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A Ponzi scheme is when a corrupt person (or entity) enters into an agreement with a ‘mark’ wherein the mark pays out their own money to the person/s running the Ponzi scheme in exchange for promises of unusually high short-term returns on investment. The primary front of this scheme is one of legitimacy when in fact it’s fraudulent. To pay the first person their dividends the first person is usually asked to provide as many newcomers to the scheme as possible and of course, the scheme is shaped like a pyramid. It’s all compartmentalized so no one is in association with anyone other than the people or person who referred them into the scheme. At some point down the road, the pyramid collapses when there are no new additions to the pyramid…HERE is a link to a guy in the woods referencing these ideas…He’s got most of it right but he doesn’t mention the consequences of the environmental impact on our civilization.

Our currency is a Ponzi Scheme as the only way to pay the interest on the first dollar borrowed is to borrow another dollar into infinity. No problem if one has access to infinite resources. He also doesn’t mention that those closest to the top of the pyramid reap most of the rewards first when assets haven’t been degraded by the inflation caused by printing too much money in too short a time. And, of course, the people running the scheme haven’t created anything that resembles healthy values, and it’s arguable if what they are doing should be defined as work–I personally don’t view crime as work. A previous blog on these issues HERE…Hypothetically, if certain persons from a genetic group of people created this scheme it would in theory be a huge advantage for this in-group ethnicity. There are cultural critics who suggest there is one group of people who are over-represented in all the most important aspects of civilization and if what I’m saying about the creation of money is true (it is) then the mystery of how they came to ‘own everything’ becomes clear.

HERE is another link wherein Godfrey Bloom is getting it right in the European Parliament and, of course, he is heavily silenced for the most part. But he correctly states the problems with fractional reserve lending which is lending with no assets or collateral to back up the creation of money. So, again…money from nothing in Ponzi Scheme style. He explains the incest which exists between the central banks and politicians who have been bought out by the mafia moneylending cartels. I’d only add that it is a Trifecta once one adds in the global corporatocracy and Miles Mathis covers this aspect of the Unholy Trinity HERE… I’d also say there is a fourth branch and that is Hackedemia who has done next to nothing (silence) when it comes to the corrupt and criminal aspects of money and how it is created. Too busy endlessly dissecting Marxist ideology, I guess, which is just a useful diversion from what is really going on. Marx has never been a threat to the moneylending cartels and their central banks and there is a very good reason why that is so…Controlled Opposition. Although I have said in other blogs that Hackedemia is under the umbrella of The Corporation–which is, of course, SOCIOPATHIC…

This blog and all others I write on this theme are only directed toward Christendom. That is who I’m addressing. The fact that these financial crimes have happened in all Christian Nations (and all others) logically means that Christianity on masse has been thoroughly compromised and bought out. This should never have been allowed to happen but it’s a fact that it has and it’s no stretch of the truth to say who did this: the enemies of Christ. If one has their spiritual eyes intact it isn’t at all hard to figure out who did this. The Christianity that exists today in the West is now a FAKE grifting Christianity and is an inversion of everything Christ taught about how to live on the Devil’s Earth…Not that Christians have ever quite figured out who and what the devil is, but that’s another blog.

The only response to the economics of Covid-19 was to make the money presses go brrrrrr…These central bankers KNEW exactly the consequences of printing all this money in so short a time. And, yes, again, all their associates DID BENEFIT in the short term as outlined above, but we now face the inevitable hangover that will be projected onto the gentile nations. I ask you this? If one KNOWS 100% in advance what will be the outcome of specific monetary policies and their negative effects on billions of people should these people be held CRIMINALlY RESPONSIBLE? I had done a series back in the spring of 2020 wherein I put out an array of ideas as to how to deal with the economics of Covid and, of course, it was met with silence and dismissal. A line was also crossed in my personal life, distinct from by blogging on social media, wherein my life was destroyed even further by this Kabal. So there was no attempt to engage my very GOOD IDEAS but rather agents were sent to continue the war waged against me since I put up this website.

A final note: this website contains numerous blogs on non-violent solutions to many of the world’s cons and schemes and all of it is ridiculed and dismissed. So, the inevitable will be the result: WW3 as it’s not possible to commit these kinds of spiritual crimes against humanity without consequence.

Targeted Homelessness For Speaking Out…

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