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” Give a man a fish, a rod, and teach him how to fish!”

On the Universal Basic Income:

It need not be universal but minimum.

A UBI will be a waste of time if inflation isn’t factored in. Also, just giving people money is useless. The UBI should be implemented alongside wealth creation initiatives, and today those initiatives need to be green; it should be implemented with laws banning predatory usury against those making less than $24,000 U.S.; it should be coordinated with tax laws that exempt those under $24,000; it needs to reward and not punish the earning of merited income; these are minimum requirements for this idea not to be a complete and utter failure! I would add, also, that the mindset of the wealthy would need to change, too; as it pertains to those less fortunate! So the UBI ( or something like it) juxtaposed to green education and living practices alongside education about humanity’s human potential. Anything less than this is a waste of time!

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