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This one is directed at all the New Testament apologists out there. It appears today that their primary area of argumentation is philosophy and most often from the Greek schools. I hear these debates all the time and inevitably the Christian apologist’s opening statement has absolutely nothing to do with the supernaturalism of the revealed religion of Christianity: they start off the debates by arguing Greek philosophy!

I’ve pointed out many times now that they don’t seem to know the difference between the God Of The Philosophers and the revealed religions of ‘Abrahamism’. I’ll leave it out but mention another category: the religions of the Orient.

Also, this post isn’t about how the Greeks influenced the formation of Christianity which I concede was substantial. This is more a materialist and evolutionary assessment of religion which I don’t entirely reject but it’s not who I am nor is it the point of the blog–although we will visit Conspiracy Lane below…

The first point I’d make is that if any sect of Orthodox Christianity (meaning here ALL mainstream versions) is correct then any debate should be entirely unnecessary. Either god is immensely personal and intimate with humans in an open supernatural way or god is aloof, distant, and withdrawn–Divine Hiddenness. The latter is incommensurate with the former and I’ve never quite understood the paradox argument on this specific topic.

Let’s start off with the idea of LOGOS. This is Greek for speak/reason/logic/order/law as opposed to chaos, etc. But ISAIAH 45 teaches that god created both order and chaos; good and evil. So Judaism refutes the idea that the jewish jesus was solely the author of reason and goodness and is quite clear that god also authors are both illogical and evil. I can stand behind this view of god to a degree as it doesn’t attempt to blame everything on an arch-enemy of god. In other words, it’s an attempt at theological coherency. Of course, the problem arises time and time again in the Torah where god acts against his own declared statutes making YHWH the most hypocritical god within the pantheon of any and all gods. YHWH’s personal murder count is in the range of 25 million while Satan has devoured about half-a-dozen humans via murder. This makes sense when one understands that Yahweh is the ‘archon war god of Israel’. See Bobby Collier’s GOOD GOD channel where he proves this beyond all reasonable doubt.

There is also the not-so-irrelevant fact that the Torah shifts from Polytheism to Henotheism to Monotheism. Today it’s the staunch monotheist Jews who are the most ardent enemies of the *Trinity view of YWWH although in some respect they have a point. I’ve often argued that god couldn’t have turned itself into a Trinity at the baptism of Jesus and the idea of the Hebrew messiah couldn’t have altered the metaphysics of god–the Messiah couldn’t have turned into god’s son metaphysically speaking. Don’t forget, though, that once again, like most things Torah, the Hebrew Messiah idea is a direct borrowing of the Egyptian- God-King- Pharaoh. This is the only place where the Trinity concept works when factoring in the context that the Egyptian Trinity(s) WERE the template for Rome’s renewed version of Egyptian spirituality–this was done by the bloodline families mentioned in this blog.

Another not irrelevant point is that for the most part, Plato was an Idealist and taught that everything is mind. This is not the teaching of metaphysics within the Torah or Christianity. Interestingly enough, it is the foundation of the spirituality of Egypt, where the Torah gets (borrowed/stole) most of its foundational ideas within its spiritual oeuvre. So if these Christians want to argue that Christianity is Platonism then they also have to embrace Idealism and at that point, they may want to look into the lost years of Jesus theory, wherein, it’s said that is exactly what he was teaching and was taught in his journeys in the east (India/Nepal, etc).

Onto the irrationality of the gospels. Let’s start there: this great victory and good news mean that most people who have ever lived will be brutally punished and tortured by a wholly good god for eternity for not being able to glean the truth about metaphysics from a god that withholds all kinds of vital information from humans who only have short lifespans. Ahem…how much irrationality can one pack into one concept? Obviously a ton! But it gets worse as YHWH wasn’t interested in sharing the mysteries of the afterlife in the Torah but somehow becomes obsessed with spiritual punishment when he puts on the Jesus hat. That, plain and simple, is an irrational flip-flop. So even the jewish jesus can’t get rationality right! So how is it the Logos?

I could go on and on with the irrationalities of the religions of Abrahamism, but I should keep this blog manageable.

I’ll finish here with the conspiracy theory wherein the Hebrew Pharaonic Elite families merged with the Greek Elites which would set up the coming of the **Hebrew Messiah trope: Caesarian. Within this context, Greek philosophy would have informed the religion of the Egyptians as it morphed over time. We should note that the father of god: Julius Caesar, died via stabbing in a symbolic reenactment of the death of Osiris. The Obelisk which sits at St. Peters Sq. (PTAH) was moved there by these families for a reason; it’s no accident that this Hebrew/Roman/Greek Pharaoh-King taught submission to his families governance over the common people; that these families migrated to France (Paris named after Isis) and eventually the City-State of London, and later the City-State of Washington D.C. where another Egyptian Obelisk was placed. Ask any Freemason who the world Messiah will be and they will tell you it will be a descendant of this/these bloodlines.

In my Christian-Gnostic view, these are bloodlines of the Archons and they’ve ruled the earth via stealth since the beginning. These archon/human bloodlines that created these religions are not of the Pleroma but are rather the ruling elites of THIS demiurgic template.

NOTE*: if one argues that YHWH is a Trinity then it behooves those making the claim to back up the assertion with evidence. I’ve argued again and again that the Trinity idea was ubiquitous in Egypt and India and was the foundation of their theologies so it’s not like it was an inconceivable concept in antiquity. If that’s true, and it is, then one has to explain why YHWH withheld that information about its nature from his supposed chosen people. At the same time, apologists should address when Angels received free will as that is not the view of Angels in Judaism, and don’t forget to address the point in time when Satan rejected its role as a ‘sergeant at arms’ for YHWH only to become YHWH’s arch enemy and nemesis who clearly found a way to outmaneuver YHWH in every way imaginable!

NOTE**: any real antagonisms between this version of the Hebrew Egyptian– God-King and the Pharisees, etc., were about calling out the B.S. that had been written by the first writers of the Torah who in my view were the descendants of the Mallavi(LEVI) priesthood that left Egypt with Akhenaten (if he was Moses). This version of the Messiah would have known 100% that that story was fiction so he called B.S. on it. But that doesn’t make him the savior of the Gentiles or the world if he’s from the archon bloodlines; in this view, he would be more like the false savior and there are versions of Judaism that suggest exactly that. See THIS video by Adam Green where he covers this exact ground and shows how Kabbalah views this jewish jesus as Samael the devil. This is all the machinations of Yaldabaoth and the Archons and Adam Green proves it beyond all reasonable doubt: that Judaism is toxic racist ‘spiritual fascism’ and doesn’t represent the Pleroma nor the Living Aeon Christ who confronted Caesarion about 2000 years ago. So there was a cosmic drama played out in that era and the real Christ was not Jewish.

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