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evolutionary theory applied to economics looks incredibly close to the chosen people’s enactment of Judaism’s monetary policies

Linked HERE from Integral World.

That’s Joe Corbett but I just couldn’t pass it up! At the very least there is a certain consistency over time when one travels down these hi-ways and bi-ways of metaphysical inquiry. Don’t feel bad Joe, as I’m a Christian Gnostic, who doesn’t believe Christ was Jewish, and I’ve suffered blows from this cult in much the same way the Christian Gnostics did in their quarrels with Plotinus–who I’ve said is Wilber today (loosely speaking).

Even though I’m a peace-loving hippie to the Jews I’m an evil Nazi (I’m not German and I disavow National Socialism) so there is 100% no nuance within the Jewish Question anymore. My guess is that the Nazi card couldn’t quite work with Kanye–so maybe now he’s a ‘blackzi’…And BTW: it’s priceless that the Jews love Integral Inc. but it appears the irony is lost on them. As is their endless obsession with nuance which gets entirely deleted and trashed when it comes to the J.Q. as the comments prove in Corbett’s essay. In my view, the chart that is presented in the essay doesn’t show any kind of healthy integration but rather COLONIZATION!

See my Towards A New Earth Commons blog for suggestions for creating healthy spiritual economics. And my 12-part Winter Solstice Golden Rule series. Of course, the reason I’m called a Nazi by Jewish interests in politics and power is that my ideas would actually address and correct the bad economic policies today that have given the power to Jewish interests.

If the Integral community can’t have an open and honest deep and constructive conversation about the J.Q. then who can? The only thing I’ll add is that if someone is going to declare themselves a victim would it be too much to ask not to be over-represented in every major aspect of society? How can I declare myself a victim with the percentages of influence represented in the chart?

This brings us to pre-crime. So now every gentile on earth is a suspect of thought crime when it comes to the J.Q. That’s what this amounts to and it’s deeply neurotic and offensive. This, in fact, makes every Gentile a Palestinian today and if one speaks out about abusive power and politics in the Jewish community one gets targeted. The controversy surrounding the Jewish Question isn’t going away and the calls for canceling J.C. is why I gave up on Integral Inc…

Okay, I’m off to check out Miles Mathis! A must-read for every person on earth today! Are they victims or *PEERAGE ELITES throughout history? I haven’t come across anyone who has debunked Mathis yet on his cultural writings. Not in any serious in-depth analysis. Maybe Kenny is up to the task? Convince me Miles is incorrect!

*of course there are people within the Jewish community who are not peerage elites.

I was going to do a separate blog on Once Upon A Time In America by Sergio Leone, but I think it will fit here.

I grew up on Hollywood just like pretty well everyone else of my generation in Canada. I consider myself reasonably well-versed in Hollywood lore. But I’d never heard of this movie and it’s one of the best films ever made, in my opinion. So WHY? Why had I not heard about this film? Because, for the most part, it was buried by the PTB in Hollywood. And what was Leone trying to tell us? Perhaps there are certain people within the higher ranks of the Jewish mafia that are faking their deaths. Could that be why? Notice the year in the film: 1933! That’s a marker for the 18th dy nasty Hebrew Pharaonic Elites 33 centuries ago.

On the intro aphorism: is it just a coinky-dinky? And is it just another coincidence that the Integral Spiral Dynamics mapping ends up also looking like another version of the Chosen People doctrine? Albeit with the Philosopher King’s twist.

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