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This analogy won’t be a perfect fit although I hope it’s close enough and helps enough to understand what is happening on earth today. It is an alternative gnostic metaphysics, but I believe it to be accurate; although the degree of its accuracy is extraordinarily difficult to gauge. The Hylic Materialists who control the earth today call it woo-woo, but we could counter by calling their ideas poo-poo. An interesting question in that specific regard is how can we have the technology we have juxtaposed to extraordinary intentional deception within the inquiry of the nature of reality and metaphysics? I won’t tackle this issue here but put the question out there for the time being for anyone to muse on. See below for a few pennies of mine on this one.

To understand this one has to imagine our sun personified! That in ways unknown to us, from a metaphysical standpoint, the sun is somehow able to focus its energies into a person: this person has been historically known as the demiurge. It truly is the life-giver on our earth. But it does not and never did create spirit; in fact, it was through spirit that the sun came to be. And this is the crux of the issue and the cause of all metaphysical mayhem on this earth. This might not be as bizarre as it sounds. See THIS blog on Samkyha where it goes into detail of how mind is embedded and instantiated within the material demiurgic construct so there is no need for metaphysical magic here. It’s also been my experience in regards to panpsychism–that mind is embedded within this universe and not foreign to it per se…Please people, get to know the distinction between mind and spirit.

The demiurge presents itself as the creator of spirit even though it knows it is not! Through material processes it is the god of life (chai/eros) on this earth and in that regard it does have its own awesomeness but it is not the true god of spirit. There are those who would say it is the final gatekeeper of this construct when it comes to human souls and no one can pass through the mind-matrix until perfected— although this is not my view I concede the possibility. This reincarnation template is somehow intertwined with the Moon and Saturn. So we have this tripartite soul administration construct. This, in my view, could be interpreted as one way to view the metaphysics of ancient Egypt with its 3-primary schools in Heliopolis, Thebes, and Memphis, each having a tripartite structure within emanation cosmology. The link is a later Christian gnostic view of the demiurge. A note on it: it says the rape of Eve brought about the good Yahweh and the not so good Elohim; hidden as Abel and Cain by ole Yaldy. I don’t think so. But it’s a tad redundant as Yahweh as Abel is murdered anyway and Seth and his lineage are the ones who carry the true gnosis and who are at enmity with the lines of Cain.

The Christian Gnostics were influenced by the Egyptian schools and called the demiurge IAO which is a Greek translation of YHWH. *IAO was the personification of the moon in some Egyptian schools and links to Osiris. It is Osiris who oversees the reincarnation template and this links to Thanatos. The Egyptians did not view the demiurge as evil and Egypt is the Greek rendition of PTAH. But I agree with the Christian Gnostics that this demiurge is only the god of the material world and not the root and ground of spirit. My view is that there were early Christians who were going (((WFT))) when it came to what is now known as The Jewish Question. They would have seen that many of those Yahwehites were holding top positions in any country they lived in and, more importantly; it was much more known in those times about what happened in the 18th dynasty and that the Exodus story of Hebrew slavery was simply not true–to the degree that the Rabbis insisted it was true in their writings. It’s curious that no version of god of the Torah (there are many different assertions) listed the exact names or dates of the Pharaohs. Combine that with blatant contradictions between Yahweh and Christ–an eye for an eye compared to turn the other cheek–which argues for the christian gnostic view that the gods are authors of metaphysical mayhem. This is the only TRUE GNOSIS

But things get really obfuscated from there because of the nastiest divorce between royals in history that happened during the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago in Egypt. A Phoenician/Canaanite line married into the Egyptian line and eventually birthed the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten (aCAIN/KENaten). It was Akhenaten’s Aten cult worshippers of the demiurge who created Judaism as we’ve come to know it. Although later family members within the Levite sect, who had their roots in Egypt, altered their Egyptian cosmology to suit their nascent version of Egyptian/Phoenician spirituality–Judaism as we’ve come to know it with its racist supremacy. It’s these people who eventually became Judah albeit with their own ethno addition from its historic roots in Egypt. Of course the Rabbis will counter by saying that their god isn’t the sun. And it might be true that they eventually got there but that wouldn’t alter the initial roots of their religion which is Egyptian. But even there they still borrowed the original monotheism of the spirituality of Kemet. The academies are again misdirecting by wrongfully asserting that the religion of Egypt was polytheist. In another ironic twist it was the Phoenicians and Canaanites who were the real polytheists until they married into the Pharaohs and were taught Kemetism–monotheism.

From Gadalla

But this story gets further complicated and much more difficult to believe because a major part of it involves some kind of interaction between indigenous humans on earth and some type of non-human archon. These are what I’ve come to call nephlim-archon-spooks and make no mistake about it: they are as influential today as they were in antiquity. In my view and research these lines came from the rape of Eve who birthed Cain, who became the Kenites, who became the Canaanites, who became the Edomites, who became the Idmeans, who became the Pharisees, who became the Rabbis and Jews of today. The Ashkenazi line has the KEN/CAIN which in fact leads to NAZI which is totally consistent with the Torahs racial supremacy teachings. But I don’t think this initial Fall Of Eve happened on this density earth; it happened on a higher density but still material earth which caused it to fall further into material existence–this is, of course, speculative, but it is the earth we now live on. It’s consistent to think that our sun also existed on this higher-dimensional but still physical solar system.

