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HERE is a link to his blog, One C0smos…

I first surfed across his blog about 10-years ago and found it via the Integral/Wilber sites.

Awesome writing style and he definitely has a way with words!

He seems to sit in the School camp while I sit in the Asylum camp! Don’t chuckle too hard on that one Bob! ’Twas like taking a bottle toke while someone told a really good joke and your lungs end up all over everything! They say timing is everything.

The linked blog is called, God, the Unemerged Emergent. He’s riffing on Gnosticism and that’s why I’m writing this one. His theism also seems to be framed within ‘the god of the philosophers’ mixed with spiritual philosophies of the Orient. I get it but it’s not the only option.

Clearly, Bob is a modernist, to the degree that he’s alive and writing in the 21st century; with its concomitant technological prowess, combined with a few hundred years of scientific research into the nature of things. Any person citing or claiming ties to Gnosticism today has to deal with these facts. But it isn’t as neat and tidy as some make it out to be–certainly scientific inquiry became a joke on Sept. 12, 2001. And the Google fact-check section is just as inane: letting the mafia check-facts isn’t the best idea of all time–we’ve entered an era of what could be dubbed ‘international spam’...Of course, in the upside-down inversion we live in, the truth of this blog will be considered spam, while the perps @ BOOG EL will be considered ever so special and beyond questioning (or law). That aside, the academic establishment refuses to accept or understand that our existence is one of quarantine and no different than what we do with our asylums here. This refusal to accept our reality will skew all their theories on the nature of things.

I think I’ve argued substantially on this website that *Spiritual Gnosis predates Christianity by millennia and had its roots in Egyptian Spirituality. It’s true, though, that in some sects of Christian Gnosticism the Demiurge (Ptah in Memphis) became synonymous with Satan or the Devil–usually associated with the Torah God Yahweh. We see this association at St Peter’s (PTAH’S) Square with the (Zi) ON obelisk placed there–the obelisk is from Heliopolis which means the great desert city known as ON in Egypt. The primary understanding of the Christian Gnostics was that the Demiurge was ‘only’ the architect of material existence and not the source god of spirit. THIS blog and THIS blog goes into this a bit more and here is a tidbit from the reference source:

It is clear that the Gnostics appreciated the linguistic reflection of the cosmos into a lower demiurgic realm of false stories and a higher realm of true insight. In this study I do not intend to simply posit Egyptian historical antecedence for foundational dualist/emanationist views and leave it at that; rather, I am proposing that a large amount of direct historical connectedness in the lineage of this mode of Egyptian philosophical/theological thought is in fact the case. While the physical body belongs to sensible creation, the spiritual elements originate from on high, from the intelligible sphere of cosmic intelligence. When released from the physical, the Ba and Akh (generally, the psyche and pneuma) return to their spiritual originator. A point to be made here is that this special nature of humankind does not come from the demiurge, but from the highest theogonic levels of the Creator. The special nature of humankind is thus a key element in the rise of later Gnostic sects, for in itself it anticipates the contradiction of higher and lower originations.



Daniel Richard McBride 

So Bob’s ‘sense making’ is framed within modern evolutionary theories and one of the primary ideas is Emergence. My blog Base Reality linked HERE. To my thinking Strong Emergence is nothing other than science merged with magic–in other words bullshit! So I reject it. The closest I’ll get is some type of Weak Emergence, but I’d only add that we don’t know. These issues are tied into what Chalmers calls The Mind/Body Problem along with the not so friendly idea that science has no access to ‘the spiritual realms’ at this time. So there is inherent dualism within two spheres here with the dualism of mind and matter and, the dualism of the material universe and the spiritual universe that science has no access to. Of course, modernists hate these dualisms because if it’s not testable it doesn’t exist! And you thought consciousness exists! HAHA-zombies indeed…Thankfully Dannyboy is likely wrong. But that doesn’t mean the non dual schools are right. But yes, of course I get the reason why modernists are so attached to various types of Monist theories. Ain’t meannin’ theyz right though! Bartender, “I’ll have a Double Dualist!”

I’m rather unique in that I call our locale the ‘demiurgic construct’ and the mind of the demiurge is instantiated within it. It’s a deeply flawed mind but I’m not saying anything that the Samkhya schools didn’t say 4000-years ago. There is a big difference, though, between my Christian Gnostic view and the views commonly held in Vedic schools when it comes to Purusha or ‘spirit consciousness’. All those neat little psychedelic trips are nothing but avenues within the mind-matrix (panpsychism) of the Wizard Of Oz (demiurge) –and that goes for most of the claims of meditation, too, IMO…See my Manas, Biddhis, and Siddhis, blog.

