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Anyone who reads these blogs understands that I believe Christianity is the re-invented theology of the Hebrew Pharaohs. So although the Egyptian Hebrew Pharaohs kept their identity hidden they continued to practice the religion/spirituality of Egypt. This spirituality eventually morphed into Constantine’s RCC wherein it taught obedience (slavery) to these ruling Hebrew Elites who remained hidden until Sept. 11, 2001: a date they used to openly declare their rule over the entire earth (for those with eyes to see). HERE is a link covering the ground that Sept. 11th is now the Egyptian New Year with the first month called Thoth and Thoth rules the reincarnation temple. Without endorsing him I would also suggest watching Mark Passio’s excellent presentation on the occult nature of 911.

This blog will explain why the RCC looks so very much like the religion of Egypt with its Trinities and why Egyptian symbolism pervades Rome, The City Of London, and Washington, D.C. These city-states show the trajectories of the descendants of these royal Hebrew Elite Pharaoh Kings and Queens.

What is most important to understand is that these Hebrew descendants of the Pharaohs KNEW FOR A FACT that the Torah, as it came to be known, was a work of fiction by those blood-relative Levites who created a false history juxtaposed to racist supremacy and spiritual fascism. One has to assess Christianity in this light and when one does so one finds that Christianity is also not what it pretends to be: the child of Judaism it is not. Without endorsement of his work, we also have researchers like Walter Veith who’ve also argued strongly that Islam was created as a Psy-Op by the very same families that created the RCC.

Okay, so those preambles said. Nowhere over at least 1500 years (prior to A.D.) did Yahweh teach the Hebrews that he was the first person of a Trinity. As explained above, the Trinity WAS created by Hebrews, it’s just that these were Egyptian-Hebrew-Greek- Pharaohs who hid within their renewed religion of the Roman Catholic Church: this is where the Trinity comes from: the Egyptian Schools.

Nowhere did Yahweh teach the Hebrews that he has an arch-enemy that outsmarts and outflanks him on every possible level. This is laughable if one understands the self-aggrandizement of Yahweh clearly outlined in Isaiah wherein he declares he’s the author of both good and evil. So that leaves us with the Book Of Enoch as an explanation for the evil on earth but most all of Judaism rejects these stories because in Judaism angels are messengers that do not have free will. My take on the Enoch/Watcher/Nephilim stories is that they were misdirection by the archons although this is a Christian Gnostic view on those myths.

So these stories were created to misdirect away from the Demiurge and Archon view of cosmology wherein Judaism is a direct creation of the Archons who are not acting against their will: they act according to their will which is premised on deception, occultism (Kabbalah), and *spiritual lies and treachery. Adam Green correctly details the toxic cosmology of Judaism and Kabbalah wherein he clearly shows that the gentile people on earth are viewed as nothing more than POS (pieces of shite) by these teachings. Interestingly enough on that note: Hylic materialists like **TJ Kirk (Amazing Atheist) and many of his followers used the POS extensively to describe anyone critical of jewish power and politics (see his videos on the Kanye psy-op). So even the left-wing atheists can’t help but act out the Judiac and Kabbalistic view of gentile people–whether consciously or not is hard to gauge.

So if Yahweh is Jesus why didn’t he tell the Hebrews right from the get-go? So when god gave Moses the task of writing the first five books (he didn’t) he didn’t see fit to share its Trinity nature, nor tell Moses that god has an arch-nemesis, nor that angels have free will–that is a ton of theological omission. Why not tell Abraham or Moses exactly who it was? That’s about 2500 years that passed from the time of Abraham (if we buy the Bible’s timeline) and Yahweh refused to tell his chosen people that he’s a Trinity! And it took another 300 years after Christ to get that coded into verse! Clearly, something is amiss here. And if Yahweh sent the Messiah Jesus to the jews (who is not the son of god) then this is the most terrible news ever for gentile people because the foundational tenet of Judaism is that gentile people will be thoroughly annihilated or be enslaved to the jews. I could link thousands of rabbis here who teach this explicitly so I’m only parroting what Judaism teaches.

NOTE* of course not every jewish person holds this view. And the idea of eternal damnation is just as toxic when it comes to Christianity. I’ve argued elsewhere that on aggregate Christianity is close to toxic too which makes sense if it is the invention of the same toxic royal bloodlines (as is Islam).

NOTE**: I’ve said many times that civilization is witnessing a Game Of Thrones within the Jewish mind. TJ says he created the anti-social justice movement (S.J.W.’s known here as tikkun) so this is evidence that materialist jews are warring with religious jews. Whether it’s all WWF(wrestling) fake trolling is not to be dismissed although obviously not provable. As a Christian Gnostic, I view NO ONE as a POS. Materialist Hylics we simply view as IGNORANCE of Truth.

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