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Okay…the newest Gnostic themed song written from the Van In The Woods! 

I concede this one is likely more for the odd syncretist’s who are out and about within this demiurgic construct. Now I’m not a syncretist but I can write about it gosh darn it! 

This is the first take and yes…all these tunes are rough demos. This one really needs that Island bass and drums. The solo is a one-off. 

So get out your pipes and earbuds and listen to the sounds of premodern metaphysics! Those are not swear words by the way.  Who else is thinking that modernity is now a complete and utter farce and shit-show? Not that I’d argue for a toxic theocracy. The last thing Christian Gnostics would want as it would mean certain death for us….

The old gods are on the earth again

The old gods are walking on solid ground 

The old gods are breathing air again

The old gods the lineage of Cain

The Sun Is the Demiurge; Venus is Lucifer have you not heard

The Moon shines Osiris’ light;  and Mars brings war to the darkest night 

And we’ll spread our angel wings

Get us back to what real love means

When we cross the line 

The ecliptic one more time 

We’ll drink  spirits wine 

It’s are turn to shine…shine…shine on 

Jupiter soon to have its way

Saturns tears will all be wiped away. 

I’ll take another shot at this in a bit and try to get the transitions to feel like they should. From the solo on the sections are closer to what I’d like. Got to manage that demon tinnitus ya know! 

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