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So ya don’t like cookies, eh?

Well maybe fresh baked bread is more to your liking? ’Twas my first ever bread venture and my new batch of ginger beer is the best yet! And this bread is awesome and so easy to make.

There is probably 4-days of soda and bread with these recipes and I doubt the ingredients cost more than 2-bucks! The point? The grocery business is now simply a rip-off. Another con by the powers that should never be.

See Miles Mathis’ paper on capitalism which I couldn’t agree more with…

1st ever bread.jpg
bread and ginger beer.jpg

Another Flawed Design Wood Muse. I call the snakie looking things Rock-Wood.
2nd wood muse.jpg

If I were to buy these artisan products over 4-days:

4 times 5-bucks (at least for the bread) and 4-times 5-bucks for the sodas. So 4-days at retail would be about $40.00…Compared to my spending $2.00 to make it myself.

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