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I’ll cover ground (again) on the claims of THIS video. Well, it’s a whole page of links on the same theme.

Basically, Enoch is the story (fan-fiction) of *rebellious angels (no such thing) which suggests and iterates as fact that angels bred with humans. Now, in my view, this sort of happened, but this has to do with the rape of *Eve by Yaldabaoth’s archons. Apparently, according to one gnostic cosmology, there were 365 archons who fashioned the human body although they couldn’t endow it with life, apparently: that took Sophia and Zoe—a long story. Anecdote: in 2021 I fractured my right ankle under very strange circumstances. In one of the gnostic versions, it’s said that the archon AOL fashioned the right ankle. Within 24 hours of gleaning this tidbit of spiritual gnosis a car pulled up in front of me with the business name ‘Aeolian Aerial Surveying’…Quite strange in the coincidence department.

These videos cover the claims of what happened on ** Mt. Hermon which sits at about 33-degrees latitude just north of Israel today. It’s said it was the place where these rebellious angels interbred with humans and taught them metalwork, weaponry, cosmetics and fashion for women, astrology, etc., etc. It’s worth noting that significant scripture in this book is taken from Deuteronomy 33. All those 33s are starting to sound a heck of a lot like Freemasonry with its endless B.S.

Do some research on the strangeness, in general, associated with the 33rd latitude; not to mention the 33 sections of the human spine. The archons know everything about humans and the construct that we abide in–likely over and over and over. The link above covers the 33-flip on the other side of the earth: the UFO town Roswell. A creation of Intel. Inc. for sure and note the EL in the name. They can’t help themselves.

The problem here isn’t so much these teachings; which are more or less true, in so far as it was archon involvement with humans that taught humanity these skills and gave us this knowledge. The problem is that there is a whole host of presuppositions, theologically speaking, that are incoherent and down right irrational for this particular narrative to be true. I’ve covered this many times before so here are some links HERE HERE and HERE. 

This story is predicated on Noah and The Flood: these stories are fictions of the Archons. So in one sentence, we can dismiss this narrative as more of the same spiritual disinformation. And for those of you who think the Noah fiction gambit is over? NOPE! It’s only just begun, folks…Soon the whole earth will have to live under this delusion via the Seven Laws given to someone who didn’t exist. But why stop our critique here when there is so much more to disprove?

So let’s start with the root of all this mischief: Judaism’s spiritual claims and primary tenets. In a strange way, they are right when they say the angels (messengers) can’t rebel if one interprets that as Archons doing what they do by nature: sowing chaos and destruction. So that covers the claims of Judaism within the context that angels are messengers with no free will: so the usual flip.

See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog where I show beyond all reasonable doubt that Judaism borrowed the spirituality of Egypt for most of its primary tenets; although, of course, they borrowed from other sources, also. Not only is there no proof that Noah existed; but there is also no proof that Moses did either. In my research, I side with those who say that Moses, David, and Solomon were really generations of Egyptian Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty 33-centuries ago! Aces and Eights (CHAI)…I won’t cover this ground again here other than to say it’s no accident that Judaism, as we’ve come to know it, has its written and historic roots shortly after the 18th Egyptian dynasty.

If this version were true, from the view of Judaism, then it must be that it’s Judaism’s god (whoever that is) that is orchestrating it as Isaiah clearly states that God is responsible and co-ordinates ALL good and ALL evil. So one has to reject this scripture in total if they want to assert this narrative via Judaism. So these angels are acting as instructed much like Satan did in the Book Of Job.

It’s worth pointing out that there are few (or next to no) rabbis who espouse this specific metaphysics. Of course, there is the ‘carnival barker grift’ show of the Jews For Jesus crowd who refuse to critique corrupt economics and are more or less solely interested in trademarking the jesus character for religious business practices. The Jewish Jesus, is, after all, the great usurer in the sky! The god of money that is to say and the first question that Yahweh asks the Jews when they die is how they handled their KA$H…Again, I’m only repeating tenets within Judaism.

And then there is Kabbalah which asserts that Enoch became Metatron. Okay, but that is the end of any union of Judaism and Christianity, as Kabbalah overwhelmingly rejects any version of Christ. Although it’s true there are some (very few) Christian Kabbalists. I’ve even suggested I find this view at least interesting as it would then cover the ground of this Jewish Jesus of The Left Hand Path (whom I reject) as Judaism’s second Messiah who will lead the Gentiles to perdition. Adam Green covers this all the time and again I think he’s right about it.