This idea of nephilim-archon-spooks was very prevalent during the axial age and many truly did believe that their rulers were of the gods and many of those who believed that believed that these gods were not at all nice or kind to humans. I share this view today with my early christian gnostic ancestors. Of course, there are at least two primary groups who will dispute this although Islam would be a third. I’ll only address Judaism and Christianity. Both are revealed religions via overt supernaturalism which means the gods interacted and demonstrated their reality by performing astonishing acts in public. But there is a HUGE problem here! The revelations all contradict each other and that includes Islam! So the gods are lying about some very substantial issues and to top off that cluster*&%^ they have also, it seems, disappeared! And this disappearance also contradicts their claims that they are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow–and that they deal with humanity via reason! Their disappearance within an open public sphere is also an irrationality by their own standards! To the christian gnostics this one is easy: the gods are liars and masters of deception!

The truth is that there is little to no evidence for the claims of the Torah before the 18th dynasty 33-centuries ago. Oh, yes, the Phoenicians and Canaanites were in Mesopotamia–we wouldn’t dispute that- but there is no evidence for the likes of Abraham, Nimrod, Moses and the rest of these merrymakers who were, in my opinion, invented by the Rabbis during their sojourn in Greece via the coaching of Plato and his crew who simply told them to make poop-up–what Tsarion calls ‘the myth-mongers’…And that appears to be exactly what they did. Now I hear Christians **like Herbert Armstrong arguing back saying that the Babylonian trinity came from Nimrod and Egypt. Well, it certainly had roots in the Egyptian schools and the idea of father, mother, son, aligns far more consistently with lived reality than the Father/Son/Holy Spirit which seems all too unnatural (Gay) by any lived experience. They say the coherent trinity of the Egyptians came from the wife of Nimrod…Semiramis. But there is no evidence for this so they argue from circular fallacy–it’s true because the Bible says it’s true. Christians like Armstrong were Masonic puppets continuing the lie within 33,000 sects they created in modernity all of which promote wrongfully that Yahweh is the Father of Christ–these projects were the continuation of this foundational lie started by the RCC at the time of Constantine who was obviously from these peerage lines. Nothing could be further from the truth for the christian gnostics. But Christians have a bigger problem. They say Jesus is a part of a Trinity and the Son of Yahweh. So why didn’t Jesus just tell Moses that he was one in three? It’s not like Moses wouldn’t have understood the concept of 3-gods as this idea was foundational in all the Egyptian schools so he would have known this without a doubt–it wouldn’t have been difficult to grasp the concept–The Ennead. This trashes the whole Christian narrative in my view and that is beside the likelihood that Moses was actually an Egyptian pharaoh himself and didn’t exist in the way presented in the Torah.

Nope, Roman Christianity is the spirituality of Egypt reinvented by the Rabbis as a means of population control. I have many blogs on this civilizational dialectic and I’ll link two HERE and HERE. Also see the writing of Miles Mathis where he goes into detail of how the Jews WERE the ruling elite: AKA…the elite pharaohs from the semitic branches. Their god is world finance! And they rule the earth today as they have for millennia and the internet was going to blow the lid of of these truths so they had to implement 911 and the plandemic as a way to navigate the shutting down of this knowledge. The bankster’s will use the false teachings of Judaism to implement the final imprisonment of the indigenous populations of the earth. And Christianity and Islam will cheerlead for these crimes against humanity. Pathetic!

For the record: Christ is the spirit of truth. The demiurge as presented by the Pharaoh Phoenicians is the spirit of lies. The whole world today is embedded within a matrix of lies and deception brought about by those bloodlines.

COMPLEXITY! That is the big issue. The more complex things get the more opportunity for non-stop endless bullshit. Two people can agree on simple things like when they are both soaking wet from rain outside. But technology introduced levels of complexity that always should have been juxtaposed with integrity. The worst system in the world to combine technology and integrity is capitalism and this isn’t an argument for communism. The tragedy today is we have the exact opposite of integrity and that won’t be fixed by the Noahide Laws.

NOTE**: It’s this linking of IOA as Moon/Osiris that eventually morphed into IOA/Osiris/Horus which became the template for Yahweh and his son Jesus under Egyptian/Roman Christianity.

NOTE**: Armstrong coughs up the same b.s. in the linked piece stating Moses wrote the Torah. There you go…A Mason through and through repeating the same lies as Constantine. Although he’s one of those copycat christians who think Jesus is Yahweh. Jesus might have had the decency to tell the jews that but I guess 3300 years wasn’t enough time to do so. Oh vey…He was right that the RCC recreated the trinity of Memphis but gets it soooooo wrong as to why.

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