Common delineations of humans in gnostic thought end up with three primary categories: the Hylics (materialists), the Psychics (those with a ‘weak’ spiritual gnosis), and the Pneumatics (spiritual masters). His blog coughs up a modern theory on the idea of these master adepts. For the record, I self-describe as an ‘agnostic Gnostic,’ which likely puts me in the Psychic camp although I have a different view on it than the one he suggests in his blog (like really different). I’m agnostic on who and what the gods really are but I’m 100% pure-blood Christian Gnostic; especially when it comes to the material world and its horrors, while finding the ‘demiurgic construct’ to be the most plausible explanation for why things are the way they are here. Gash dang it this is not the time to mention those pesky sociopathic avatars from the KENoma realm….

Here’s the thing: the Christian Gnostics were premodern (not a swear word) spiritual emanationist’s–this matters. Although I get where he’s coming from it doesn’t really work in the same way that meditation is not the science of mind. The closest one can get is a type of archetypal energetic pantheism like the Egyptians practiced (which more or less ended up as Kabbalah). Could be but true Christian Gnostics still hold to the dualism of the Pleroma/material universe (the latter property of the demiurge) divide. It’s true though that we are natural skeptics and value reason and logic–it’s why we reject Judaism and Catholicism and Islam–but we are not opposed to and are rather fond of speculative metaphysics. We’re just rare in that we are honest about our framing and not arrogant dogmatists seeking societal control.

And then there is politics. Christian Gnostics want as little to do with archon structures of control as possible–which basically leaves us destitute in todays world but that was not always the case in eras when we abided as communities. All the many trajectories of The Jewish Question, with its obsession with world power and politics and, control of all nations was not something we could organize against: we’ve been sheep to the slaughter for many millennia in that specific regard. And it’s simply NOT Gnosis in any way that is meaningful if those citing spiritual gnosis refuse to deal with and talk publicly about the J.Q. I do and it has cost me everything. And who do you think the puppeteers are going to be for this ‘new-world-religion’? The opposite of pneumatic from the perch I sit on.

HERE is a map of an accurate gnostic politics. So much for the myth of progress. The last Israeli archon-leader said, and I quote, “the world will not see peace until Israel does!” **So basically a declaration of war against the nations. And the current archon-leader says “we’ve done nothing wrong.” Put those two quotes together and I don’t see how any rational person can think any of this is going to end well. And why pretend that the economies of the world are anything other than the religion of Judaism today which by their own admission is the religion of money. And, by the way, Douglas Reed pointed out that Jews today are allowed to say anything they like about whomever they like and he made a point, specifically, saying, ‘they have the only free-press on earth today’; but the heavens forbid anyone critique them, while, at the same time, they are relentless in their critiques of anyone of anything they disagree with.

NOTE*: I’m specifically referencing the spiritual gnostic idea of a flawed demiurge who’s the god of the material world and has the sparks of true spirit imprisoned in this existence. This is not the view of the Vedas nor that of Zoroastrianism. This is what makes Christian Gnosticism somewhat unique. If Alex Jones is what Miles Mathis says he is then the term Prison Planet was no accident but a revealing of the truth from a controlled opposition agent. Humanity is being trolled (and farmed)…The other primary understanding of the Christian Gnostics is that Christ isn’t the son of Yahweh or Elohim or whatever one wants to call the god of the Torah. So Christ wasn’t genetically Jewish–see Docetism.

One of my primary points of contention when it comes to Israeli Intelligence Inc.(Youtube and media in general) is their intentional muddying of the waters when it comes to the issue of what GNOSIS is. All their many agents insist that baseball is really golf! So they want to redefine the core essence of what baseball is (gnosis for this analogy) and insist that, because in both games the players carry sticks, it’s the same game! Sorry, differences matter and are of importance. Mysticism is not Gnosticism!

NOTE**: America and Russia have been proxy warriors from the start of their existence. Shortly after the first quote (see above) Russia moved on the chessboard of dis-civilization. They’re built right into the name Je RUS USA lem…There ya go: there’s a Timbit of TRUE gnosis from Conspiracy Lane!

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