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We know what that meant back in the day…cough cough hack hack…

How things have changed!

This is my power-out gear.

The back left is an old oil lantern and they still work great.

The front left is my homemade candle lantern. I used all the leftover wax from a year to fill the mason jar which is a must for a lantern as you can see that flame glows big and bright and creates heat.

Back right is a simple candle holder with a box of long lasting emergency candles.

In the middle is a lantern that uses tea lights and think a Led Zeppelin album. This one reflects stars onto the ceiling.

Front right is my homemade cooking oil candle. You don’t need a mason jar for this as the wick sits above the jar. The wick is suspended by wire and some aluminum from a pop can. Far left is a propane torch (a must have). You hold the flame to the cut out piece of aluminum and burn the paint off. The piece of aluminum will then hold shape to hold the wick. I used a wick that comes with the lantern. The problem people have with this is they put the wick too far away from the cooking oil and the wick goes out really fast. What you need to do is have the wick no more than one inch from the oil and it will burn clean and next to forever. A great inexpensive way to get light. My next addition to this is to add an upside down tin can over the candle so the candle will generate additional heat.

Yes, the old Bic lighter, too, and some tweezers for the wicks.

The headphones are sitting on another Flawed Design Wood Muse piece (Cedar).

Of course I also have a solar powered lantern and rechargeable flashlights that I can charge via my power station and solar panel.

And for heat I use the Mr. Buddy propane heater and I’m working on my diesel heater but I’ve hit a snag (separate blog).

Oh, yes…I also have a rocket-stove.

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