Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

A tad sloppy so I’ll summarize here.

All three groups claim Yahweh as their own: Hebrews (Jews), White Aryan Christians, and Black Africans (Christians). So all three claim that they are the chosen Israelites.

So it’s me/us daddy loves most! Idiotic and infantile but that’s about where we are when it come civilization these days. Not too much of a problem until any of these groups take control of civilization and that is exactly what has happened. And that is extraordinarily dangerous. If you don’t see that letting delusion run the world via politics and economic power then you cannot be helped.

There is that not so tiny problem that the Israelites were Egyptian Pharaohs and that the Torah illustrates a false history when it comes to the Patriarchs. But why let reality interfere with your narcissistic delusions?

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