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‘’tis not the type of dystopia I had hoped for’…anonymous treeslayer.

That from a person lamenting the lack of legal redress that is now unavailable in communist kanada. It appears no one is allowed to sue for damages when it comes to anything to do with lousy governance. I share his lament.

Although this one could easily be named More On Miles Mathis. My first blog on him HERE.

Along with the lack of ability to now sue for damages in this country, we also have the inability to differentiate hippies from nazis! Any criticism of jewish power, politics, economics, and over-representation in the most important spheres of influence in non-Israel countries makes one a Nazi! Imagine that! Peace-loving hippies who only want truth, beauty, and justice (goodness) are now Nazis according to the ADL and anything else to do with The Jewish Question. Yes, that is the insane clown world we now live in. And this is getting more problematic by the hour. It’s perfectly acceptable to believe men walked with dinosaurs about 6000 years ago (you won’t be incarcerated for believing that) but if one questions the reporting of body counts between 1940 and 1945 one can be put in jail–disgusting. In my research, the Christian body-count far exceeds those of Jews–50 Million Russian Christians alone were murdered by the Jewish Marxists.

Linked HERE a paper wherein Miles goes after *Jan Irvin and a few others. It’s linked here as he covers some ground on gnosticism. I agree that the term was coined in modernity– as he cites. But I was born a true GNOSTIC! From an incredibly early age, I was aware that there was something terribly wrong with this place. Of course, I couldn’t define it but it permeated my decision making. I KNEW school was a scam–the system as it existed when I was in it–my early years were at Stanley Road public! It’s also why I chose to stay out of the academies! I KNEW they were peddling dishonesty–at UBC there is a sign at central that says, The Commons Way, or something or other, but nothing could be further from the truth from this privatized, corporate-for-private-interest-institution. I also KNEW that religion was B.S. from a young age; oh yes, I had read all the major books by my early 20’s and, I even did a short stint in the Vineyard-type churches and KNEW they were a front/project. It did take until my mid-30s to come across definitive gnostic ideas specifically related to the god of the Torah and anti-cosmicism. The singer from the band JARA introduced me to these ideas although I now know he was likely involved in the Kabbalist schools that I’ve come to disagree with.

Here’s the deal with true Christian Gnostics: we don’t hate anyone; what we strongly dislike is anything that resembles a Ponzi Scheme when it comes to economics. So today we have avenues of endless critique when it comes to predatory usurious economics modelled on casinos, cons, and the manipulation of algorithms, and no more so than when it comes to the idea of Tikkun. But all it would take to alleviate our criticism is the implementation of a HEALTHY Jubilee! The last thing we’ll get, of course, and it’s worth asking why that is. Miles is documenting that it’s because an elite peerage has likely gone insane from inbreeding and is raping the reward pool of the commons. I agree for the most part. My only question is, then…is where are the Furies? His spirituality often involves the Muses, but if even a tenth of what he’s documenting is right, then I would say the Furies are asleep at the wheel.

Search out a video on Bitchute wherein Harry Vox is debating a young Nazi on the issue of the J.Q. This has to be theatre or the kid being interviewed is just young and dumb (relatively). But I don’t believe that. Look at what this kid’s Nazi beliefs mirror: the foundational religious tenets of the Torah. He wants the same thing the Orthodox Jews want: a WALLED separation wherein his white supremacy is protected just like the Jewish Supremacy documented in the Torah. I pointed out in my blog on Douglas Reed that the Nazis were doing in Germany exactly the same thing the Jews were doing in Palestine. The point? In Germany, it was the horror of horrors, but in Israel, ‘they’ve done nothing wrong!’…Of course, Miles has his take on this and it cuts through much of the hazy fog. My point when it comes to this kid’s stance is how successful was his normative take on Germany the first time around. A dismal failure by all rational assessments but for some reason he thinks that that is evidence of how great it will be this time around. Really…you have to choke on laughter. Germany’s economics when it comes to usury during the Reich is mired in obfuscation and from my research, it isn’t as neat and tidy as he suggests.

Diversion aside…I’ve come to agree with Miles that the material universe is real and not a dream and that the foundation of physics is well…PHYSICAL! The crowd goes CRAZY! I’ve also had many of the same intuitive senses towards the people he critiques and Irvin was one of many where I got that ‘911 twitch’. Kastrup, too, and I’ve blogged about this quite a lot and I’ve framed it as the CIA Department Of Spiritual Propaganda. I’ve suggested that this was in reaction to the failed projections of Marx– in the sense he predicted the end of spirituality and that we’d all become materialists living in a communist utopia. So, this was the motivation for the new ‘post-secular’ department–IOWs, when that aspect of the Marxist project failed they implemented this new project–something I’ve also dubbed as the endless B.S. of nephilim archon spooks

On the material universe: see THIS blog and THIS blog. The first one is on Samkhya and the second one is on Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality. It could be argued that both seem to fit the Kemetic idea of Pantheism which I believe was also the view of Spinoza and this is consistent IF Judaism was rooted in Kemetism. Samkhya, in the sense that mind is instantiated into the material cosmos: panpsychism–manas and biddhis–the West had Leibniz suggesting the same thing but naming them monads. The religion of the pharaohs was arguably Pantheism (see Gadalla).