There are even Christian sects that believe Satan is the Left Hand Of God, and this is similar to the idea that Samael is Jesus as Satan. I’ve suggested that this is the serpent/lion personification of Yaldabaoth. See Decode Your Reality on the reincarnation time-loop where he covers this ground and ‘proves’ this Jesus fellow is Yaldabaoth (and Lucifer) of what I call the ‘demiurgic template’. And, as an aside: too funny that the band RUSH is taken from the Hebrew spelling of Jerusalem and the band YES taken from Yeshua. So who is Jon ANDERSON? Anderson was the dude who created the recycle logo and no accident that the name was used for NEO in The Matrix: Mr. Anderson…Do these names point to who gets promoted in the music industry? Maybe… ask Miles Mathis if that is a YES?

The political and economic Messiah of Third Temple Judaism cannot permit Gentiles to survive as anything other than slaves to the Jews. This isn’t me saying this; I’m simply repeating what’s taught by the Rabbis and Jewish Believers. So, in either case, I reject both versions of this messiah figure. The Aeon Christ of the Christian Gnostics was neither Jewish nor cared for anything to do with Yaldabaoth’s false religion with its replicant gods.

So the video linked above is a Christianized version of Judaism. It’s the usual incoherence in that Jesus, for whatever reason, was dishonest enough to lie to Moses about his Triune nature (a sin of omission by the gods). There is little evidence of a historical Jewish Jesus as written in the gospels although I believe some kind of cosmic drama did play out in that era between Yaldabaoth and the Aeon Christ. See the Gnostic gospels of Judas and Peter and the ideas of DOCETISM. So with any Christian version of this story, we get the double-treachery of lies upon deception! Not a very good foundation when it comes to parsing out what is true or not when it comes to metaphysics.

Roman Christianity was created, in part, as a means of deleting (murdering among other tactics) the Christian Gnostics and Marcionites, and other gnostic sects, who correctly understood the nature of Yahweh: in my view the Israeli War Archon. So it’s entirely consistent that an elite group of Jews created this version to protect the character/storyline of the Old Testament and its god/s–so Roman/Jewish ELITE bloodlines and descendants of the 18th dynasty.

One of the most interesting aspects of this religious Psy-Op is who they made Satan: Yaldabaoth’s mother Sophia was turned into the Christian devil–known as Lucifer in Christianity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it was Sophia in the G.O.E. story; that was likely Lilith…And if the Gnostics are right that the Demiurge was hung on a cross, then, at the same time, they (the archons) put in place a mechanism for the Gentiles to worship their dead god. Incredibly cunning and incredibly effective.

A note here that I first read Enoch in the late 80’s along with The Lost Books Of Adam And Eve; along with books like Jubilees, and many others. In other words, I ‘exhausted’ any and all reading material I could find on this subject well before the days of the internet factoring in that I don’t have access to private libraries when it comes to this narrative.

NOTE*: to be specific Angels or Aeons cannot rebel. Sophia, however, was the only Aeon who had the qualities of learning by trial and error and she did err when Yaldabaoth the Demiurge was created, but that wasn’t an act of rebellion. Archons, on the other hand, are rebels by nature as they were created by the Father Of Lies: Yaldabaoth. So they only do what is in their nature. It’s disputed within Gnostic metaphysics whether the archons can be redeemed which implies free will. It’s said that Sabaoth repented when Sophia revealed the truth of Christ and it now resides on the Eighth (premodern astrological metaphysics). So maybe they can repent.

The story of the Watchers (Semjaza and Azazel) and Mt. Hermon likely has its roots in the ‘reality’ of the Archon Rape of Eve which I think happened on a higher-dimensional earth. This view comes from ‘emanationist’ metaphysics. That is to say that at one point the earth was less dense than it is today and has fallen into its lowest possible density via the actions of the archons. So, in a sense, the fall of man is true, if you think of it as the fall of earth into lower densities and caused by the bad behavior (but natural to them) of the demiurge and the archons.

NOTE**: we see the usual cherry-picking of scripture here. He quotes many times from Isaiah but doesn’t quote Isaiah when it says that it’s GOD THAT DOES ALL THINGS implying that there is no free-will as GOD is the director of EVERYTHING in our movies. He does trip up though and says it’s god that will send the evil angels to earth to deceive the WHOLE world at the end of days. But he should look up the meaning of WHOLE! I guess there is no way he can be deceived, eh? A point that if the cosmology that I’m presenting in my blog were true (or very close) then this devil (Yahweh) has pretty much deceived the whole world as there are incredibly few Gnostics alive today that KNOW the Judaic god as the devil. Most gnostics on Youtube are apologists for this ‘devil god’.

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