Senator Taft, Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York State. Mr. Dewey (who had astonished himself and the country by losing the 1948 presidential election to Mr. Truman, a classic example of the foredoomed failure of the “me too” method) stated, “I am an internationalist. That’s why I am for Eisenhower. Eisenhower is a Republican at heart, but more important than that, he is an internationalist” (Look, Sept. 11, 1951). Among initiates “internationalist” (like “activist” in Zionism) is a keyword, signifying many unavowed things; thus far in our century no avowed “internationalist” in a frontal post has genuinely opposed the advance of Communism, the advance of Zionism, and the world-government project towards which these two forces convergingly lead. Senator Taft, on the other hand, was violently attacked at this time as an “isolationist” (another key-word; it means only that the person attacked believes in national sovereignty and national interest, but it is made to sound bad in the ear of the masses).

Thus Mr. Eisenhower offered himself at the Republican Party convention at Chicago in 1952 in opposition to Senator Taft. I was an eye-witness, through television, and, although no novice, was astonished by the smoothness with
[529] which Senator Taft’s defeat was achieved. This event showed, long before the actual election, that the nomination-mechanism had been so mastered that neither party could even nominate any but a candidate approved by powerful selectors behind the scene. The outcome of the presidential election itself is in these circumstances of relatively little account in America today, nor can the observer picture how the Republic might escape from this occult control. It is not possible for either party to nominate its party-leader, or any other man, unless he has been passed as acceptable to “the internationalists” beforehand.

One of the things that I’d contest in Reed’s book is the assertion that the jews somehow (magically) became the slave advisors to any nation that was in power at any given time. Frankly this sounds like bullshit to me and I’d cough up a Miles saying: ‘how stupid do they think we are?’ Apply Occam’s Razor: they were given privileged positions in host nation-states because murderous thugs agreed that they were obviously gods chosen people or because they held the secret keys to power–MONEY and how to manipulate it. There’s only one correct answer folks! And it may very well be more than that. Search some pictures of Alexander The Great and look closely at his features: Semitic without doubt. And know that the Phoenician script became the Greek script and very much more than that. It’s more likely Alexander got to Jerusalem and said, ‘my god…my bro’s!’…So no need to slaughter there but rather a ‘you’re hired!’…

NOTE*: I don’t see anyway around the Torah being false from our knowledge today unless cosmology and modern physics are wrong (as well as evolution and history). There are syncretists who argue it’s all esoteric code but the bodycount of the big 3 over 3500 years is dismal–so, it makes the esoteric code ideas somewhat indigestible in my view.

NOTE**: civilization is witnessing the dialectic in action today as we have a problem! CIA agents of the moneylending cartels are telling us they identify as fluffy smurfs and want the whole political establishment to annihilate both common sense and sound understanding of societal norms. The solution of course will be brought about by the levite rabbis who will fix this madness via implementing worldwide Noahide Laws. Miles is correct when he says another aspect of these programs is to blackwash true freedom and liberalism (oppression from political tyranny) so as to move the centre to the corporate fascist right. Okay, years in and I still can’t get any atheist to take my Atheist Pledge which asks them to pledge to reject the world messiah if he shows even a hint of ass-holery–which in this blog means any negative views towards the gentiles. And BTW: many schools of Judaism now say this messiah will come in a wholly natural way with no supernatural manifestations. It seems really sketchy to me as the Torah is, at minimum, a treatise on supernaturalism.

NOTE***: This is a conversion date from the Egyptian calendar to the Gregorian. More on this issue HERE. Oh, and interesting to note the astrotheology of 12 from 1933 to 1945 and from our crash of 2008 to the virus of 2020.

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