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In some way, you could label me a Neo-Marcionite and I wouldn’t be too upset about it.

I’ll start this one off with something I don’t think Marcion addressed: Physics. If we look at modern physics today, and the people who promote data from their studies in this arena, we would have to conclude: Heliocentrism and the likelihood that we exist via a cosmic fluke–this is the overwhelming consensus over at least 100 years of scientific inquiry. So there is an immediate disconnect with the claims of the Torah.

My studies as a layperson suggest that the overwhelming consensus on the Torah’s cosmology is that it presents some type of stationary-flat-earth model. So there are serious conflicting claims even within the parameters of something we have reasonable access to. If we can’t even agree on things we can see then how much more problematic is the arena of supernaturalism?

Marcion wasn’t a homeless gypsy. Any epistles written in that era were written by societal elites and Marcion was no exception. This means he likely would have had access to most of the cosmological claims of that era from the Greek and Egyptian Schools and likely even from the Vedas. It’s odd to me that he didn’t address this issue so I will. We can assume he rejected Democritus and ‘the atoms in the void’ materialism. It’s also likely he would have sided with Plato over Aristotle. But did he know about Samkhya and the ‘eternal existence’ theory of the universe? Or, did he think there was a beginning? This was likely his view but it’s also likely he viewed TWO ideas within this inquiry: the beginning of the ‘demiurgic construct’ as described in Genesis, and whatever existence his version of Christ’s Father has which precedes the creation account in Genesis. See The Apocryphon Of John.

And…NO! None of these quarrels have been resolved! See the science site of Miles Mathis for another wrench in the wheel! As a Neo-Marcionite I’m adding cosmology to the list of incongruities that is the bloody mess of the abrahamic traditions. But to be fair they haven’t fared much better than the East with the Vedas. Some of the earliest schools were materialist and atheistic and rivaled Hume’s skepticism. It seems no one on earth has been able to solve any of these quarrels and to my thinking that screams ‘Deceptive Demiurge’ although I concede the possibility of fluke random materialism–it’s simply not my view. I think the Demiurge IS the material universe and that its mind is instantiated within it via what we call Panpsychism. And when someone has a psychedelic experience this is what they are accessing: another realm of the demiurgic mind. But this is not the Mind Of Christ that preceded this existence.

I guess what I’m suggesting, to the degree that Marcion wasn’t another intelligence spook of the money masters, is that it’s consistent that physics would be in dispute and not made overwhelmingly clear and concise by a not-so-good demiurge. And then there is the Historicity problem.

No clear and obvious physical evidence for most of the major characters in the Bible and that’s besides the issue of the extraordinarily questionable moral character of most of these actors. If Solomon was WISE he only would have had one wife! But what’s another quibble, eh? And, with all my studies, one of the only ideas that fits the timeline of Jesus is the Docetist view–that he only appeared human. In my view, there was a cosmic drama played out in that era between Christ and Yaldabaoth. Books like The Book Of Judas, allude to it. But the story as it’s written in the Gospels is largely the fiction of elite Hebrew/Roman families like The Flavians who had every reason to twist those events into the story that fit their agenda: make Jesus Jewish and the Son of an (Evil) Yahweh, and make it so everyone has to submit to their politics under the threat of eternal punishment. History proves it was a pretty effective gambit.

I’m totally okay with the idea that reason and logic have epistemological limitations and I’m totally okay with a sincere simple faith in God. But that simple faith can’t include the blatant irrationalisms that exist in some of the Abrahamic traditions. Yahweh’s personal murder count is in the neighborhood of about 2.5-million! Eternal damnation for one finite life mistake is entirely insane! Good parents don’t choose favorites among their siblings as a means of teaching life lessons–only a lousy parent would do such a thing.

The above are some of my additions to Marcion’s stream of spirituality. HERE is a link to his direct writings and HERE and HERE are some previous thoughts on Marcionism.

Oh, yes…I’m forcing myself to read, The Protocols Of The Dumb Elders Of Zion. I wonder what Marcion would have thought about it? The mainstream says it’s fiction, of course, but it’s very strange fiction, indeed, when fiction comes true. On Conspiracy Lane I often quip that Judaism isn’t a conspiracy. Please note, also, that it’s these apparent ‘good guys’ who did (and will do?) all the murdering of the Marcionites and Gnostics.

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