And this cosmology is what Miles is suggesting if I’m not missing something–yes, Greek ideas, too. I have no quarrel with it per se. But there are two avenues wherein I argue alternate views: that the material universe is deeply flawed and that it is not the be-all and end-all of existence or cosmology. The second point is sheer speculation as I can’t prove that there is a void that delineates this ‘demiurgic construct’ from a higher reality known as the Pleroma–a type of PANENTHEISM–although my views on this are not mainstream. The first point is easier to parse out but one would have to imagine a better and more advanced reality. From that perspective, this reality is deeply flawed albeit with its own majesties. In my view, this was one of the primary insights of Christian Gnostics along with an intuition that the history documented in the Torah was fabricated. Those two tenets are pure GNOSTICISM! But don’t mind me as I think Clint Eastwood’s, The Gauntlet, is a gnostic fable! Note the EA which is **Enki (Christ) who partners with the whore, played by Sondra Locke, as that is a general view of Mary Magdalene within Christianity, who in this story is (Sophia), and they break through all hell to bust the crime archon lords that sit at the top of the establishment and who rule the corrupted city! Which city? Why Phoenix of course…Does that name ring a bell? And where did the adventure start for the replicant Christ (Samael) and his whored out Sophia (Lilith)? Why the mafia casino of Las Vegas? Got ammo? You bet! Lots and lots of ammo…Nothing to see here folks…

NOTE*: I’ve pointed out that most Christians today conflate the god of the philosophers with the god of revealed religion. I suppose it’s because no one is able to demonstrate supernatural ability so the only tool in their pocket is rhetoric. I have no problem with ‘innocent faith’ and if one wants to believe something it’s fine with me but don’t mix it with bad argumentation. To be fair, it could be some Christians are ‘culture war’ Christians, who are more or less agnostic or atheist but have deep attachments to the idea of the WEST.

NOTE**: mine my writings and look to where I cover TWINS! Yaldabaoth created replicants of the Aeon Christ and Sophia. So The Gauntlet is covering this Kabbalist view of these ‘saviour twins’…

A few finishing thoughts here. I’m not as hostile as Miles is when it comes to Idealism. But I’m a theist so the idea that mind/consciousness is fundamental and primary is coherently consistent– to a point. But what I do detest are spooks who cherry-pick spiritual ideas and promote them because of agendas that are political and economic. I’ve also pointed out that Idealism, if true, doesn’t seem to solve anything! Put the best atheist olympic gymnast in a room with the best non-dual yogi and it will end in a draw as one couldn’t outdo the other in any way that is perceivable or measurable (include quality of life stats). I also pointed this out in my blog on Sam Harris and Rupert Spira. There is no discernible pragmatic lived difference between the atheist Harris and the Spira as God non-dual view. So, again, from a practical and pragmatic point of view, this metaphysical dual ends in a rather meaningless draw. Folks like Morton Tolboll are also pointing out that Idealism is another mirrored philosophy in the sense that it mirrors the reductionism of materialism, and I think I’ve pointed out where he’s correct in that line of thought. I’ve heard Mathis mention ‘the good deed’. To my thinking on spirituality this has to do with The Hall Of Amenti wherein THOTH is the keeper of the Akashic (your deeds) and Osiris/Enki/Christ is the judge. I was a very young kid when I heard Fonzi (Henry Winkler) talk about this ‘feather judgment’ in an interview. Now there’s a Jewish person who knew Judaism is Egyptian spirituality!

I’ll end with this: 

It is clear that the Gnostics appreciated the linguistic reflection of the cosmos into a lower demiurgic realm of false stories and a higher realm of true insight. 

In this study I do not intend to simply posit Egyptian historical antecedence for foundational dualist/emanationist views and leave it at that; rather, I am proposing that a large amount of direct historical connectedness in the lineage of this mode of Egyptian philosophical/theological thought is in fact the case. 

While the physical body belongs to sensible creation, the spiritual elements originate from on high, from the intelligible sphere of cosmic intelligence. When released from the physical, the Ba and Akh (generally, the psyche and pneuma) return to their spiritual originator. A point to be made here is that this special nature of humankind does not come from the demiurge but from the highest theogonic levels of the Creator.39 The special nature of humankind is thus a key element in the rise of later Gnostic sects, for in itself it anticipates the contradiction of higher and lower originations. One has to agree with Iverson in his assessment of this split in terms of its later impact on philosophy: 



Daniel Richard McBride 

A June addition. Two more points on the Mathis inquiry. The truckers convoy in Canada did nothing to alter current fascist trajectories. I said from the beginning that truckers are the backbone of the Globalist Economy. It was all organized via Facebook, too, so that should tell you who organized it. In Canada, the convoy merged perfectly into the Ukraine war and shortly thereafter the doubling of the price of gas. This should tell anyone what this was about especially within the context that the USA convoy did absolutely nothing–expect maybe pissing in the wind.

I agree with Miles that the MIC in modernity has created the police and surveillance state for profit and that they did this through massive fakery making the world seem much worse than it need be. But the key point is that it’s the MILITARY and all its branches that did this so why dies he think THEY are the ones going to offer resistance to these travesties? I’m not getting his reasoning here nor on the truckers.

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