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The most the philosophical arguments could prove, Pascal suggests, is the “god of the philosophers” – not the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

I’m writing this one again without referencing the previous blog on this theme; I’m doing this to test my thinking along this line of inquiry. Is it just me? Or are the moneylending scriptwriters of the Abrahamic religions simply poor scriptwriters? Couldn’t their writing teams at least come up with coherent themes?

The first thing one needs to understand is these texts were not written by poor illiterate goat-herder’s whom also don’t become Pharaoh Kings (sorry Hyksos scriptwriters). They were written, by all rational accounts, by teams of Elite propagandists. So the New Testament epistles were written by societal elites who used the books as a type of social engineering–as was Islam. The same is true with the Torah; although anything to do with Judaism will be layered deep in *obsfucation, so it won’t be possible to solve via investigation. But there are hints: like when Alexander got to Jerusalem and decided that his rape and pillaging need not happen there as it was obvious that these people were chosen by the Gods! The things they expect us to believe! Isn’t it more likely that Alexander just came across more relatives? And they play this gambit over and over through the centuries saying it was just obvious that these Jewish peasants were always going to be the advisors to whatever new despot ‘ruled over them’. Notice how has become a top advisor to the world elites!LOL. The point? Peasants don’t council Despots or any other ruler–ever! So the story of Joseph is nonsense! Douglas Reed covers this in his incredible, The Controversy Of Zion. Zion being the name of the Egyptian town called On: known as Heliopolis and means ‘The Great City Of The Desert’…Of course, this is mostly ridiculous and look to the writings of one Miles Mathis for a coherent account of these people that doesn’t turn your brain to Swiss Cheese.

See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog, also…

Okay, to the point. This is basically a critique of the Christian End Time narrative. They say the Devil is the arch-enemy of God. The first point is that this IS NOT the view of Satan in the Torah, or Judaism, so how can these two religions point to the same God? They can’t! The scriptwriters only did what they could to make the square a circle, but it can’t be done. Either Satan is the enemy of the god of the Torah or he’s a servant. You can’t have it both ways. If he’s an enemy of the God of the Torah then he cannot logically promote the Torah or anything to do with it. The Christian Satan would do everything possible to obstruct the God of the Torah if it is what they say it is! But what is this Satan going to do according to Christians? What is this great evil? It’s going to get the whole earth to worship the God Of The Torah! Presumably via the implementation of worldwide Noahide Laws. Is it just me as I’m not seeing a problem here? What kind of Devil is this that wants everyone to worship its arch-enemy/nemesis?

Well, to answer that question we have to go to the early history of Christianity. Although even in the alternate official narratives it’s not common to see an outright skepticism and renunciation of the historicity and foundational premises of Judaism. But I believe it was far more prevalent than we are being told by deceptive academies. The Egyptians certainly would have known that Judaism was false. They would have also easily seen their religion ‘hidden’ within the Torah (see my linked blog above). What is a fact is that the earliest compilation of the New Testament was put together by,** Marcion, and he rightly rejected the God of the Torah as the Father Christ spoke about. Although I don’t think he directly rejected the historicity of the O.T., which likely means he was a SPOOK! Of course, there were many Christian Gnostic sects and, as a Christian Gnostic myself, I simply can’t believe that they would have believed the primary stories of the Torah especially the ones directly related to Egypt.

Christians will say, ‘no, Andrew, the devil will persecute the church!’ Okay, but by your own theories it’s going to use Judaism to do so and I’d suggest that should be the first clue as to who and what the devil is. Maybe a little less theological contortionism is in order? It’s not like there are no competing theories that are substantially more coherent (ahem)…Or, was that an Egyptian AMEN? But even if I concede the point, it makes the whole religion drama about the difference between 3 and 1 and, at that point, I’d suggest the Gods are woefully inept in their communication to humans over basic metaphysical realities (whatever they are). I’ve said many times that Moses, if he existed, would have easily understood the concept of 3 (Trinity) as this was a foundational premise within Egyptian theology. I think Moses might also have understood the difference between Flat or Round, but it appears the God/s were not concerned about human quarrels over physics.

