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This enlightenment requires nothing but freedom–and the most innocent of all that may be called “freedom”: freedom to make public use of one’s reason in all matters. Kant…

I guess this one was inevitable. Start HERE with some background on Samkhya and Christian Gnosticism. And on Hinduism.

This is a tough one and it intersects with ideas like Kant’s Noumena or ‘the thing in itself,’ but more so; it’s about the Christian Gnostic view of deception on the metaphysical planes, which means it’s here, too, deception that is.

I’ll cover the claims of ‘spiritual science’ which is sheer New Age baloney and a deceptive contradiction in language.

Firstly, in the Samkhya blog, I was quite sympathetic to the placement of ‘lower mind’ within the material side of the metaphysical dichotomy. I’ve come to call this the ‘demiurgic mind’, and, in my view, it functions in experience via what we call panpsychism. So all things have some sort of proto-sentience and some functional agency. Yes, I’m aware of the combination problem, Mr. Chalmers. I think it was Aurobindo who framed this idea as Involution–the process of spiritual emanation as it manifests downward in material densities. To the Christian Gnostics, Yaldabaoth’s (Demiurge) MIND, was instantiated into material existence and it functions via chaos among other avenues via Archons. I should note that in our cosmology there is an ‘in-between’ plane known as the Kenoma and it’s a chasm that exists between this ‘demiurgic construct’ and what we call the Pleroma. There is disagreement on this issue of course. However, in my view, this is where the ‘a priori’ has its roots and it precedes this demiurgic construct.

I don’t want to get into the aspect of Idealism (everything is mind) but a part of this dissection involves B. Kastrup’s claim that WILL is the ‘thing in itself’. I’ve always said he’s wrong about this, as was Schopenhauer, as it should be obvious that will is clearly an aspect of the phenomenal world. And it’s here we get into the Vedic Purusha. But first this:

To call a philosophy “Idealist”, in the proper understanding of the term, would only be to identify it as attempting to make this distinction between the ideal and the real, and thus attempting to condition all philosophy with epistemology by qualifying knowledge as phenomenological in its basis. Taken from this fantastic paper. To be fair to Schopenhauer, this essay argues that he wasn’t an idealist in the strict sense of the word but rather ‘buffered’ idealism with an empiricist ‘sufficient reason’…

But first it’s necessary to talk about metaphysical claims. If you’ve read my writings you’d know that I’m a critic of modernity and its wrongful fetishization of evolution (a solely biological function involving natural selection) and how this idea has been misused in almost every-way imaginable and no more so than what is called the ‘myth of progress’ (Hegel/Marx/Wilber). I sit in the ‘cyclic camp’ when it comes to time trajectories. The point is that I’m sympathetic to pre-modern modes so to speak. And those stories are filled with what can only be described as supernaturalism. Hmmmm…Houston, we have a problem, Eh?

This is really tricky as I hold idiosyncratic views on the Aeons and the Pleroma and I don’t believe we have direct access to ‘them/it’. There could be many reasons for this but one I find compelling is that they DESPISE this place and have nothing or little to do with it–because they are truly good they allow this place to exist along with its rightful owners (demiurgic archons). Good parents don’t murder their psychopathic children: they fence them in, and this is our metaphysical condition and circumstance. The only exception is the Living Aeon Christ who will make itself known to you if you are ‘worthy’. And believe me, if you practice capitalism and communism and all the coercion, exploitation, and duplicity involved in these systems then you simply don’t qualify for a visit. It’s beyond me how Christians, specifically, think they can break The Golden Rule and practice predatory usurious economics and exploit their fellow Christian for profit and think it’s pure and holy to do is. Sheer DELUSON! And Christians like Chris Hedges are equally delusional when they partner with Marxism. But Hedges, Tiabbi, Martin, sold any remaining parts of their soul on Sept. 12, 2001. And it’s not like they don’t have access to Mark Passio’s correct video on 911, or, the detailed amazing writings of Douglas Reed. So they are without excuse and have partnered with the moneylending cartels who’ve funded Marxist ideology.

