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In the demiurgic matrix no good deed goes unpunished.

This has been my mornings since I had the audacity to say words with the letter J in them…

It might be time to get some goats buddy:

I cough this one up for Kanye:

Dec. 2022 update:

My take on the Kanye Psy-op: his role on the Alex Jones show was to see how many times he could say Yahweh! As if repeating the same lie for about 1700-years somehow makes it more true. So that’s the why of Kanye in a nutshell.

His version of Christianity is nothing but a manufacturing of consent to be slaves to Judaism’s god. To pretend there was no quarrel between the demiurgic owned earth and the Christ of the Pleroma who wasn’t a jewish carpenter. That story is the fiction of the archons and it’s in place to manufacture slavery.

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