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OIL! Yup…black gold…middle-eastern tea…

First note that the Jews have never left Palestine in totality. Some were always there. Those that left left because they choose to as they liked life better in gentile countries; just like the jews *in New York today choose to live there as they like it more than the desert country of Israel. So, why ’48, then? When they could have gone to live there anytime they chose?

Well, we have to go back to the latter part of the 19th century to unravel the why of it. By this time it became clear that the internal combustion engine was the future and the future was OIL! And **where was that oil? Abundant in very close proximity to lands associated with their religious story telling.

But first consider that oil is a ‘death-energy’ and when paired with a spiritual interpretation of usury– which understands that usurers make fertile what should be sterile–well, then… both are anti-life in the sense that the environmental consequences of making fertile that which should be sterile is front and centre today via a unsustainable and corrupt economic model–and are part of the death-cult ‘corpse-poration’ that now owns the earth and whose miserable economics causes so much pollution and unnecessary suffering.

John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in 1870. Theodore Herzl initiated ***Zionism shortly thereafter and that is no coincidence when compared to the centuries that went by wherein Israel meant next to nothing to them as far as any desire to return. Linked HERE is a paper on whether the Rockefeller’s are jewish but note the beef of the information is towards the end. And another paper linked HERE. The obfuscation along genetic lines is so treacherous within this specific inquiry that I’ve come not to bother with it too much other than to say The Genes Of Isis… What is a fact is that the Rockefeller’s are internationalist partners with the Rothschilds and both are knights of the mercantile corporate elite babylonian money-system that owns the entire earth. It was the money-lending cartels who linked oil with the usury of paper-money creating what is called the petrol-dollar–so, economic incest to boot. And be sure that the huge profits of the big banks and now oil companies since the ‘Ukraine project’ over two years of pandemic is absolutely not a flukey coincidence. Economic rape and pillaging on a grotesque scale. Another paper by Miles HERE where is goes into more detail on these themes.

No one questions the motivations of Lord Balfour or Lloyd George or for that matter Dr. Chaim Weizmann. I guess it’s unthinkable to think that their motivations were an attempt to muscle in on the nascent petroleum industry in the middle-east. All one would have to do is look at the behavioural history of corporations like The British East India Company to see that that is exactly their footprint and mode of operation. If there was a new burgeoning resource to be exploited they were all in like Aces and Eights! See my The Chief CEO Of O(M)NICORP linked below under one-world-money as god-empire which is another way of framing the marketplace as god…

There may be other reasons but they are more esoteric and deal with alternate theories about what is happening on this earth. But first one simple materialist explanation: the elite of the elite who call the civilizational shots have simply gone insane via generational inbreeding–they are now a literal world mafia and have their own narratives as to why. Not my view but it’s possible.

One of the E.T. theories that is interesting is the Atlantean one that links the Jews to a hybrid alien race that was stranded on earth via a cataclysm about 12,000 years ago. Apparently they lost their technology and the whole of modern history since then is the quest to regain technology and the story goes that gold and money were fundamental to this quest. They view the indigenous populations of the earth as inferior and deem them no more than slaves. Not my view but not impossible either. It would explain the Torah though.

And my Christian Gnostic take on this. We are dealing with esoteric occultists who work, in part, via astrotheology. We have or are about to enter the sun sign of Aquarius and that is a big part of why now. Understand that the sun is seen as the demiurge by Christian Gnostics but they see it as a symbol of the ALL. It is not! So now is the time to build the Sun and Moon temple once again (Solomon). See my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog and The Egyptian Foundations Of Gnostic Thought.

Sept. 11, 2001 was a part of this as that date is the first day of the year in the old Egyptian calendar when converted to the Gregorian one. The first month is known as Thoth. Sept. 11, 1941 was the day they started building the Pentagon which is designed from the Pentagram which is the symbol for Venus which represents their Luciferian view of Christ. The fifth star sign is Leo which is another marker for the demiurge (5-star-signs after the astronomical new year in March). It’s no accident that Cleopatra’s needle was moved to St. PTAH (Peter’s) Sq. in Rome. And her name has the lion and demiurge build into it. The other primary Egyptian obelisk sits in Washington D.C. Surprise, surprise. From 1948 to 2001 is 1-degree of precession of the equinox.

Egyptian sun and moon temple:

NOTE*: there might be a political reason that jews decided to stay in gentile countries on masse: so as to have undue influence in host country elections. So this love of the gentile country might not be as innocent as portrayed. Certainly Douglas Reed documents this beyond any reasonable doubt when it comes to the West.

NOTE**: it’s true there is oil all around the world; although that may, in part, explain one aspect of political zionism, which exists in so many foreign countries. There are those who would argue that Islam owns the oil but I would counter by suggesting that at the top of some of those very important oil pyramids are alliances between Zionists and The House Of Saudi-Arabia. If Christianity and Islam are long term civilizational dialectics (I believe they are) then all might not be as it appears in Jewish/Muslim relations. I’m in no way saying there are not antagonisms there; there clearly are, but not so much at the top of the pyramid, if this view is true and, I believe it is to some degree. How religion was used as a cover for these money-masters isn’t over with yet as their religious projects are tied into consent for the one-world-money as god-empire. Any, yes…I’d reject the silly retort of ‘Israel doesn’t have oil’. That is completely missing the mark of what I’m suggesting here.

NOTE***: Zion etymology comes from the Egyptian Zi which means great desert city and On which was Heliopolis. Parking some more thoughts on Rockefeller here. From the Christian Gnostic view both he and his wife have the archon EL in the name signifying Canaanite roots. He has the Egyptian obelisk as his tombstone so these combined point to what I’m saying about the 18th dynasty. His supposed Christianity is of the kind that was completely co-opted by jewish interests by his time and he continued that charade by advocating economic darwinism. What god was good to him wouldn’t be a given from the view of Christian Gnosticism.

On the Nephilim. I consider the Books Of Enoch and such as misdirection fan-fiction. Any Judiac view of the Nephilim that espouses the literal Exodus and Noah myths as told in the Torah are suspect and should not be trusted. The Christian Gnostic view is that the hybrids were the result of the rape of Eve by Yaldabaoth and its archons. And yes, if this happened, it happened on a parallel earth and what happened there created this more dense and corrupted earth. That speculation aside, it was the archon offspring of Eve that went through Cain/Kenite/ Canaanites/Edomites/Idumeans/Pharisees/Rabbis/Jews who ended up as the royal houses that control civilization today and that lineage passed through the 18th dynasty in Egypt 33-centuries ago. A note here, too, that the Anglo-Saxon ‘we are the true Israel Christians’ who worship the evil Yahweh (the political war god of Israel) is more misdirection.

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