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FTC: fuck the Christ…As X has always been a marker for Christ.

The media is the message and the media message is the Jewish hive mind egregore.

This whopper is going to need some unpacking!

First off this is my Christian Gnostic spiritual view about what this really means. To understand why one needs to understand that Judaism and its god have absolutely nothing to do with the Living Aeon Christ. The god of Judaism is known as the god of the material world often called the Demiurge in antiquity. The material father is also known as The Grand Architect of this template and was brought into existence long after Christ when viewed in cosmological terms (and time). The Jewish people now exist within an energy matrix best called the hive mind egregore. Associated with that energy is the fact that Yaldabaoth (demiurge) HATES the Living Aeon Christ (the spirit of truth and wisdom) who was not genetically Jewish (see Docetism). See Marcion and his Antithesis.

To understand the insider aspect of this one needs to grok an old saying from the fringes of Christendom. I met many kids in my 7 years of living on the streets and most of them were Christian kids who had been quite abused in one way or another. In a strange ironic reversal, they had a saying and many had the tattoo FTW! This means Fuck The World which, in a strange kind of way, is what Christians should do, although perhaps in a way that isn’t quite as explicit. Perhaps a saying from the N.T. will help although they altered the real meaning of this teaching which was, ‘if any person loves this world and puts the concerns of this world before Christ then they are of their father the devil’. Which here mean minions caught in the demiurgic matrix. This is the real meaning of this scripture, which is otherwise nonsensical, and a jewish jesus would never have said it if he was representing Judaism as Yahweh incarnate– as Judaism’s entire oeuvre is world-affirming! Not to mention that a judaic jesus would not have taught a false version of Satan that contradicted the Torah–not possible! Nor would he have taught the Trinity and violated Judaism’s foundational metaphysics and cults like The Jehovah’s Witnesses figured out that much (not an endorsement of another Freemasonic cult in modernity).

Okay…and last but not least: CRYPTO! I have quite a few blogs on it. Isn’t the name enough to tell you what it is? And Satoshi? Come on…there is no doubt in my mind that he was from a certain tribe. And what is it? The digital subdividing of the analog penny! Truly ingenious, yes…but it’s just more of the same when it comes to the religion of money and who is behind it. If we could just get the dumb financially illiterate gentiles to learn how to trade…And just a FYI: the descendants of the last full-blown Judaic Messiah known as Sabbatai Zevi (from 1666) are known today as Sabbatean Frankists and they have one very meaningful code when it comes to civilization: antinomianism which is to invert ‘the law’ into lawlessness in a macabre attempt at ushering in the Messiah. In my view, this was what the FTC scandal is about and it was all pre-planned and pre-scripted.

Folks like E. Michael Jones will understand what I’m saying here as he documents it in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, but of course, as a Catholic, he misunderstands the why of it.

Unfortunately, this sad tragedy will have to play itself out to the bitter end.

HERE is a link to another Miles Mathis blog where he covers the shenanigans of frying the bank man (the blackjack 21 years after 911). …But, IMO., he doesn’t quite get the real meaning of FTC. And, yes…I’m still up and hodl ing on my coins. The universe took me there in 2017 and I always follow the muse as it’s always a lesson. One of the things I learned was if you are invited into the home/casino of a tribe member you are consenting to be abused (although I would never claim innocence). So, nevertheless, I’m still up when it comes to my coins. And sometimes if a casino is the only game in town…well, one just might take a spin. It’s all so Diabolic!

Of course, all the usual caveats here: non-violence, etc…The Spirit of Anti-Christ is now in full force on the planet and is funded and supported endlessly but don’t dare say those two words (TJ) together, right Mr. ChappELle?

One word to help turn around the optics on the current trend of things: JUBILEE! Will we get it? NOPE! Not a chance! The dumb HYLICS (blind foolish ignorance) are in control of an out-of-control civilizational locomotive. Bezos and mr. blackjack just can’t seem to get it: gentiles are not looking for Jews to give away their money! They are looking to end predatory usurious economics with all its grifts and Ponzi/pyramid schemes. Why are you too stupid to understand this?

Oh, a quick note on the Sabbatean link: Jacob Frank was right about Yahweh but wrong to try and attempt to save the world (the stupidity of Tikkun). The Christians who wrote the article are also wrong when it comes to metaphysics but right about Frank. But there is another issue: the ‘how should we live’ question when it comes to the culture wars. On that specific topic, I would side with Christian Culture, like what I’ve heard described in Hungary right now. So traditionalism mixed with nixing the worst predatory aspects of capitalism (a non-marxist approach) to the degree that it can be done. I’ve many blogs on this issue on this site. But if Christianity can’t DO BETTER than Jewish internationalism then perhaps it doesn’t deserve much anyway. But on the metaphysical side of the street, I do wonder if any culture can be healthy when its foundational metaphysics is incorrect: in that regard, I’d think they are all destined to fail.

Dec. 22 update:

I hear Bankman got a standing ovation in NYC. Likely from those he funneled investors’ money to. But it occurs to me that something more is going on here. Consistently, in the Torah, god chooses the most questionable and dubious characters to be his chosen ones. Not that they existed as written but Abraham selling his wife to Pharaoh? That was gods fave person? And David killed another man’s wife so he could have her? Perfect! And on and on…and apparently the game is still on when it comes to the dubious characters that god seems to favour. The fog and cognitive dissonance disappear though if Yahweh is dubious itself and this has always been a primary assertion of the Christian Gnostics.

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