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Isn’t this the claim of Catholicism and many of the other sects within Christianity?

But wait a minute…if Christianity is true then surely Judaism is false and therefore the god of Judaism could not logically be the father Christ spoke about.

Before I get into this I just want to clarify that I’m dissecting this from the perspective of spirituality and theism and not from materialism, atheism, and evolutionary theories. That would be an entirely different blog and is not relevant here per se.

Perhaps it would be good to flesh out the foundational tenets of both religions.

Judaism is strict monotheism and Yahweh has no son. Their Messiah concept is about political control over the nations and not about soul salvation per se. The Hebrew Messiah is not Yahweh’s son!

In Judaism, angels do not have free will and are Messengers of heaven.

In Judaism, Satan is an arch-sergeant at arms (so to speak) and is the adversary of man and not god.

Judaism is quite limited (on the surface) about the afterlife but we do know eternal damnation has never been a tenet of Judaism–at best Judaism hints at some kind of reincarnation template–but the idea isn’t clear and overt.

Judaism teaches racial supremacy and ‘spiritual fascism’. The Gentile nations are to be subservient to Jewish rule. To be fair, HERE is a link that attempts to refute this but I could also link thousands of Rabbis that DO TEACH SUPREMACY and ‘spiritual fascism’. So when we have that many Rabbis teaching the latter then they are getting their ideas from somewhere. I agree that everything is hermeneutics but those who teach a negative view of Gentiles are getting their teachings from somewhere and I’d suggest that somewhere is within Jewish spiritual writings. Muse on this because it’s relevant. Again, that is just one of 1000’s I could link.


Christianity, for the most part, teaches that god is a Trinity.

Christianity teaches that angels have free will and this is one of the primary foundations of its whole theology.

Christianity teaches that Satan is the arch-enemy of god.

Christianity teaches universalism and that the Law is not a part of salvation–Christians are saved by Grace In Christ. So no race or ethnicity has a special place in Christian theology.

Christianity teaches eternal damnation (in general).

So we should be able to flesh out some basics here. If Christ was a Jewish Rabbi then he would have declared himself the political messiah of Israel but this is something he was not at all interested in. He should have been if he was the Judaic Messiah. We should note that the second coming of the Christian version of the saviour does not include Judaism’s view of these events; it’s more accurate from my reading, that Judaism would be destroyed by this Christian Christ and his second coming. Isn’t this enough to argue that Yahweh is not the father Christ spoke about?

And this is from Jacob Elon Conner’s epistle to the Gentiles:

“If God is a Jew, what have we Gentiles to do with your religion?” What indeed?

Christianity teaches that Satan was a liar from the beginning. But this simply isn’t true by their own theology. Satan was a ‘perfect’ archangel and not a liar from the beginning. So they contradict their own teachings. A note here that there is a version of the Christian devil that fulfills the ‘liar from the beginning’ quote: Yaldabaoth, the god of material existence and known as the demiurge in Christian Gnosticism, who was a liar from the beginning and was birthed by Sophia who named him a blind fool! Then there is the scripture that says the devil deceives the WHOLE world and the only version of Satan I’ve come across that fulfills this quote is the Christian Gnostic view of Yahweh who is an Archon created by Yaldabaoth. If this is true then the whole world HAS been deceived minus a handful of Christian Gnostics.

So god is a tad schizophrenic when it comes to spiritual crime and punishment. In the Torah, the afterlife was not a priority but by the time of Christ there was obviously a 180 done in that specific regard and god became obsessed with torturing forever anyone that didn’t meet the Christian standard of salvation. How can this be the same god? Talk about a cosmic flip-flop! Now I don’t claim to know what happens to someone when they die other than to say they are dead but these inconsistencies logically argue that these two religions are not at all compatible. Having said that, I’ve argued elsewhere from a Christian Gnostic view, that eternal damnation is somewhat consistent with the brutality and violence of Yahweh but I usually use that argument in blogs where I argue the Jewish version of Jesus as Yahweh is at that point consistent–although sickening.

I’ll sign off here with some suggestions:

Read Marcion’s The Antithesis.

Watch Bobby Collier’s videos that go into amazing amounts of detail which prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Yahweh is Satan.

The only thing I’d add is that Jews who convert to Christianity are deeply confused or, rather more likely; have a hidden agenda and are not sincere. This blog should cough up evidence that Judaism is not compatible with Christianity. On that note, I’ll leave with mentioning the stupidest comment I ever got on YouTube: this presumably jewish person said that American Christians have consented to usurious economics! A truly sickening comment but par for the course when it comes to a Christianity co-opted!

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