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I’m reposting this blog along with a blog from Miles Mathis which is one of his best HERE. A must read!

I’ve suggested in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons that there is a way out for these monsters and their atrocious obsession with money, finance, and trade: simply leave food, homes, education, and healthcare off of your to do lists. I call this new economy a RESIDENTIAL economy and there could be a COMMERCIAL economy for everything else.

When I first published these ideas in 2017 this mafia upped the ante on their long-time attacks against me which started in 1990. This nastiness against me from their agents has now lasted over 30-years: that is one hell of a long time to have to suffer warfare against you. And BTW: the nerve injury in my neck in Jan. of 2017 ended a lifetime of good health (more or less) and coincided with the publishing of this website. And yes, it was a spooky injury that had preternatural elements associated with it. Not a chance it was random coincidence. Think the Matrix movie where agent Smith gags Neo’s mouth for speaking out: the nerves in my neck are located right at mouth level.

So *1990 was the year a red-flag vendetta was implemented against me for decisions I made in 1979 that cost them money. Moves on the battlefield: 1999, 2009 was especially nasty, 2017 as mentioned above, March 2020 they put an end to my being able to squeak out a living on my own terms (the real intention behind the scamdemic was transfer of wealth as all their agents now control the trades), 2021 and this one also had preternatural elements and I ended up with a fractured spine and ankle thanks to these universal ass-holes. Rabbi Laitman says they are from another planet and it might as well be. But I agree with Miles that they are spiritual idiots. And yes, I now know the ethnicity of Alice Cooper.

I can add The Kenosha Fake and the Nashville trans shooting as a part of their trolling me.

Here is my original blog and below I’ll link all my blogs on economics:

I’ve been fortunate in having an intriguing dream life without many nightmares; dreams of houses and mansions are the most recurring, however, this morning I woke from a terrifying nightmare! I didn’t wake in sweats or any other form of distress; in fact, I awoke in a usual way.

As I kid I always loved the horror genre! I can remember my mom coming downstairs at 3 AM and I’d be watching Vincent Price! I think it was why I was always fond of Alice Cooper, too!

Anyway, this ancient being was hominoid in stature and had a feral hatred of humanity and it attacked with a vengeance that I’ve seldom seen in the genre! The closest depiction I can think of is Dracula in Bram Stoker’s movie which is kind of strange because I never found him that scary.

This monster first attacked in a house and then a night later in a field where a massive group of people were trying to get some sleep as they tried to escape its influence–no such luck–it attacked with a fury! At that point, I was back in a room helping to make a greek salad to feed the masses when the beast broke in and that’s when I awoke! ( I’ve always enjoyed the absurdity of dreams:)

One of the books I’ve most enjoyed lately is Jack Caputo’s and Richard Kearney’s, Religion without Religion where they talk about monsters!

It’s worth mentioning that I’m coming off codeine from a nasty bout with my neck and shoulder which caused me the most pain in my life; the codeine has fired up my right hemisphere as I have a non-stop flow of imagery projecting constantly; of course, I’m aware of this as I’m a long-time casual meditator.

Oh, yes, back to the beast! My impression of it is that it was ancient and had no relation to god. I can’t say it was angelic (fallen) or E.T.; it was what it was–an ancient feral hated. There was no hell attached to this being at all; there was no religious feeling or attachment that came along with it; it was again–an ancient feral hatred of humanity and it was monological in its obsession and focus.

If I was to say which two religious traditions the dream didn’t contradict in the perception of spiritual evil I would say first: Gnosticism (Christian and not Kabbalah) and secondly: Buddhism.

I think I’ll leave it at that and get on with my day………


The Golden Rule series.

On spiritual economics.

NOTE*: I won’t go into the details of things they’ve done but it’s sheer nastiness.

I’ve decided to add some posts on why they might do the things they’ve done:

Central Banking Pyramid Scheme.

Our Civilizational Ponzi Scheme.

Show Trials. 34 charges against Trump, Eh? Signalling that Trump is above the 33rd degree. So the Jewish atheist left is at it again with/against the spiritual right. I’ve called this trolling of the gentile nations via Marxist/Kabbalah dialectics.

I’m going to add 2-videos here. One of RUSH at Laura Secord Secondary School and one of Pink Floyd in Hamilton. I suggest that you pay attention to the demographics of the audience: nearly 100% white. The entertainment industry has always been controlled by Jewish interests and these bands ended up as proxy warriors for Jewish ideology. On this point they were proxies for the Kalergi Plan and the destruction of white European cultures. Also note that Rush’s promotion team had them dressed in women’s type attire: again another trope of Jewish interests. Whether the members of these bands concede these points or were aware of their role is not relevant to the reality of the facts.

A very relevant video with Joe Atwill:

This covers much of the ground that this blog deals with.

My comment on the video.

Really good interview. The primary tenet of Christian Gnosis is that Yahweh is a demiurge and a not so good one at that. But in todays world we are not allowed to equate the demiurge with bad jewish behaviour especially when it comes to economics. So the truth has been muzzled. But I’d also say we need a holistic view on this and that starts with the overwhelming likelihood that the Pharaohs ended up being Hebrews at least as it is meaningful and significant today. Just a point that Gnosis is NOT mysticism and mysticism has long been controlled by the tribe. Some other researchers that are necessary to study along these lines: Charles N. Pope, Miles Mathis, Mustafa Gadalla, Ahmed Osmond. And no, we don’t have to agree on every point of contention as our cultures are being destroyed by these predators.

Another addition on their lineage: HERE is a video of M. Tsarion talking about these matrilineal elite bloodlines that came out of The Cult Of Aten in the 18th dynasty 33-centuries ago (Aces and Eights). Queen Scotia, the daughter of A CAIN Aten, ended up in Scotland and her lines became the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Michael talks about Genesis 6 and the Nephilim but in my view that is a cover story for the truth which was the rape of Eve by the archons on a higher-dimensional earth and we fell (fallen ones) into a denser corrupted materiality. So think about Scotia Bank, the Lion of Judah on the Royal Bank, BOM is code for MOB, and Cap One is play on Capone who was another that legitimized financial criminal behaviour.

A note on the universal difference between sages revealing spiritual truth and agents of the Matrix (whatever it is) disclosing information. This field of inquiry is loaded with the latter. One point on this: the former are having their lives destroyed while the latter look like grifters flying around the world on your stolen dollar.

A note on Tsarion: no where in my economic musings do I suggest or support Socialism defined here as STATE control of capital and the means of production and the state ownership of all property. On the corrupt reincarnation construct: Tsarion can say it’s good any time he likes but that doesn’t make it so. I’ve many blogs that cover this ground wherein I offer evidence that this construct is one of coercion and manipulation by archontic principalities. So his criticism of Christian Gnosis is unwarranted from this perspective but I do agree there are some schools of Gnosis that are problematic in the way he suggests: especially Kabbalah.

I’m turning 64 this year!

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