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Well, we know who it was not: all the victimized downtrodden homeless who are never invited into the royal courts or parliaments, or senates, or asked how to manage the financial affairs of the state…Nor do we run the banking cartels, the media conglomerates, the pharmaceutical industries, the (H)ackademies, or the military-industrial complex. And especially don’t miss how all the lowest of the low in society end up as judges and lawyers controlling the legal system! Where is Wayne when you need him? NOT! Oh, that’s right, we also don’t control the sports and entertainment complex.

Hint time: look to America today and look to the symbolism that instantiates the New Rome! See below…You’ll soon see that *Judaism’s Edom trope is complete nonsense as the Jews run and own America and always have just as they were the DEEP STATE within the Greco-Roman empires. Okay…this will need some unpacking. Albeit with the caveat that we live on Conspiracy Lane on this site. Here are the facts of the creation of New Rome in America: created by Masons (Jewish spiritualism) and Jesuits (Jewish control of the Vatican).

Please read The Domain Of Man site, by Charles N. Pope; read Miles Mathis; read Ralph Ellis; read Joe Atwill, read Ahmed Osmond, read Mustafa Gadalla. These are all researchers who share some of the views from this site although of course, they will reject some of the Christian Gnostics musings herein. But it’s a two-way street as I don’t share every point they make but there are important intersections where we all mostly agree.

Start with my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog where I show beyond any reasonable doubt that the history and patriarchy described in the Torah were really about the Egyptian Pharaohs although for the purposes of this blog, we will only deal with the Pharaonic Hebrew Royal lines that came out of Egypt and went on to rule Greece and Rome via stealth. These peerage bloodlines have spread like a virus over the** whole earth but primarily have historical relevance via Rome (control of religion), London (control of finance), and Washington (world cop/MIC).

We see the royal colors of Egypt were Red, White, and Blue, and the name America was coined by those who KNEW it meant ‘beloved land of Egypt’s spirit’. I’ve also heard it said that the red, white, and blue is code for the hybrid bloodlines of what I call nephilim-archon-spooks. The Statue Of Liberty is a replica of the images we have of Cleopatra Selene who was from one of these Pharaonic Hebrew Royal bloodlines who’ve ruled via stealth.

The Fasci symbol flanks the American Congress and is an inheritance of Hebrew-controlled Rome (Deep State). I contend that the commoners of Rome would have seen what we see today: Hebrew elites in all the most important areas of life. It seems they have a fondness for repeating tropes as we see The Republic turned into an empire under Deep State Hebrew control which is now turning into Neo-feudalism. The creation of the RCC by their royal proxies also created a 1000-year feudal society. This time around the royals are the chief CEOs of big finance and corporations who’ve captured all the world’s governments via what I’ve called eCONomic fascism–so full circle. I would concede that they threw the biggest party in known history starting in 1947 but 911 signified what will come to be known as the worst hangover in human history–this is what we are experiencing now.

Some points to consider. If Judaism represents money and it arguably does; then the question to ask is if Christ also represents money? I would argue, NO! So someone has pulled the wool over the sheep’s eyes and I would look to teachers like Marcion of Sinope as an entry point for removing the veil on that issue as well as some Gnostic sects/teachings (ahem). Search the idea of DOCETISM which suggests that the Aeon Christ was not a genetic Hebrew or even human. Ask yourself if the Beast System is a money system (it is) and ask whether it merges with Third Temple Judaism (it does). Also, ask yourself if the N.T. jesus ***misrepresented himself? Shouldn’t he have come in a three-piece suit? No one turns the jewish jesus into a grifter more than Jewish Christians. I don’t capitalize words that I think are cons. When I hear real heartfelt pleas from the pulpits to remove usurious economics from gentile countries then I’ll perk up my listening levels–until then it’s more grift.

On the control of various (all?) countries: if this blog is accurate then we’ve lived mostly via oligarchy and plutocracy. Or, what some call inverted totalitarianism–this has a pretense of democratic ethos but it’s really just a fake front. Most all politicians today use government as a means to line their own holding companies and investment portfolios–they certainly are not there for the good of the public but rather ensure the public obeys the dictates of the religion of money (the matrix machine) that now has total control over civilization–so even secularism is no longer the correct word to describe today’s civilizational structure.

Something to muse on the way out: what do you think will happen if a civilization consents to having money lending as the foundation of its economics? The money lenders will eventually find every way imaginable for you to go into debt to them. In fact, they will go out of their way to dream up scenarios along these lines and it wouldn’t take much to implement the ‘economics of entrapment’. And that folks is where we are today.

But is it all just coinky-dinky? Entrapment that is? I’ve just shown that economics is now the economics of entrapment but is there more to it? Speculative of course. Well, yes…I think. If this demiurgic construct is now corrupted then it’s entirely possible that we live within metaphysical entrapment. It’s as if a higher-order malevolent sentience is imposing itself on our material reality. All the new finance passwords could be taken from the old gnostic password metaphysics as they related to getting past the archons. And A.I. is now attempting to trap the ‘spark of the pleroma’ within a new material meta-verse wherein these archontic entities would be able to control every aspect of human existence. Truly disturbing.

So a new take on bread and circuses, eh? And that’s within material economics; the demiurge (Wizard Of Oz) has endless avenues of misdirection when it comes to consciousness–psychedelia being one of its primary ones.

In the words of Mr. Pisces 33, “here we are now entertain us.”

*NOTE: I’ve suggested elsewhere that there is a whole lot of ‘making things up in Judaism’ as most of the primary narratives within that religion are fiction. But I’ve also said that some of the Rabbis were at odds with their royal Hebrew cousins so there developed antagonisms and one of those is the Esau, Rome, America trope. So the Rabbis are really critiquing their royal cousins who’ve ruled these nations by stealth for centuries and longer.

**NOTE: I’m the only researcher I’ve come across who suggests China was one of the long-term homes of the Archons. THIS is interesting along that line of inquiry.

***NOTE: I believe the jewish jesus character in the N.T. is a work of fiction by Deep State writers of that era. Although the Aeon Christ did put in appearances during that epoch. But he was no subscriber to the spiritual fascism and bigotry that is Judaism.

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