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In this one, I dissect differing views that Gnostics have compared to normative Christians on such topics as Yahweh, Judaism, and the Hebrews.

The Bitchute video is linked HERE.

In Christianity people are taught to obey the ruling archons but Christian Gnostics are under no obligation to obey these corrupt rulers of the earth.

In Christianity, people are taught all the official stories about the Hebrews from academia and they buy it all hook, line, and sinker. Christian Gnostics are incredibly skeptical of the claims of the Torah and its god/s especially when it comes to historicity. Read MILES MATHIS on this particular issue and people like Charles N. Pope who offer copious amounts of evidence that the Hebrews are not what the official stories say they are. And investigative researchers are under no obligation to agree on every single point of contention.

I side with those who prove beyond reasonable doubt that the history in the Torah when it comes to the patriarchy is really about Egyptian Pharaoh Kings and the name IS RA EL itself is a marker for the marriage between Egyptian and Hebrew royal bloodlines–the Hebrew lines coming out of Canaan. See my JUDAISM IS EGYPTIAN SPIRITUALITY . Follow up on the many links that go into more detail.

There is a very small remnant of Christians who believe that J.C. the jew was based on another J.C. at that time: Julius Caesar and his royal family–especially Ceasarion. It’s this family and their Flavian conspirators that are the descendants of the earlier Pharaoh-Kings and it’s these families that wrote the gospel stories and taught people to obey them. In the video, I suggest the true LIVING AEON CHRIST confronted these fakers 2000 years ago and that Christ was not a Hebrew (although Ceasarion was). This idea of a Cosmic Christ is known as DOCETISM in religious studies. And yes, these mafia families that control the earth control HACKEDEMIA and Wiki and blackwash the idea that Christ was more angel than human (only appeared human). When I talk about this I use the small j for jesus– the replicant faker Caesarion– as opposed to the real ‘angelic Christ’ that confronted him.

These families are all the bloodline minions of the DEMIURGE!

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