So, then…humanity does not have direct access to ‘the thing in itself’…But it is immersed thoroughly within the material demiurgic mind. So what about all the supernatural claims of the Vedas? And the Purusha side of the metaphysical schism? In this blog, I’ll only address the idea of Siddhis, or what is commonly called supernaturalism. I’ve read a ton of the Vedas in my 62-years; although I admit I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I’ve read enough and seen enough of Vedic religion to know they are RIPE with claims of supernaturalism. I’ve even heard many a Rishi claim Jesus was just a third rate parlour magician! So I think my inquiry has warrant. So where are the Siddhis? There *aren’t any as far as any open and public scientific demonstration that addresses the issue in an open and honest way and not within the stupidity and treachery of ‘spiritual science’. What we do have is non-stop quackery and pseudo-science of every imaginable type. And, yes…The Chrism Theory should be the most easily verifiable from the scientific method as it clearly interfaces with the human body. But where are these peer-reviewed studies? No where to be found. No one understands the Cosmos or human anatomy more than the WARDENS that own this place and that gives them unlimited licence to bullshit when it comes to metaphysics. You want out of this place? Stop practicing economic crime which is fully instantiated into the capitalism/communist PSY-OP! This is what the legacy of the Vedas is today: shilling for capitalism.

And, sorry, ladies…as lovely as it is, flashing your enchanting butts and breasts on YouTube in every imaginable yoga contortion for money is not evidence of Siddhis (or metaphysical truth, or enlightenment ). And channels like Spirit Science are nothing but stupidity for money. But those are rather harmless spiritual delusions. The claims and framing of gurus like E.Tolle are much more serious with the potential for massive carnage. He’s not alone, though, as **Mark Passio is another that is suggesting the same thing. They are saying that YOU are unconscious (biddhis) and that if you don’t wake up to their definition you will suffer grievous consequences from their ***Kabbalah–this is spiritual gaslighting! And they assert this dichotomy with absolutely no public demonstration of what a real supernatural Siddhi (Purusha) would look like. This is exceedingly dangerous as they get to play societal judge and jury based on what? Invisibility that won’t demonstrate anything. And they are by no means alone! Many Rabbis claim that the supernatural Messiah of their Torah will now only show up via manipulation of politics and economics (Jewish Power And Politics) via thoroughly natural occurrences. Incredibly dangerous and, in my opinion, extraordinarily duplicitous. But Christian Gnostics would expect this type of gambit.

It would be remiss of me not to cover the Living Aeon Christ in this blog. This is The Spirit Of Truth! It confronted the archons of the demiurge 2000-years ago but the stories about what happed in that time are largely false. Let me assure you: the father Christ talked about is not the Israeli War God Yahweh. It’s the Archons who control that tradition who are incredibly busy lying about evolution, and, are actually ushering in what would best be coined DE-evolution as they want to imprison humanity within a demiurgic A.I. interface. This is spiritual sickness! And they are the ones responsible for the spiritual crimes of the Capitalist/Communist psy-op upon the earth. There is some truth to the nephilim stories when it comes to technology and corruption though. But this happened via the rape of Eve, by the Archons, and not as written in disinformation books like Enoch.

Some thoughts on Ole Schopie the Grouch…It’s difficult to believe he didn’t have access to the ideas of the Christian Gnostics. There are very few that describe the ‘demiurgic construct’ better than he did. So why did he focus on The Vedas instead? He’s presented as an atheist. Some of his major work was published in 1818! It begs the question of whether he was a Spook? It’s difficult to believe that neither Schopenhauer nor Hegel could see Napoleon (note the LEO/demiurge) for what he was: an agent of the BANKSTERS! As incredulous is the idea that Plato couldn’t think of a way to order society that wasn’t Fascist! At what point do reasonable people conclude that these guys were nephilim-archon-spooks?

Chapter SIX at Stanford covers what I’m saying linked HERE. The blind impersonal WILL is the foundation of what I call the ‘demiurgic construct’…Again, it is not the thing in itself.

NOTE*: the only scientific evidence I’ve come across are meditation/brain wave studies done on a limited number of monks. In my view, this is only evidence for the panpsychism of the demiurgic mind. There would have to be demonstrable experiments done on the claims of Siddhis to convince me otherwise. I’d also suggest that it’s a pathetic response from the Vedic schools when juxtaposed to their claims.

NOTE**: Passio is one of the best teachers on all the different schools of anarchy and one can learn much from him in that regard. He is also clear on the Categorical Imperative and understands the travesties and treacheries of moral relativism and utilitarian/consequentialist philosophies. But his teaching on spirituality? Look for the poison in the apple folks!

NOTE***: Kabbalah is Jewish money magic learned in the Babylonian era. I’ll only address their false Messiah (Samael) and The Whore Of Babylon in Christianity: Lilith. It’s these two beings, energies, archetypes, that are fuelling world events today. Samael is Yaldaboath’s Lord Of Death and can mimic the Living Aeon Christ in ways that are uncanny, and Lilith is the replicant of Yaldabaoth’s mother Sophia. It’s she through her Illunimati bloodlines that control the flow of the money empires upon the earth.

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