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I’ve recently surfed upon this work. Interesting and erudite, indeed, but I’d hesitate to call it GNOSIS per se. I think a closer naming would be *Christian Mysticism so I wonder why he chose this title. There is NO chance he couldn’t have known this was mysticism. At the very end he does mention true Gnosis but brushes it aside. I’m once again finding the framing of ‘spiritual science’ annoying and anyone familiar with my blog knows I constantly rail against this framing. Call it what it is: premodern speculative metaphysics! There…problem solved! I recently did a blog called, Manas, Biddhis, and Siddhis, and it’s linked, as it relates. In it I asked, ‘where are the siddhis?’ It’s an interesting question within the context of the claim in his book which asserts the human body can transform itself into a light body–commonly referenced as a Rainbow-Body in Buddhism. Ahem…It’s not the first time I’ve covered this ground. I call them nephilim-archon-spooks and they all seem to have the same personality: about equivalent to 20-grit sandpaper—‘you know folks’….They love the word ‘folks’ for some reason. The point is why should anyone think these actors are literally light beings– supposedly enlightened– when it seems more likely that they are spooks?

Okay, I’m really enjoying the read and find the time spent doing so worth it. His metaphysics is an esoteric branch within Eastern Orthodoxy and the first critique is that there is no critical skepticism of the history of the Torah; or a rational analysis of its foundational premises. So it follows there is no critical skepticism of the historicity of the Jesus story. He takes it all verbatim. You see, in doing so, the work becomes the opposite of GNOSIS! He does say that the metaphysics predates Jesus and I’ve no quarrel with that as it sounds remarkably similar to the Vedas! And to Egyptian spirituality known as Kemetism–passed on in the west as Hermeticism. He lists three primary qualities of humans and this is a direct borrowing of the 3-Gunas: Tamas, Rajas, and Sattvic. And, yes…the reincarnation template! Very good…

I can guarantee you that if Boris was alive today he would sound exactly like Tom Campbell of the MBT theory of everything: Simulation Theory. In the book he references the FILM analogy and that is consistent with his era and it’s a good analogy and one I don’t disagree with. But he’d likely upgrade to computer sim if he were writing it today. And that is problematic. See my blog on Angels and Fireworks wherein the Decoded Youtube channel covers ground of the movie Groundhog Day. This is what Boris is suggesting the template is for our existence. I tend to agree with him on this.

Like the Jains he espouses spiritual evolution as it pertains to consciousness. Wilber’s, The Religion Of Tomorrow, covers the same ideas. They both look to an era wherein spiritual adepts will run society in a ‘natural progression’ of social evolution; this will happen, according to them, in the same way the technocrats took over from church dogmatists. Be warned folks, there is a very dark mirror to this idea and it’s called Kabbalah/Judaism. My problem with this line of thinking is analogous to trying a murder case in court based on the crime happening in a past life! This is not a very good idea unless those claiming ‘privileged access’ could publicly demonstrate EXTRA-ordinary abilities. But all we ever get is rhetoric and ever more fanciful video tech from the CIA’s Department Of Spiritual Propaganda. We also get the extraordinarily toxic Israeli Messiah and the Seven Laws Of Noah based on a ghost. Again, talking spiritual lingo (and not publicly demonstrating supernatural ability) and wanted it politicized is a potent toxic cocktail. And then there is the not so tiny issue of assuming consciousness evolves. How does one test or falsify such a claim?

On the universe. I agree with the idea that the universe is a sentient being. But I call it the ‘Demiurgic Construct’. Man, it’s hard to believe this guy didn’t have access to Marcion and other sects that were critical of the Torah. He says he doesn’t see how a perfectly good god could allow this kind of flawed universe but he doesn’t understand the unique qualities that Sophia had/held that were specific to knowledge via gaining experience. This unique characteristic made it so she could commit error: the other Aeons had no such ability. But Orthodoxy consistently dismisses any notions that don’t align with their/its presuppositions. At any rate, yes…causation: the laws of karma and reaping what one sows. Or, the Principle Of Sufficient Reason–Necessity. But is this the template for LOOSH (energy) harvesting for the gods? This seems just as likely from everything I’ve experienced this time around.

This is just one of 100’s of spiritual books that assert all kinds of ‘premodern-science’ within its pages. The Urantia book being another whopper in that regard. One has to wonder if Boris was working from the same scriptwriters that the Urantia book writers were working from (the cult of 33) his was just the sect in the east. …When you’ve read as many of them as I have you begin to see a pattern and it looks awfully close to B.S. And I even say that about our modern academies. Complexity minus Integrity opens the door for endless abuse when it comes to physics. Not to mention our Mensa friends whom have all kinds of trajectories down these ‘imaginary avenues’. True, though: one of these ‘cranks’ could turn out to be correct. By the way, Boris, like many of the spooks in the west, was military–so an agent of the money-lending cartels.

His chapter on the ‘short-cut’ is quite interesting and very much worth reading. He’s saying that certain men and women are destined to find each other and that when they do they can work together to bypass many of the traps and entanglements humans find themselves in. I certainly like the idea. But one has to wonder if Solomon found his true partner within his court of 700-wives and many more concubines. He was supposed to be the wisest man that lived so you’d think he might have been able to ‘radar love’ his ONE AND ONLY….No such luck which begs the question of how the rest of us poor schleps could ever find THE ONE…Well, at least in Hollywood they find each other, right? Neo and Trinity…

Could he be right in his metaphysics? I don’t see how. Although there are aspects of his theories I tend to agree with…But, his foundation is Judaism and, it’s been shown to be false, which doesn’t mean we won’t have to suffer through a worldwide delusion premised on its incredibly stubborn insistence of not letting very bad ideas R.I.P. The ongoing circus surrounding Trump is going to make Zabbatai Zevi look like a third-rate-carnival-barker: fasten your seatbelts, folks, indeed…

NOTE*: he mentions Kabbalah in the book and it wouldn’t be too far off to call his metaphysics Christian Kabbalah. Two points here: our Hebrew friends had full control of Russia by this time so to my thinking he was just another project…Just as likely from my research. The key delineation between mysticism and gnosis is the idea of the demiurge as being the creator of the material world and not the creator of the spiritual worlds: this is true GNOSIS. Mysticism teaches you to become one with material existence but true Gnostics say to avoid that at all possible costs. The god of the material word is a liar and has humans trapped in a reincarnation loop all based on deception. Moreover, when Boris doesn’t distinguish between a Jewish Jesus and the Living Aeon Christ (who wasn’t jewish (see Docetism) he submits himself to Samael’s death cult: ask the Rabbis if this is true and they’ll tell you this Jewish Christian Jesus is a false saviour leading the gentiles to perdition. Adam Green mentions this all the time and it’s something he’s right about. It is a complicated metaphysical issue when it comes to who was hung on a cross. Obviously, as a gnostic, I reject the Orthodox take on this as their version is a creation of the Rabbis.

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