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Let’s start with a rendering:

It might be just me but I’d say there was some shenanigans with Canaanite woman at some point in this lineage. Check out a pic of Medici and see if he looks Italian. I gotta go with Mathis on this one and say they both look semitic!

So this blog is going to work from the premise that there was/is a hidden Royal Dragon Bloodline upon the earth that descends from the Archons that raped Eve. This line developed through Cain and the Kenite’s and eventually through the Canaanite lines; which eventually merged with Pharaonic Dynasties, and eventually through the Caesars, and on through the Knights Templar and the Merovingian Kings who became the rulers of Europe and the West.

I’ll link THIS historic genealogy as a reference but couldn’t vouch for the accuracy in it. For our purposes I’ll link the part on Constantine who they say was born in 265.

There are many theories along this line of inquiry and I don’t claim to know for certain which one will eventually prove accurate. I’ve argued quite reasonably that Judaism is premised on the religion of Egypt called KMT or Kemetism. This tradition eventually became known as Hermeticism in the west which is no different than Kabbalism. See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog. I’ve also argued beyond reasonable doubt that Christian Gnosticism had its roots in Egypt. See THIS blog.

The truth about this line of inquiry depends on metaphysics and what is true about that but it can be deconstructed into two primary streams of assertion: Alien E.T. or Angelic intervention. The Alien became prominent in modernity with people like Zecharia Sitchen and his theories on the Anu taken from the Sumerians. This goes to the half-brothers Enki (known as Christ/EA in this theory) and Enlil known as Yahweh in this theory. Hollywood is all over this one which is why I reject it. See movies like Stargate, with Kurt Russell, and see Miles Mathis on who Kurt Russell is. So if they’re promoting it, and they are big-time, then it’s metaphysical disinformation projects. And just for fun: who is KA te Hudson and who did she marry? Why Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. All in the families, eh? *She Talks With Angels, indeed!

So I sit in the Angelic camp. But with a HUGE caveat. That the worlds religions are disinformation projects by what I’ve come to call nephilim archon spooks. I mean by this ‘fallen, ruling, agents of the money-master empires’. These are the descendants of a raped Eve and one can look to M. Tsarion’s, Female Illuminati, series for their lineage upon the earth. A primary point to make here is that these Hebrew lines are Royalty and always have been. They are not the victims: it’s they who’ve ‘directed the flow of civilization’. I should note, at this point, that I side with those who suggest the stories surrounding Adam and Eve happened on a ‘higher-dimensional earth’ and not on this more ‘fallen-density earth’ on any recent timeline here. Wes Penre is a good resource in that regard.

So Constantine was from the families: think of Michael Corleone with a Yarmulke! Was he a direct descendent of the Flavian’s who I believe played a huge part in setting up the civilizational dialectic called Christianity? I think it’s quite likely but we won’t be able to discern the truth of this as its mired in obfuscation. Islam would be another branch of this dialectic and today Israel is engineering the war of Gog and Magog: the clash of civilizations between Christianity (the West) and Islam. Adam Green has this much right. His video on 911 is worth watching as is Mark Passio’s linked HERE.

The truth about Christianity and Constantine? NO ONE can prove what’s true about metaphysics. So the idea that his councils solved the Arian dispute about the nature of Christ is ridiculous. How did they do this? Well, just like today, they used circular reasoning, ‘it’s true because the Bible says it’s true!’ They deny, basically, that their interpretation is in fact a human hermenuetic. Constantine isn’t much different than George Bush or Tony Blair today and if you believe these guys when it comes to metaphysics you’re a fool! It could be that Christ is consubstantial with the Father but it’s equally plausible that Christ is the result of the union of the Father and Mother known as Barbelo to the Christian Gnostics. At least this is a coherent Trinity from the perspective of lived experience compared to Constantine’s Trinity, which seems a tad GAY (all male), which begs the question of whether Constantine was GAY? What say you Miles? The point is that there is no human on earth that could prove such issues. It would be up God/s to openly and publicly reveal what the truth is on these issues and they are no hurry to resolve the debates.

Moreover, I’ve argued many times that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are revealed religions via SUPERNATURAL intervention and that that is a HUGE problem as they all contradict each-other. So the God/s are not being forthright with humanity. If the Christian version of Jesus is true then he could have simply answered Moses by saying he’s Jesus and part of a Trinity. Please, no letter ‘J’ quarrels here, as I’m just making a point. Jesus might have also, at the same time, told Moses that the earth is FLAT (or round) as he would have known what contention this would be about 3300-centuries later saving Professor Dave on BOOtube tons of wasted energy; but no…this chaos in physics was of no concern to the God/s when it comes to solving human quarrels; in fact, it’s almost like they want these quarrels! And at that point, you’ve just arrived on Conspiracy Lane and the home of the Christian Gnostics–the hippies of Christendom.

So who thinks that the Jesus who told Peter to put away his sword is the same one who told Constantine to pick it up and conquer? Really…I’m sure Constantine had the vision but which God gave it to him is certainly disputable.

NOTE*: there are varying theories on angels. I’ll cover a few here. At one point Judaism had a monotheism that asserted that angels do not have freewill (there might still be a few of these Hebrews around). But it soon became problematic as there isn’t much of a way to absolve god from being a Sociopath if this were true. Read the wager in the Book Of Job. It’s disgusting by any rational standard. So eventually they created an alternate view: angels rebelled against God! But why would anyone or anything rebel against something that is truly GOOD and all-powerful? I’m a natural rebel and even I wouldn’t rebel against truly good parents! And if god is all powerful then the idea of rebellion is incoherent. Which brings us to a third option: the god of THIS world (the demiurge) created these archon beings who have been misnamed as the fallen angels. This is my view.

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