NOTE*: The Khazarian mafia trope written by the CIA’s, A. Koestler, is just another version of this nonsense. It’s just used as a cover story to protect the irrationality and incoherence of the foundational doctrines of the Torah. “it’s not the Torah that is the problem; it’s these fake Hebrews!”

NOTE**: I agree that the Marcionite church is not Gnostic. But they do share the Gnostic view of the Torah God being malevolent. I agree with their mission statement not to take the vaccine as it is the work of evil archons who obviously appear human. Only God knows exactly what they are…My standard for assessing who might be authentic Christian Spiritualists is the degree to which they practice usurious and predatory economics, and BIG ‘C’ capitalism–The Whore Of Babylon and its economic religion of the worship of MONEY. And no, Marxism is also a flagrant violation of ANYTHING to do with authentic Christian Spirituality.

I’m going to tag this A.C.T.S. website at the end of this post. I just surfed upon it and may do a separate blog on it in the future. My first thought? Severe cognitive dissonance but they are not that stupid so they must be moneylending spooks! Do they really think the church in the Book Of Acts would subscribe to Facebook? Delusional! And we get all the usual ‘Judeafication’ of the Christ figure. I’m writing a song right now with the first line being, ‘the old gods are back on earth again’.…And this certainly appears to be the case. Now who is more coherent between the two, IMO.? The Marcionite one by far. I’d bet (although I never do) that the A.C.T.S church members have all taken the Jibby Jab like the good little slaves that they are. On their Theology: they say Jesus Is Yahweh personified and is no part of a Trinity. If this were true it would make even less sense that the Jews rejected him. If it were true Jesus should have easily conveyed that to the Pharisees–drama over. I also don’t see how Satan remains the same in this view. It seems to me that Satan, under this view, becomes the left hand of god–known as Samael in many Judaic schools. So this type of Christianity is none other than Judaism. Why call it Christianity at all then? It would be better framed as New-Judaism. It would be a good idea, too, to mention to the other Hebrews that we are not second class humans to be preyed upon by the moneylenders. Far too much to ask though, eh? Who needs to quibble over such pettiness when one is Chosen?

How does A.C.T.S church not see that the God of the Torah is a monster? See THIS link for a proper assessment of this God although Richard Dawkins has also described it correctly. See my Of Hippies And Nazis blog where I show that genetic theories are ‘mirrored reductionism’…So the Nazi’s, are in fact, no different than the Torah Jews in their ideology and, both miss the point about THIS universe, and its corrupt fallen nature. So both groups are in denial and will never assess reality correctly. Of course Dawkins is in denial in a different way and promotes this ‘material hell’ as the only reality.

There are about 33,000 schisms within Christendom today and add the schisms within Judaism and Islam and we then have an almost endless amount of metaphysical assertions about God. But NO human could prove who or WHAT God is and it’s entirely missing the point, as well as disingenuous, to argue metaphysics from the point of view of any religious book. So the A.C.T.S. church claim about its view of the Trinity is not a coherent argument. The only being that could solve the mystery of its essence (what it is) is God/s and it/they are obviously in no hurry to do so. This in itself is an solid argument for a dishonest god as a GOOD GOD shouldn’t hesitate to hide its nature from humanity. Moreover, we know, from basic decency and common sense, that a GOOD father doesn’t scapegoat its children, nor choose favourites, so on that FACT alone we can reject the A.C.T.S. church. And then there is the issue of destruction. Yahweh said he wouldn’t destroy the earth again at the time of Noah; while also showing little concern for the issue of what happens after humans die, but we find in the N.T. a flip-flop on these issues: in Revelations it’s clear that God decides he must destroy the earth again–along with now punishing forever anyone who doesn’t abide by its irrational dictates.

In my view, the return of religion since 911 is no random accident. It was the MoneyPower who created all these religions and they will have no problem reusing old tropes–and for the same reasons–control of populations.

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